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Google Reviews Can Make or Break Your Business

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Madan is a Chief Sales Officer - Digiwizs- A Digital marketing firm...He finished his M.B.A from Thiagarajar school of management.

Yes, Google reviews can make or break your business. If you want to know the importance of Google reviews, go and ask business owners who lost because of google reviews.

There is a very positive side to google reviews which will see in detail in this article

When businesses across the world having terrible experiences due to the pandemic, The digital world is growing exponentially. Almost 20 years of growth which is expected to happen in the digital world had happened due to the pandemic.

Businesses find a way to capitalize on this phenomenon. Google reviews is one among them.

According to research, customer buying preferences change after reading reviews.

Customers Behaviour

Customer actionsPercentage

Learn about new product by reading reviews


Customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


Customers say review impacted their purchase decision


Forum to feedback: Either satisfied customers or dissatisfied customers want to make a mark by sharing their reviews in a private or public forum. They feel a sense of completeness by doing so. Google capitalized on this customer's mindset.

In reality, not all customers are sharing positive experiences, whereas the dissatisfied ones find a way to embark their feedbacks. Sadly there is obviously a disproportionate phenomenon happening here. So, when you scan through you could find a lot of terrible words in the reviews is because of this phenomenon.

Increasing Satisfied Customers Reviews

Satisfied customers tend to forget their experiences over time. So, it's advisable to get their reviews shortly after they buy your product or services.

There are several ways to do this

  • You can directly share the google review link with your customers
  • You can place a QR code scanner at different places on your venue and encourage them to scan and review your business.
  • Run regular SMS blast to your customers provided with the review link

Preventing Negative Reviews

Wake up when you start to receive negative reviews. Don't wait till they tarnish your brand. Take necessary actions and correct them immediately. Share the corrective actions in a reply to the review. This not only increases the brand value but also builds trust among the users, They tend to believe the same actions will be taken in the future as well.

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So, creating a screening process in the initial stage will create terrifying results in the long run.

Managing Negative Reviews

We need to accept the fact that customers give bad reviews only when they are dissatisfied. Every customer has some threshold level. it's unique to different individuals. Some may raise complaints about silly things, others do it only if their threshold level is crossed.

When we reply to the negative reviews we need to keep in mind that we are replying in a public forum. Anything that goes wrong here will impact your brand in a much bigger way than you expect. So, good enough to show our patience here.

7 steps on how to respond to negative Google reviews

Don't panic and reply immediately: Understand, you can wait before posting the reply. You should not complicate things with your own reply.

Bad review analysis: Analyse the bad review by understanding it step by step. What customer actually wants, is there any problem with your product or service, or problem with the customer itself? This gives a clear idea about what you need to do next

Brainstorm: If you have a marketing or resolution lead, brainstorm with them to gather ideas on the solutions. Sometimes, people come out with creative ideas which could convert the bad reviews into a positive one. So, encourage all silly ideas. Don’t judge in the beginning.

Experts' opinions: Reach out to any of your mentors, social media, and others from your industry to gather opinions and how they handled such critics.

Try reaching out to customer offline: If possible reach out to the customer offline and provide resolution for the problem and confirm him this will not be repeated.

Accept if you are on the wrong side: Accepting solves the issue 95% of the time. So, in case you found out there is an issue with your service or product. Don't think much. Start accepting it and provide resolution to it. if possible refund the money. More or less, it won't make a hole in your pocket, but you can earn the trust of other customers, which you can capitalize on later.

Ask for a Positive review: Nothing motivates your customers like winning back the lost customer. So, ask the same customer to write about the positive resolution rendered.

If you want to prevent yourself from bad reviews, spammers you can try products like podium, review booster(free trial), and boost reviews. All of them will provide a lot bunch of value.

So, It's very true, Google reviews can obviously make or break your business. It is one more free tool given by google to help in your business journey. Utilize it for scaling your business to the next level.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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