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Globalization: Abuse of American Workers in 2011- Effects Life Today

It is October 2022, and the Dragon and Tiger are still partners in abuse of our freedom and the American dream.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Narendra Damodardas Modi and Xi Jinping


October 2022 Update

Our United States of America is being stolen by China, India, and Russia. They are in it, as much as they try to hide it. Our enemies are coming in the front door because our government is run by recycled fools. I am not pointing my finger at just one party, as they are both lacking in the values of our constitution.

Americans are being sucked dry financially because of high gas prices, high food prices, and high medicine prices. Our government leaders let tankers wait in the ocean with food containers that it was their duty (Congress) to expedite to unload and feed the people.

Instead, we were forced to pay exorbitant prices while telling the Americans as we shopped that we were lucky to be able to buy the food at all.

I may live in the backwoods of Florida, but this country girl knows when we are being lied to and the stink of it came all the way from the White House. Smiling while being told lies because we believe them makes us stupid, and those who tell them are full-grown idiots.

Remember in November to vote for the truthtellers who risk everything for the truth and who love America and Americans.

The Dragon and The Tiger

Countries around the world have felt the weight of the Dragon (China) and the Tiger (India) as they stealthily walked across their lands, claiming jobs from workers. Slowly, at first, because the naive workers never noticed or felt their presents.

Until it was too late to be anxious about what was coming, as everyone continued working to support their families, ignorant of the current status of their destiny. Rapidly, the ball of security started rolling down the hill of American life as we knew it, into the negative pit of unemployment, because of globalization.

Globalization--Don't Do It!

Globalization--Don't Do It!

The American Workers

The American Workers blamed their unemployment on greedy American corporations that outsourced jobs to other countries.The American companies were not unaided in their voraciousness.

On this journey to financial gain were the shareholders of these companies and wealthy American investors. They are all guilty of diminishing American jobs.

Our Congress

Here are some links to explain what our Congress did for our American workers and their future: - It shows a tally of millions of jobs lost to overseas and compares the salaries of American and Indian workers in various jobs.

Congress should be outsourced to India, according to

Globalization- The Good

The good news for American workers is------there is none.

However, I do feel because of global news media coverage, human rights violations are exposed for the world to see. And I consider this good, and hopefully it will stop the violations against people of all races and in all countries.

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Globalization---The Bad

Of all the research I collected on globalization, it seems like a mountain of negativity is staring back at me. How fortunate I am to have my little angel on my shoulder reminding me to---remain biased.

I tried to remain bias. Nevertheless, I found mostly bad issues universally. First and foremost—countries were mostly using convicts, child labor, and street children to fill these low-paying or no-paying jobs.

No pay because who can bear witness that corrupt governments do not keep all or most of the outsourcing money they receive for the finished products?

It is difficult for me to think about the children being used for labor. Are they suffering from being abused? Or, are their bodies in torment from not being given a proper diet each day? Are outsourcing American companies watching over their overseas employees?

Mother and Baby is a Homeless Family

Mother and Baby is a Homeless Family

Globalization---The Ugly

At first, I could not believe that American companies would allow abuse--but isn't that what they did to their own countrymen and countrywomen? Still, I am sure not all-American companies tolerate abuse.

When American companies are asked about outsourcing American jobs, their common reply is that it permits companies to lower prices, which is good for the consumer. (Now, this is a two-headed fire-breathing dragon, if I ever saw one!)

Now, what consumers are we talking about? The millions who have lost their jobs and are now unemployed. Or the ones who can only get low-paying jobs because that is mostly what is left.

I was told that college graduates are now leaving their degrees off their resumes so they will qualify for the lower-paying jobs. (How much sadder is it going to get?) Or, they will be told they are over-qualified. That means no job and no consideration in the future.

Globalization---The Ugliest

College students cannot obtain these jobs because there are very few of them or none at all—they are overseas. And these jobs are: Back Office Support, Billing Services, Call Centers, Commerce, Customer Support, Data Processing, Design Services, Editors, Financial Services (Our banks are even outsourcing--scary, right!)

IT Consulting, Manufacturing, Networking Services, Product and Technical Support, Wireless Services, I had issues with my cell phone-- and upon calling customer support---I talked to someone in India for help. Hello!) This is to name a few.

Always Buy Made in America

Always Buy Made in America

Save Jobs Buy American Made

Save Jobs Buy American Made

How To Reverse The Effects Of Globalization and Its Outsourcing?

To Counteract the Impacts of Globalization and the Outsourcing of American Jobs?

You may email, call, or fax your representatives. Here is the link:

Globalization Destroyed Americans Jobs, Careers, Foreclosures left Families Homeless with People Living on the Streets

India's National Newspaper--The Hindu

Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Monday, January 10, 2011

This is excellent reading, showing globalization and outsourcing from their country.

The Dark Side of Globalization by Jorge Heine and Ramesh Thakur

I Guess Our Congress Forgot!

Yes, evidently they forgot about the Declaration of Independence.

What happened to our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Veterans Unemployment Rate is 10.9 %

The Veterans Job Corp Bill would have created 20,000 jobs for our veterans who are home and more coming home. But it was blocked by the Republicans—McCain said it would increase the national debt.

What happened to the federal obligation? They are compelled to provide for our fighting force. This might be where one would ask? How many sons and daughters are coming home from the war of Congress members? Are we back to the haves and the have-nots?

Well, I can tell you, Republicans and Democrats who are in Congress kicking the responsibility back and forth blaming each other (like children playing on the school grounds), you had better wake up and take care of our sons and daughters.

These are the Americans who had your backs, and now I wonder what they think of you, almighty Congress, today. You do not have my vote on anything against these brave Americans.

Employee Issues in the Workplace

Putin’s War on an Unprovoked Ukraine—Russian Soldiers Killed Babies, Women and the Elderly

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2011 Barbara Purvis Hunter


Barbara Purvis Hunter (author) from Florida on February 04, 2013:


What a great comment and thanks for your visit. Greed of ones with deep pockets will never stop and we try to be smart in voting for the right ones who will represent us in way that will bring back jobs---but something smells to high

Heaven in that area.

You have a great 2013.

Bobbi Purvis

Sanxuary on February 03, 2013:

Well written and the horrible truth. 9 out of 10 small businesses no longer exist. The local economy no longer exist and will not save our economy when the big boys capitalize on all transactions to include being bailed out. If a famine occurred tomorrow there are not enough and often no farmers in the local area to save the people living there. We destroyed the average persons safety net in 30 years beginning in the 1980's. It is well known that in past recessions that small businesses blunted them and aided there recovery. Most depressing is the fact that globalization and Corporate practices have destroyed the customer base that once made them enormous money. If you pay people more money then they buy more things. Small business were there best customers. We are no longer practising Capitalism but a concept of greed where we squeeze all the juice from a lemon to maximize profits regardless of the markets you destroy.

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