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2021 Graduates The Underlying Job Market Uncertainty

What does the future hold for recent graduates entering the workforce?


A Questionable Future

A new study with trading economics confirms that 6.7 percent of the united states population is unemployed thus, with thousands of people out of work it begs the question of what does the future hold for college graduates entering the workforce. Recent college graduates likely will have a more difficult time landing jobs overall. Due to them having to compete with the already experienced professionals on the job market in their field. However, out of those graduates looking to go into the medical field, this new reality can potentially increase their chances of landing a job. With more and more medical staff resigning there is this lack of staff on hand and so many employers will be looking to fill the gap by any means possible and new graduates entering the workforce is a viable option.

Turning The Odds Back In Your Favor

While the odds are not in favor of incoming graduates there is something that can be done network, get specific, and broaden your search. The best way to go about securing a new job is to network. don't be afraid to reach out to individuals who could quite possibly give you an edge over the competition the worst they can say no but by networking and getting to know them you give yourself an opportunity to ask for a referral and having one from someone who works at the said company can go a long way. The second workaround to this problem is to get specific within your major that you took up what exactly are you looking to do. have specific keywords you are typing in on these job websites. And the last way to increase your chances of getting hired is to broaden your search meaning there are a limited number of jobs where you are then might have to look elsewhere like in a few counties over or even another state. this might seem a bit aggressive but sometimes you have to go to where the jobs are.

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Alternatives To Not Landing A Job In Your Field

College graduates not finding work within their Major should consider working in another career field that could quite possibly have nothing to do with their field. The government is a big proponent of employing individuals and is a great way to get started working and the benefits are generally considerably better than the average entry-level job. The pay ranges from 35,000-80,000 with the option to advance. So while this option may not be the most glamorous or enticing it is something to consider. Additionally, the government offers general office work but also offers specific work related to an individual's field.

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