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Greetings from Sunny Florida

An Autobiographical Sketch


Who am I?

Many of you may know me as a fitness counselor with Gainesville Health & Fitness, a role I am very passionate about and have been doing for the last five years. Some of you may know me from financial advising or career development, while others of you may know me from the dance scene or serving your favorite cocktails. Yet others of you may know me from the Junior League or the Nature Centers Commission. You may also know me if our kids play together, or if we go to the same coffee shop.

What many of you don't know is what I'm about to tell you, so listen up! The Covid pandemic has evoked unprecedented times, and has stirred up personal emotions in everyone. During the shut-down, I was out of work and in panic, like most of you. While I literally questioned the meaning of my life, I had a vision of the culmination of my entire life flash before my eyes. All I had done in my life up until that point seemed like a hot mess, and then God showed me how it all made sense. That is when I knew for real I can achieve dreams I never thought possible, and that is when Heart of Florida was born.

What am I doing?

I thought back to the very beginning: I was born in Pahokee, Florida, raised in Clewiston, Florida, lived in Moore Haven, Belle Glade, Hialeah, Royal Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, and Isla Morada, Florida, have been vacationing every summer since the womb in Bonita Springs, Florida, and now reside in Gainesville, Florida. My Master's studies were focused on pre-to-modern Florida history, and fun fact, my sister was even born in Disney (true story)! Suffice it to say, I know Florida well and it has my heart.

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, I went to school for a very long time; and while in school and beyond, I worked in the hospitality industry at several different capacities from dishwasher to entrepreneur. In fact, I still bartend as a side gig for extra cash and fun! After my Master's studies, I started working in education as an instructor, academic advisor, and career development coach for three years; then, I moved into the banking and finance industry from teller to advisor in two years. After having a meltdown on a treadmill, I decided to change course to the health and fitness industry.

The Heart of Florida

As a Florida native and historian, as well as a hospitality specialist with twenty years of experience in the industry and a planning consultant with 10 years of experience in various industries, I created a concierge service for travel, event, and life planning from the heart of a Florida native. Heart of Florida Concierge is a faith-based, woman-led company inspired by my life in Florida and my love for the Sunshine State of mind. It's never too late to realize you have a dream, and never to late to show up for your dream. My home state is a gem, and I feel so blessed to live in paradise.

Genesis 2:15 says, "Then the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to tend and keep it. " That is my mission, to tend and to keep Florida's paradise for all of us to enjoy as the best versions of ourselves. So as your new travel, event, and life planning consultant, please contact me for an authentic Florida experience with the Heart of Florida. I specialize in vacation, tour, excursion, retreat, private party, corporate event, and wedding planning, as well as fitness, career, team-building, and leadership consulting all over the Sunshine State. Please follow me on Hubpages, and follow Heart of Florida Concierge on social media. Ciao for now!

© 2020 Marylin Prado

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