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High Performance Selling


Johnny Q, Author, Master Sales Closer, Podcast Host "Coffee Is For Closer's on Apple Podcast

High Performance Selling

The Reason You Are Not Selling

Have you ever wonder why people buy what they buy? If you simply ponder about the idea when people experience the purchase phase, most of the time they are motivated about how the product makes them feel. A product or services can simply be a item with no significance and the prospect is not emotionally motivated to move up in their value scale. This is usually the result that a lot of sale professionals are facing when they are left with a no sale. So why is it that customers are not purchasing products or services from you?

If you simply analyze why people purchase a product, a commitment to purchase a product must have feelings of emotions. Sales professionals forget or simply don't understand that without feelings of emotions when presenting a product or services you will never get the same results. Usually you will result will be very different from one another. First, without any feeling of emotions you will get a low value mind set on the product and services you are offering. There is not emotional enrichment of life to motivate the prospect to overpay for anything. The sales professional has not provided any value in the item to be exchange with their hard own money. Once the sales professional brings that element of emotional enrichment for the prospect, it elevates value over the product and services the sales professional is offering. If you can present you products or services in experiences where your prospects feel life enrichment. You will be able to sell easier, ask top dollar and close your prospect faster. In this episode with will learn the secret to framing your selling message in a way to close your customer in rapid speed.

Getting Your Message - Keep It Simple

One of the biggest mistakes majority of sales people make is overthink how the message should come out. Your customer needs information about your product or services in a timely matter. A message of sales should be precise and to the point. However, you can easily make that mistake giving out too much information to your prospect and could result in confusion. When prospects are presented with Customer’s lot of options to choose from, end up getting overwhelm in too many options. They will result in not purchasing in fear of making a mistake. The most common objection is I want to go home and think about what I want to do. Usually result in a dead stall customer.

Giving you prospect choices are always a good idea. National average of choice to purchase are 2-3 options max. When prospects are giving more than 3 options they will walk away. Think about companies like Sam’s Club and Costco, they only give you 2 options of everything. If you want headache drugs you only have 2 brands to chose from. Think about the food options one polish dog or one hot dogs. They thrive on this concept, “Showing Less Options Will Result In Better Results”. This will ultimately help you to zero down on the option and having to best product for your prospects needs and wants. More isn't better, everything has it’s limits.

This one vital selling method that will increase your selling closing ratio and will accelerate your customer turn around retention. By executing this the less options, you create a higher satisfaction feeling to your customer and they will want to close with you faster. From my experience in sales providing purchasing guidance to less options to your customer they will feel overall satisfied about their purchase and you will be able to retain them for future sales.

I was recently looking at study about customer retention. Keep this in mind, the reasons customer leave you and your company break down are:

Customers Die: 1%

Customers Going To Other Markets: 3%

Loss Of Business For Referral Of A Friend: 5%

Loss To A Competitor: 9%

Customer Dissatisfied With Service: 14%

Customer Believes You Don't Care About them: 68%

68% of all your customers will leave you for the believe that you don't care about them. This is a huge amount of hard to replenish customers. If you simply focus on less is more concept you will be able to handle better customer experience and retention. This will enlighten and your prospects will convert to customers all the time. Call them and follow up to see if you can help them in anyway before and after the sale. You will stay fresh in their minds all the time. Remember people know people, they might have a contact that is ready to purchase your product or services you are offering.

Selling With Counterpoint

Let me explain the concept of counterpoint selling. We are getting into the neutral science of selling, I don't want to confuse you. Counterpoint selling is how you word and offer your sales presentation numbers to the prospect. Heres a story I want to share with you to help you understand this concept. One of my friends invited me to San Diego, California to see the National Team of Mexico play. This guy owns his own marketing firm and comes up with fantastic ideas for business marketing. It was a little cold in San Diego and I ask if we can find a store to purchase a light jacket, being I'm from Arizona. We agreed and drove to a Costco. There’s a lady asking for money because she was recently divorced and had 2 small children. She hold up her sign and it read “Homeless, Anything will help”. After he made the stop where the lady was standing asking for money, he looked at her sign and just got out with a Black sharpie marker he had in his glove box. He ripped the sign off her hands and re-wrote the sign, got in the car and drove off. At the moment I didn't see what he wrote or change her sign. After the purchase of my light jacket people where handing her money like crazy. I finally read the sign and it said “It’s X-Mas and homeless” , I looked at him. The only thing he mumbled was “If your counterpart doesn’t understand the message you will never get what you want”. My jaw dropped how incredible lesson I learn that day. How you say things matters. I’ve always call this guy simply to pick his brain and pitch him with amazing ideas I come up with. By far I never looked at him the same, he can't close any sale if his life depended on it. That’s what shock me the most, he is not even a salesman, he's a marketing genius.

At that point when negotiating and selling as a Sales Professional we need to make the counterpart understand the Investment they are about to make is compare to being miserable with the problem they are trying to fix. You need to set your product and compare it to the other situation. In the example I shared with you it compares how everyone is celebrating compare to she being homeless and possibly hungry. It hit’s people in the heart that’s why the sign was so successful. It made people understand the situation compare to reality. Boom, she sold her situation motivating people to give her money and that is selling my friends.

Compare your product or services with something. Take the following for example:

Buying a new car, compare to walking in the rain?

You should visit Cancun, Compare to staying home and being bored?

Remember, learn how to counterpart selling and you will be able to persuade people into any sale. This has to me one of my favorite way to deliver my message of selling. Nothing compares to how your message is going to be delivered. Make sure you compare your product to something in return. It makes people sense where are you coming from and places them in that state of mind, at that precise moment in time. I promise, you will close every deal there is.

Selling With Negatives

Like others products and services in your market, your product or service has some negatives. Many sales professionals fall short of understanding how to handle a situation where the prospect is pointing out some negatives out of your product of services you are offering. However, there is a smarter way you can turn a negative into a positive and be able to overcome any negative your prospect might throw at you. Like the previous helpful selling method “counterpart” you will be able to compare your negatives to all your positive about your product and services. Once your prospects hears that you are aware of all the negative, use the long list of positives to counterpart your selling ability to close your prospect. By doing this you are able to accomplish to showcase all the positive about your product, convincing your customer they made the right decision to move forward.

Your prospect will be left off with the last noted positives about your product or services. This helps them answer the compare to question, that they need to answer to justify the purchase. Emphasize that you do know about negatives and how we can get across from any potential concerns they might have. By selling with negatives, your prospect will place a very high value working with a sales person that is honest and is very knowledgeable about the product or services they represent. A potential prospect will recognize this and will help you to close your prospect. People honor sympathy and honesty when dealing in sales. This will create a long lasting relationship with your customer for future and referral sales. Don't underestimate your products negatives they are important and must be address at the appropriate time.

Selling Your Products “Possibilities”

Now, here is a method of selling you and every sales professional is underestimating. Not using this method to close your customer on the spot. By far this method will stop your potential prospect in their tracks and convert them into customers in that moment. Your product or services you are representing have valuable “possibilities”. These “Possibilities” are ideas on the endless advantages that your prospect can use your product to satisfied their needs and wants. However, you are not taking advantage of them to get your prospect to commit. This method should be only use to convince your prospect to commit on your product.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “The Possibilities Are Endless”? Of course you have. “Possibilities” are used to fill your potential prospect with ideas that the product in front of them is over promising and over delivering. This creates that idea in the prospects head that this product has all the answers for their problems and will have the answers for future problems if they commit to buy now. What I love about selling with “Possibilities” is that it creates urgency to buy now and delivers the natural certainty in the potential customer mind. This creates the satisfaction of Logic to the customers mind that this will solve the problem they have before hand. It’s done by selling the products “Possibilities”.

People have a high value on possibilities when looking to solve a problem. As people find a product the over value the possibilities the product can deliver. Take the following in account; Imagine the patient that has a medical condition and there is a drug that can help them get well. The patient will over value the possibilities on that product to deliver the results they are looking for. The doctor has to sell you on the possibilities that the drug will indeed deliver the results or it can be a well alternative to getting better. The patient will close themselves at that moment and continue with the recommended advice from your health specialist. Remember hospitals are businesses, they need patients to stay in business.

Potential customers do not like the unknown. It’s a scary feeling to be in the dark, specially when a person is looking to find an answer to their problem. People will not purchase your product when they don't know what a product is going to be like. When you sell your products “Possibilities” people will make decisions to buy on positive possibilities. When people have uncertainties about any product the will never commit to purchase the product in fear that it will be a mistake. Always use possibilities kill uncertainty in your prospects minds. When you don't address uncertainty’s the customer will label it as negative and will kill your deal. Always address every doubt and you will be able to use this method to sell your product all the time.

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