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Government Funded CSCS Card Courses What To Do For Funding For Different CSCS Cards UK


Government Funded CSCS Card Courses and What To Do For Funding For Different CSCS Cards.

The CSCS ( Construction Skills Certification Scheme ) card is a necessary achievement for any person wishing to either work on, or just to enter a construction site. Set up allegedly to improve the quality of the construction industry and to reduce accidents, the CSCS card is being adopted throughout Europe.

What Does The CSCS Card Mean ?

The bearer of a CSCS card is simply presented as a person who has passed a Health & Safety test.

Their own personal qualifications regarding work experience are also on the card.

CSCS cards are normally checked by security prior to a person being allowed on a construction site, without one, the person will be denied access, even if they are the master joiner or site foreman.

By a simple check, security officers can find out if the card is real, stolen, or fraudulent.

Types Of Basic CSCS Cards

There are several different cards which can be obtained.

Green CSCS Card

For labourers and basic site skills.

Blue CSCS Cards - Skilled Worker

NVQ or SVQ level 2 qualifications, an approved apprenticeship, or employers sponsored apprenticeships are required for this card. Also if you are city and guilds qualified.

Gold CSCS Card - Skilled Worker

NVQ or SVQ level 3 qualifications, an approved apprenticeship, or employers sponsored apprenticeships are required for this card. Also if you are city and guilds qualified.

Gold CSCS Card - Supervisor

This card is for people whom have passed their NVQ or SVQ level 3, and are employed in a supervisory role.

Black CSCS Card - Senior Manager

Level 4 or 5 NVQ / SVQ qualifications for site management. Applicants are required to also pass the Managerial and Professional Health and Safety test to gain this card.

Click on the images to view full selection of mock tests available available.

Government / Council Funding

Government funding for the CSCS card is available through many local colleges. The job centres have a limited number of spaces available for their clients, but with thousands waiting to gain their CSCS cards free, there is little hope of getting a place on the CSCS card course. It is only open for people whom are already unemployed, with a few exceptions.

Another way is to contact a work programme company such as Ceetec. These government funded organisations can get you on a course within minutes, at no charge. Usually you need to be unemployed for 12 months before you are systematically passed onto the work program.

The job centre and the Work Programs are both government funded institutions to help people back into work. But unfortunately, they hardly share information or resources.


The CSCS Card Course Itself

The CSCS card course is nothing like what you would expect. The government does not actually pay for people to pass their CSCS test, but they pay for job search training instead.

Both courses are combined, which is a slight loophole for companies to get funding.

The training each applicant undertakes is solely for job search and other related issues, you only get a booklet for the CSCS examination. This you have to read on your own time. You do get a chance to do one or two mock CSCS card exams on a computer but that is it, Then you are on your own.

Most of the job search related paperwork is seemingly baffling and totally useless and does not serve much purpose for most people. But to gain the CSCS card, it is necessary to go through the rigmarole of filling in paperwork, explaining what an interview is, discovering what a 'JOB' is, and how to write an advert.

It all sounds very strange, and it is, it is mind numbingly boring but we all need to play the part and grin and bear it.

The CSCS Exam

The exam is very similar to a theory driving test exam. You have forty multiple choice questions on the computer monitor and have to indicate one or two answers on the screen. There is no real hurry as you get at least 30 minutes to answer the questions. Most questions can be put down to common sense, but you need between 34 - 36 to get a pass. Anything less than that, it is classed as a fail and the government will not pay twice for you to take the test again.

Free Link To:- Mock CSCS Examination Questions ( Actual Questions From The Exam )

Free Link To: Condensed Revision Notes For The CSCS Exam / Test


Reginald Johnson smith on October 20, 2019:

I am claiming U C with my partner and my question is my cscs green card expired and need to refresh it asap can i get help or funding to do this is urgent so help would be very appreciated thanks

christopher Mayo on July 29, 2019:

Hi I'm currently unemployed due to epilepsy but in the last year i have got better dramatically i would like to go back to work on a personal note but have little funds as i contacted disability and let them know that i am well enough to go back to work so they put me on a lower rate which isn't enough for me to live on is there any type of funding i can get to get myself a CSCS card as I'm hard worker and got a good skilled eye for detail ...

Thank you kind Regards C J Mayo

Jamie on July 11, 2019:

Go to your local jobcentre if you are currently unemployed and you can get on a course to get your cscs card for free of charge hope this helps .

stephen on March 15, 2018:

i am ex military in need of help to get a CSCS card so i can work on the roads, railways,building sites etc what help can i get.

Maciej Kowalski on January 09, 2018:


I'm Site Engineer.

My company is not able to arrange CSCS test.

May I do it myself.

What I need to do?

Richard meakin on January 12, 2015:

I'm working as a bricklayers labourer. I wish to be able to take the cscs greencard for free. I've a growing family to support.. My wages only just cover my bills and out going's. I've a redcard at the moment. I wish to keep working but I can't afford the payment of a 1 day course... I'm selfemployed.. What help could I get with this...

antonino zavettieri on August 12, 2014:

I'm Italian and I would like to take the test cscs card free are two years in England who are unemployed. thank you

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