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Grand launch of Specscart Store at Urmston

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With much excitement and hustle, the long-awaited third store launch of Specscart Urmston was organised on 5th Mar’22 at Eden square shopping centre, Urmston. Where the pandemic is creating havoc in the world, it couldn't break the spirit of the store launch with a huge inflow of new customers that marked a number of sales on the very first day and with many surprises.

It was never less than a roller coaster ride where the store witnessed an adventurous growth, from a small place at a mall to launching their third store in Manchester. The growth is never confined to their physical store, they have been working hard and growing at their online channel as well, a well-maintained balance between both.

The major issue that is faced by most people is the lack of flexibility while visiting an optical store. Three major issues that were noticed by him are firstly the lack of affordability, secondly the lack of options and inability to try the collection, and thirdly, the delay in getting the glasses.

The start

The inspiring story of Specscart is worth hearing from the founder himself Siddhart Sethi. From the launch of their first store at Walkden 2017 to till date. As a student who was studying at Manchester University, the issues he faced when he went to get his glasses became the inspiration for the start of Specscart.

These became the pillars of starting Specscart and making it affordable and customer friendly and important one that is the fastest delivery possible. They also eliminate the lethargic process of going out and trying frames at home through their online portal. With the motto of ‘frame for every game’, they aimed to revolutionise the eyewear industry with unique styles and choices for glasses.

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The current scenario

The store is situated at the heart of Urmston, at the Eden Square shopping centre, making it catchy and customer accessible even for the people coming from Bucklow, Sale, Stretford, Irlam, and Eccles. Making every service customer-friendly and where they have provided the glasses right at the shelves where they could actually try out the frames themselves. The launch of the store was well organised with cupcakes and minions making it much more interesting for kids as well.

To provide unmatched service and growth, the occasion was much celebrated with the important members of the Specscart family.

The online store

Their online channel has brought up every service that stands with the competitiveness in the industry. To mark a status, they have one of the stylish collections under their designer brands, Tom Archer and Marc Fabien. They provide free anti-scratch coating and anti-glare coating for the glasses, and even UV protection as well. Apart from that, their flagship service includes a free 24-hour delivery service. How does that work with an online service? Let's understand this one in detail.

The additional services

It was one flagship service that they are proud of, apart from that, they aimed to provide utmost quality designer glasses to its customers at fair and pocket-friendly prices, that's what added Specscart among the list of the favourites.

Focusing to bring out some experimental and new style that completely changes the style on perceived glasses. A frame for every game has been their ambition, and every frame they make and sell is aimed to fulfil their motto for the same. Focusing on having one-to-one interaction with the customers at ground level.

The organisation is never bound to just three stores; they are looking for much greater growth and many more store launches with interactive and engaging stories.

Same day glasses

Once you place an order with their website, the order is dispatched on the same day, and in 24 hrs, you will receive your order. And how do they achieve this godspeed? It is only possible with the help of their in-house laboratory in Manchester. They have more than 20 plus years of experience in the field and are experts in making glasses. Not just that, their glasses go under a three-point quality check that ensures the utmost quality for glasses. With the help of the service of Royal Mail, they are able to achieve this 24 hrs delivery service. No matter what additions you add to the glasses, they are done with utmost care.

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