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Helpful Tips for Being a Good Pizza Delivery Driver


Delivering Pizza Ain't Easy...

Some of you out there may be thinking about becoming a delivery driver for one of your local pizza parlors. Delivering pizza can earn you some extra cash that can pay you better than most factory starting wages. Some of you out there may have already delivered pizza in the past or are currently doing so. Those of whom that have found themselves in this line of work can tell you that delivering pizza isn't easy. You may be thinking how hard can the job be but there is more to delivering a pizza then dropping off the product and picking up the cash for the store. Tip money is a blessing in this line of work so you will want to do your job well and earn a good reputation just to earn that little bit extra. If I have peaked your interest I recommend either this kindle ebook or paperback both available on Amazon.

My Experience

I have personally delivered pizza for over 10 years, working for most of the known corporate pizza franchises and local pizza parlors. I have worked for companies such as; Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Cottage Inn, Hungry Howies, Marco's Pizza, and many more. I have spent my time at each of them learning the in's and out's of how each one operate and what creates successful experiences for all of them. In my 10+ years of working for these various employers, I have never earned less than an average of $60 dollars per day in tips alone. For most of them I averaged closer to $100 a day or more in the up seasons. Between tips and inside wages, it was nothing for me to earn upwards of $19/hr on average delivering pizza. It is my belief that I can help you achieve the same.

What's Inside

In my book you will find advice on how to find your optimal employer and location. As well as advice on your vehicle, budgeting, what to expect, and the little improvements that can help you earn those extra tips. Every job requires effort and with the advice inside you can take steps to improve your performance at work and in turn make yourself a lot more money. Delivering pizza can be a lucrative opportunity if you have the keys to earn yourself just that little extra in tips. That is exactly what you will find in this very affordable book. It is my personal belief that the advice in my book pays for itself so you really have nothing to lose.

Previous Success

Before the release of my book Making Money Delivering Pizza: Tips and Tricks for Being a Good Pizza Delivery Driver, (also on Kindle) it garnered thousands of views as an article of the same title as this, helping many people do better and prepare themselves for this occupation. The same advice in this book has also helped many of my friends and previous co-workers nearly double their earned tips. I encourage you to give it a try as well, given the success I have witnessed my advice offer.

Your Job...

Although my book can help you prepare yourself for the job, it is ultimately up to your hard work that will garner you success. Nothing worth having comes without effort so it is up to you in the end to use my advice to boost your success. In this job you will encounter difficult people, including your boss and coworkers. You will encounter, traffic hazards, slow days and nights, and the plethora of inside duties you will also need to carry out while working. Remember this is a job and not some way to make a truly easy living or to somehow get rich quick. Your effort determines everything.

Good Luck

I truly hope that everyone who reads my book finds the advice helpful. With the amount of experience I have and my understanding of it, the advice within should help anyone interested. The tips provided cover; your car, the job, cost management, location advantage, social tips, and more. Your future success in this occupation is worth it and I want to help you achieve it. Good Luck with your future and interest in this line of work. Feel free to leave your comments on the subject and let me know how this helped you. Thanks for reading!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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© 2013 Nicholas Conner


Derek Dewitt on August 30, 2017:

My brother is thinking about getting a job delivering pizzas but he doesn't know what to expect. I like that you recommend having a phone with good 4G for the GPS. Getting lost would definitely make you late so this sounds like great advice. Thanks for sharing!

Yilliang Peng on February 16, 2017:

I find it interesting that as a new hire, your first tasks will not be delivering, but they will be helping out around the shop. I think that as you build appreciation for the product that you make, your efficiency as a delivery man will increase. I am always really happy when I order pizza and the delivery man is energetic and happy. Thanks for all the great information!

carl on November 11, 2014:

use a flashlight to look at house numbers from the car

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