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Guidelines And Tips For Professional Resume And Cover Letter Writing


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

— Confucius

Job search is a process in which several step are included to find the good job. Job seeker a person who is looking for the job and faces the different circumstances while searching or applying for job. let think about the search as journey on train , train will stop at many station to reach to its final destination. Just as Job seeker have multiple steps to search for a job. But most important steps like how to write Resume and Cover Letter i m discussing.

Before going to these steps we need to understand the some important definitions and concepts .


Skills and Interests:

Interest: Interest are the subject or things you want to learn. its may be your hobby or any activity that you want to do in your free time eg: like your interest is to do cooking , reading a book etc.

Skill: skill in a single sentence ability to do things well. skills can be Functional(skills you can learn or develop with time eg: cooking ,driving , typing))natural or trait skills( based on the way you act eg: being punctual ,curious)

What is resume ? Importance of resume?


  • Good resume leave the positive impression on reader
  • Resume can leads to your dream Job or provide the way to your dream job
  • If employer like your resume what they need its increases your chance of interview for a job
  • Resume also communicate or highlight your skills,abilities and achievement


If opportunity doesn’t knock, then build a door.”

— Milton Berle

Resume Writing:

Definition: Resume is a 1-2page document or short description of your work , experience, education, skills, abilities, achievements etc

Characteristics of resume:

  • Easy to read
  • Preferably 1 page version
  • Selective key words
  • Use limited number of font( Calibri, Times New Roman)

Key Parts of Resume:

    1. Name and Contact
    2. Headline and Summary
    3. Work Experience
    4. Education

    Reverse Chronological Order: ” means most recent first"

    Reverse chronological order used in work experience and education detail. To follow this order you need to list or write the most recent work experience and education in your resume.

    Headline and Summary:

    • It should be short and specific and relevant to the job tittle
    • It should be connected to the job advertisement that he\she applying for

Parts of Resume

name , address,headline

name , address,headline



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Cover Letter Writing:


“One page short description ( interest, skill, achievement) and formal request for job interview”

Cover letter should not be same for every job it should be little different for different job or position.

Parts of Cover Letter:

  1. 1. Name and address of the job seeker
  2. 2. Date( day, month)
  3. 3. Name title and address of the employer
  4. Salutation included by persons name and colon:
  5. Paragraph1(Job you are applying for , source of information, why you best fit for this job)
  6. Paragraph 2( explain your skills and achievement in a precise way)
  7. Paragraph 3(ask for interview)
  8. Complimentary close included(Typed name or signature)

Resume Sample


Cover Letter Sample


Key Word Focus:

Key words are very important for resume and cover letter writing because many organizations uses software like ATS (Applicant Tracking system) which scan the resume of that applicant , so by adding key words in your resume and cover letter that related to the your job advertisement increases your interview and job chances in organization. lets take an example If job advertisement is for sales position and they demands (strong communication skills, greeting customers) referring these key words in your resume and cover letter land to your dream job.

Language Focus in Resume and Cover Letter:

Use action verbs rather than general verbs like negotiated with clients, addressed the issues, drafted a proposal , responsible for connecting with ambassadors , manager advised to their subordinates likewise

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