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Hiring The Best Servants

When one has to hire the Servants for the new Hall, it is always good to know the difference between a peasant and a servant.

A Guide For One.

When hiring good servants, it is always best to check references thoroughly.
After all, one doesn't want just anybody serving one. For all you know, the applicant could be a thief, or worse, a politician. Do you want this miasma of dread to enter your home? That would lead to the most awkward of situations and do think of the terrible of strain that would put on your other servants. No references are a must. Contact the person(s) mentioned by post, or, as a last resort, the telephone (another lower class device). From there one shall find out the relevant information regarding the applicant.

The golden rule for the running of the house is that one needs a good staff:

Butler - Controls the running of one's house and male servants, as well as the wine cellar.

Footman - Serves alongside the Butler and is also responsible as a valet to male guests.

House Keeper - Runs the female servants and the house also.

Cook - Responsible for the kitchen and the ordering of all food, and the creation of all meals.

Kitchen Maid - Assistant to the Cook.

Laundry Maid - Responsible for washing one's clothes.

Maid - Cleans the house and is answerable to the housekeeper.

Ladies Maid - Helps one to dress and provides the gossip from below stairs.

Gardener - Keeps the garden tidy and presentable.

Do not be afraid to try them out first, set a task for them to do, under the watchful eye of a qualified servant. I find that asking them to serve tea and stoke the fire, tends to be a good task, it shows one, from which of the classes the potential servant does come.

These three examples are a good way of telling a person's class in any situation, not just in the making of a beverage.

Only a Peasant would put milk in the cup first. (Have them chased out of the house with a broom and horsewhipped for crimes against tea).

A middle-class fellow would be dutiful and serve it properly, the water boiling and the tea strainer ready, resting on the saucer. (Hire them immediately).

And an upper-class person would instruct another servant do it. (Hire them also, they make good Butler's and Housekeepers).

Next, one must always pay the closest attention to the contract that your servant signs, if literate, or marks, if not!
I tend to put in my 'No Followers' clause as it prevents the problem of servants having relationships and other terrible lower class frolicks. Thus making them available at all times to serve and take care of ones home. Just be aware that they do have to have at least one day off, a year. I tend to allow them Saturday as it's the quietest day in the Hall and, well they are still available if needed.

These are merely a few of the things that I, as a member of the Aristocratic Class, find to be a must when hiring the very best of servants.

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Leland Johnson from Midland MI on January 22, 2019:

Lady Penelope- Why are you not writing more articles? You have the pinache, the flair. Your work made me laugh out loud. It's very good and it would be great to read more from you.

Lady Penelope Piddleworthy (author) from Piddleton Hall, Piddleshire, The Disunited Kingdom on June 06, 2018:

Linda - one shall forgive your transgression on this occasion and many thanks to you, for your wonderful comment. I do hope that you heed one’s advice when hiring servants. Maybe, on some occasion, try ones tea without milk?

Leland - How positively marvellous that you have Butled. My Butler, Gladstone, is such a find. He used to be Butler for Lady Fartingales Brightly, at her place in Tumbledown Hall. However, after the place tumbled down he came into my employ. I couldnt survive without him. Nor, could i survive without my cook, Mrs Silver Bottom and her fantastical selection of home made cakes.

Many thanks to you both for your generous comments.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on June 05, 2018:

I hesitate to submit this comment, for I do indeed put the milk in my cup first when making tea. I hope you can forgive my transgression and accept my thanks for the excellent advice in regard to hiring servants.

Leland Johnson from Midland MI on June 05, 2018:

I've buttled for some of the finest families in Worschteshire.

Lady Penelope Piddleworthy (author) from Piddleton Hall, Piddleshire, The Disunited Kingdom on June 05, 2018:

That is marvellous Pip dear.

I do hope that you find the very best servants in your quest.

Pip Stone on June 05, 2018:

One enjoyed reading your article, and shall, indeed, take note of your advice, Lady Penelope.

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