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Hiring a Technology Copywriter - Everything to Consider

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Hiring a Technology Copywriter


How to Hire a Technology Copywriter

Marketing agencies and businesses mostly hire technology copywriters. Marketing an industrial or technical product can be rather challenging, and most companies or marketing agencies prefer using a technology copywriter.

A technology copywriter will help a company create a copy that is not only interesting but also informative. A high-tech B2B copy needs a proper communication of its features and benefits to ensure that it doesn’t sound boring to potential buyers. With an excellent technical copywriter, a business can significantly boost its sales.

Marketing agencies, especially those dealing with the purchase of apps and software, also need technology copywriters to break down the technical information for the consumers. It is quite challenging to explain technical information in simple language that potential customers can understand.

How Do I Find a Freelance Tech Copywriter on Upwork?

Upwork is ranked as the largest freelance marketplace in the whole world, with more than 12 million members. There are hundreds of tech copywriters with varying levels of experience that you could hire. The process of hiring a tech copywriter on Upwork is rather simple.

The advantage of Upwork is that there are work samples and past job reviews that you can go through. This should give you a clear picture of whether or not a particular tech copywriter is suitable for the job you want to be done.

Before hiring a tech copywriter on Upwork, ensure that you ask for a clear outline of the content that they plan to produce for you. You will get a better understanding of their capabilities and the quality of work they can produce. Have a conversation with them to help you understand the type of person that you are dealing with. I prefer video chats because you can look them in the eye and read their body language. A good tech copywriter should be smiling and comfortable during the whole conversation.

How Do I Find a Freelance Tech Copywriter on Fiverr?

You need to start by creating an account on Fiverr to get a better perspective of the website. On the search box, type in ‘tech copywriter’ to get a list of all the potential copywriters on the site. With Fiverr, you can narrow your search parameter further by selecting your service options, details, budget, delivery time, and whether you need pro services or not.

Fiverr narrows down the search for you so that you are left with only a handful of potential tech copywriters. Consider the ranking that a tech copywriter has before you go further with your search. A good tech copywriter should have a ranking of at least 4.5 stars.

You then need to proceed and ask your top choices for samples of their work and their level of experience. Ensure that you ask them what they can offer you so that you can get an idea of how competitive they are.

Finding a freelance tech copywriter through search can be rather challenging since you will come across a lot of choices. Many people advertise themselves as tech copywriters when they don’t have the necessary skill required for the job.

When you decide to find a freelance tech copywriter through search, you will have to consider several factors, including their achievements, what others are saying about their work, and who they have worked for before.

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Before you hire a freelance tech copywriter that you found through search, ensure that you do a detailed background check to ensure that they can get the work done. It’s also a good idea to pay them in installments while they work so that you can monitor the progress of the work.

Where Should I Post a Job for a Full-Time Tech Copywriter?

There are several websites where you could post a full-time tech copywriter job. These are verified websites that will ensure you get high-quality work from professionals in the field.


Indeed is a job board that features the more traditional jobs, but also includes a few freelance opportunities, including tech copywriters. It has been in the market for several years, making it one of the most reliable websites.

The cool feature that I like about the Indeed website is the opportunity that it gives you to browse through the different resumes. You get to learn more about a tech copywriter before hiring them. You also get to look at various customer reviews to give you a glimpse of the type of work that the tech copywriter does. Proceed with caution when a tech copywriter has several negative reviews, especially when the complaint is about not completing tasks on time or failing to submit projects entirely.

You don’t need to pay anything to post a job, which means you have nothing to lose. You only need to create a profile and log into the website to post a job ad.


LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the essential professional networks around, and almost all freelance tech copywriters can be found here. LinkedIn is a place where professionals connect, and it’s an excellent place to find a tech copywriter.

You need to create an account to post a job. With LinkedIn, you will start getting requests for the job as soon as you post it. This allows you to connect with the tech copywriters and look for one that suits your needs.

Ask the different tech copywriters what their qualifications are and how they would go about working on your project. With LinkedIn, you will get a lot of potential freelance tech copywriters that will give you high-quality work.


BloggingPro is an online job site that connects a business with freelance talent. However, you will need to do the vetting yourself to avoid being scammed. The job board lacks a screening process, and you need to select who you hire carefully.

With BloggingPro, you can get quality work, but you risk being scammed. Ensure that you vet a tech copywriter thoroughly to understand their grasp on tech copywriting and what they can do for you.

How Much Do Technology Copywriters Charge?

Technology copywriters do not charge a standard amount for any particular job. Honestly, the rates are all over the map. Some tech copywriters charge massive amounts, while others will charge you a much lower price for the same job. Although the charge is not specific, it should fall within a certain range depending on the type of work that you need.

However, the best copywriters charge flat fees for common projects. In tech copywriting, certain common projects will generally have a flat rate. A good copywriter will charge you the flat fees because they know what the job entails and what it’s worth.

For further resources on pricing, you could always ask me. With years of experience in the technology copywriting industry, I could provide you with a baseline fee for most of the projects that you might have.

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