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High Performance – What Differentiates Ordinary From Extraordinary?

Whether you are a performer or a mentor, the term performance simply has one meaning that is, adding value to the job done. In other words, it's about being focused on the goal accomplishment and working towards innovative solutions that eventually benefits the stakeholders.

Performers are different. They are valued as employees and considered as assets for an organization. So what differentiates extraordinary from the ordinary? Interestingly, high performance seldom depends on talents or skills, and it has much to do with the act of handling difficult situations.

Below are the four ways to be a performer:

1. Being stupid are sometimes considered as Being Innovative

Performers have to take decisions which are some how impossible to implement, sometimes ridiculous and audacious. Being innovative means you make the first move. Innovation takes courage and a willingness to let go of everything that made you successful up to this point.

2. Action for Speed

Nowadays no body is interested in knowing the reasons for delay. Management has no patience and hates unnecessary waiting. It is like, if you make me wait, you lose.

If an idea has been considered good, then next step is to implement it and make some one accountable for it. The process of implementation and accountability assignment should not take much time on an employee part. The tendency of standing still or moving slow in an ever changing world can cause huge damage. The tendency of being stuck in indecision is much more fatal than the fear of committing mistakes.

Its not just about making the right choice, but to make the next right choice quickly enough.

3. Constant Improvement – Emerging Personality

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There needs to be a transition from a good performer to a top performer. If performance doesn’t vary much, the chances of growth are dim. The idea of constant improvement should religiously be followed.

Every company wants to stay competitive, and for that they are depending on the employees with emerging personalities and the one who are constantly improving. It’s like asking an employee, “what steps are you taking today that will ensure that you’ll be better tomorrow”?

4. Being Open to the Uncertain

The beginning step in implementing a change is to always expect the change, which means, whatever happens may not be as expected, however it is normal. The key fact is to respond accordingly. Top performers don’t make a fuss about uncertainty. Ignorance is no longer a bliss. You need to plan carefully for every contingency however do embrace the unknown.

Boasting off is a mindset. The true performers in any organization are often the quiet ones. They are the ones that boast off their performance with consistency. They are like the ducklings: Above the surface, they are calm and elegant and below the surface they paddle like hell.

So what is the most desirable attribute of an employee? It will surely be ability to perform consistently under pressure. It’s not a rocket science. It’s about making a right choice at each and every situation and opportunity that knocks our door.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Abhijeet Ganguly

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