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Globalization— a Beautiful Rain or Terryifing Blizzard?

I have been hooked about discussing every nook and cranny relating to business and economy for a while now.


Humanity keeps extending its boundary every second. Years ago, individuals can't trade stocks online, but trading assets offline is weird from modern perspectives. Revolutionary things are always replaced by more advanced devices in the span of a few years. Experts can't measure how much we can still push into the future, and saying that the limit is infinite is not an understatement.

Now, people see the proof themselves. In the past, people believed that flying is the ability granted by god only for birds. Yet, their offspring fly around the globe in a plane daily. Things that had been seen as impossible is being proved wrong times and times again. Imagination can't even limit what humans can or can't do. Indeed, the job of limiting humans development is sciences.

Humans' development can be measured by how many breakthroughs they invented. The Internet, mobile phones, or even self-driving cars are the prime example of these breakthroughs. Unquestionably, these devices will be the tools of people soon. But what made these devices available in the first place? The answer is globalization.

“It has been said that arguing against globalization is like arguing against the laws of gravity."

— Kofi Annan

The Typhoon of Positive Boon


Because of globalization, information is shareable with people around the world. A new mathematic theory found in New Zealand can be sent to expert physicians in Germany with a few clicks. After that, the physicians could research in-depth about implementing the theory in the real world. Then, a new invention is born and will benefit people across all nations. This rapid process hasn't been available before our times.

International commerce has never been simpler to execute too. In the past, two representatives of different nations must meet together and discuss what is traded to import or export items. Today, the USA could agree to import electronics from Taiwan with a simple voice recording between the ministry.

With the novel coronavirus, jobs thought to be doable in an office environment could also be done digitally. For example, corporations have moved administrative jobs from physical paperwork to video meetings. Hence, the Internet is the key to globalization. Moreover, what this device can do keep surprised the majority of people from time to time.

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Effective or Moral?


Using the abundance of information, companies could scourge labor from different nations. They could choose from a nation with the lowest minimum wage because wage doesn't have an international regulation. The consumers and companies received the most benefit, but the workers must accept the uneasy condition.

People have argued that this is an exploitation of labor, but most people working in this state received above minimum wage most of the time. However, safe working conditions between countries are different. So, companies will pick a nation with the lowest standard to minimize cost. Whether this is okay or not, people aren't the expert to decide which is the best.

This action is a hard pill to swallow from a morality perspective, but many benefits make this approach acceptable. In the future, the worker will receive enough wages to provide a living for their families. And hopefully, the next generation could receive adequate education to climb the wealth ladder. What makes these kinds of jobs sour in many people's eyes is an intentionally covered story, such as child labor and low material quality.

United Nations Comes to Help


Poverty is rampant in this world, but extreme poverty is much worse than the regular one. For a starter, people living in extreme poverty are barely able to live. So, being able to work with at least a minimum wage is a dream for these individuals. And working for an international company is one of the ways to achieve that dream. That is why the United Nations allows these kinds of jobs.

If that statement sounds horrible, the facts give people happy news. The number of people living in extreme poverty was around 800 million. But the latest report concluded that 300 million people have gotten out of the classification. This concept works effectively, and more people are being helped by doing these international labor jobs.

National problems could be fixed with international solutions. For example, nations could borrow money from the International Money Foundation and give their people this money. After that, individuals could use the money to start a new business on their own. Then, they could pay it back after the business gives them a sustainable income.

Tender Raindrop or Angry Storm?

Based on facts, globalization is a tender raindrop after an angry storm. This generation may receive a harsh working condition for an above minimum wage to recover from poverty, but the next generation will receive the most positive impact. Therefore, they can receive higher education than their parent ever were, and they will contribute more to the world. Globalization brings good and joy after the hard work had passed.

“A rainbow is a promise of sunshine after rain. Of calm after storms. Of joy after sadness. Of peace after pain. Of love after loss.”

— Unknown

© 2020 Azka F F

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