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Instructions for completing the Georgia Department of Labor Employer's Quarterly Tax & Wage Report


A correctly file tax report eliminates the possibilities of future penalties and interest from the state of Georgia and the federal government as well. Form DOL 4N is submitted to the Georgia Department of Labor to submit employment tax information and payment. Provided are instructions for completing such a report.

Part I

Line 1: List each employee’s social security number.
Line 2: List each employee’s name (last and first initial).
Line 3: List each employee’s gross wages.
At the bottom of Part I, there is a Total Wages For This Page area – add all employee wages listed on current page and enter figure in this area. There is a Total Gross Wages Paid This Quarter are at the bottom of Part I as well – add all employees wages listed on current page and any additional pages and enter figure in this area (this figure will be report on Part II, Line 2).

For Part II

Line 1: Enter the number employees (full-time and part-time) that performed work during the months within the quarter being filed. Employees not received pay, but performed work, are to be reported as well.
Line 2: Enter the total amount of gross wages paid during the reporting quarter.
Line 3: Enter the total amount of this quarter's non-taxable wages (wages exceeding $8,500 paid to each individual employee for the current calendar year). Within a calendar year, only the first $8,500 paid to an employee is subject to tax and the remaining amount is non-taxable.
Line 4: Enter the difference between Line 2 and Line 3.
Line 5: Enter amount calculated after multiplying Line 4 by account’s assigned contribution rate (contact Georgia Department of Labor if contribution rate is unavailable).
Line 6: Enter amount calculated after multiplying Line 4 by .08% (current administrative assessment rate as of 01/01/000– check annually for changes).
Line 7: For late filed taxes, multiply Line 5 and Line 6 by 1.5% for each month, (a month being considered one or more days in a month), and entered combined figure.
Line 8: For late filed reports, multiply .05% of the total wages (if figure is under $20, then use $20 for penalty amount) and multiply by the amount of months late.
Line 9: Completed by the Department if it pertains to the report.
Line 10: Add lines 5, 6, 7 and 8 and add or subtract any credits or debits that are reflected on line 9.

Employer Change Request section

Complete this section if account has experienced any social changes.

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