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How Can I Find My Passion?

Seeking to change the world through thought and action, the Modern Nihilist focuses on what matters in this life for his happiness.

Start by Defining Your Desires

The most important thing for any of us is to have a clear vision of what we want for ourselves. If you are not able to see the movie of your dreams playing in your mind, with your own person in the leading role, then developing your desires is the first thing for you to do.

Sit down and start writing down all the things that would bring you the most joy. Let the dreamer in you take the reigns. Tell the realist and critic to take a seat for a moment.

Allow fiery words to come out of your mouth unrestrained. Seal them into the paper with black ink. Let that consuming fire burn away all doubts because they don't matter. Not now, not later. Not ever.

Notice the scenes that unfold as you focus your inner eye upon your desires. Let light into that vision from a first-person perspective and watch. Examine and let the story unfold until you are satisfied.

Say what your desires are out loud letting your voice resonate. Proclaim what you really want in life for the first time. Make remarks on what you just said, listening to yourself without shame.

Stress the parts of that dream that you most would like to touch, to make solid, to grasp. And you can be gentle with yourself when handling those parts of the dream that seem more sensitive. Suffer no one to be cold and rough unto them. They are yours alone.

What Do You Want in Your Life

Not Why, But How

You do not have to explain why you want something. Rather ask yourself how you are going to get it. Get rid of any outlook that obstructs your movement in the direction of what you want. And quick results that do not reflect clarity of reason should be put aside as illusions.

Breathe life into your visualizations that you may give life to your desires. Elaborate on the ideas you have for bringing your desires into reality. Make them grand with inspiration, yet also heavy with realism.

Develop your plan in such a way that it is solid. Review it and scrape it until it feels smooth to the touch. Do this until your faith in it is unbreakable.

Set SMART Goals

SMART goals are:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-Constrained

You want to get a very clear, high-definition picture of your desired outcome. Illustrate how things will look, sound, and feel. Project a colorful picture onto a blank canvas until there is no unmarked space on it.

You want to be able to take a look at your results and decide at a glance whether you have attained your goals. So you want to decide what situation, to what degree, and with whom will this desired situation arrive.

You want to make sure that the image in your mind is something you truly believe you can achieve. You must push the dream until it appears almost impossible —but doable!

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You want to feel excited every time you review your goals in your mind, on paper, or in conversation. If what you have described so far does not make you want to leap into the air out of joy, then you are missing something.

You want to push yourself to turn your vision into a tangible object by setting yourself deadlines. And if those deadlines are not being met, then you can hold your position, adjust what you are doing, see what is keeping you from achieving what you want, tackle the problems, and try again.

SMART Goals Cheat Sheet



Bring in as much detail as possible into your stated desires.


Define exactly how you would tell you have gotten what you want.


Do you really believe you can do this?


Does this goal make you feel excited and energized?


When exactly do you expect to have achieved this?

Set Time Aside for Serious Planning

You Are Not a Profession, But a Person

Every time the thought crosses your mind that you are not doing what you are meant to do, you can instead feel the cleansing effect of the living water that comes from the fountain of inspiration inside yourself. See yourself at the end of the line.

The refreshing feeling that you will feel come over you will dissipate all doubts and, at that moment, you can imagine how it will feel to already have achieved your desires.

And you can allow yourself to relax and be comfortable. Your body needs rest, and regular, refreshing sleep.Your mind needs to be allowed to breathe and recover from all the effort you will ask of it.

Remain speechless and listen to the silence that ensues. Do you hear any dissonance in your plan? Is something not right? Then amend it until all is in harmony with who you are and what you ultimately want.

Live Out Your Passions

Bring love into your life.

Bring love into your life.

The Road to Your Desire is Your True Passion

Your true passion, and nothing else, is what fuels you. And this passion is a gathering of sensations, a voice calling out to you from the future. Will you muster the courage to walk up to that future and live it in the flesh?

If you are sure that cleaning floors during daytime hours while studying in the evenings will get you a better job that will allow you to get that mortgage on your dream house, then doing that cleaning job is your passion!

That does not mean that you are a janitor. You are an evolving human being reaching for a better life through effort and determination.

Allow yourself to be loud and decisive in taking action. Notice how all those around you either align with you or stand against you. Bring those that are for you into the rhythm of your life, and see all others covered in the hazy fog of irrelevance.

You will see the earth open up and give you what you want. The fruits of your focus and work are already there, waiting for you to reach out with your hands and take them into your grasp.

Go out there and live a life full of passion.

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