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Fun and Memorable Ways to Thank Your Customers – Help Them Learn Something New


Thanking your customers gives you a very good reason and a great opportunity to cement the relationship you have with them. Helping them to learn something new is one fun and memorable way to do this.

There are two big benefits that come from thanking your customers this way – they will trust you more, and they will have a greater appreciation for your services.

Today we live in the information age. Customers have come to expect this sort of engagement from some of the big companies. These big players do a lot of post-purchase follow-up, some of it promotional, a lot of it educational.

Learn from the Big Players

When you sign up for Apple’s iCloud service for example, you are told, “Now that you’ve set up iCloud on one device you can set it up on your other devices using the same Apple ID”

They will follow this up with, “Access your music, movies, books, and apps on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac wirelessly without syncing.”

And in that email there will be a link to “Learn more…”

What they’re doing is helping you learn something new, with a bit of promotion thrown in perhaps.

As a service-based business you can learn something from Apple. The same customers that buy from you have gotten used to being treated like royalty by companies such as Apple and Amazon. You can’t help but jump on the big boys’ bandwagon!

Educating Your Customers Post-Purchase

Whenever a client/customer buys your service you should help them learn the proper way to get the most from your service or any products you sold them. Help them over a period of time to learn how to get more and more from the service and the products.

For example you could share with them proof and testimonials how some of your customers have achieved exceptional results from using your service or products you sell through your service-based business.

Getting this information is easy, ask your customers/clients to tell you the best use they’ve developed/discovered for your service or product, or ask them to show you their results.

Go beyond asking for a testimonial, ask for specific results you can share with your other customers.

Other pieces of information you can share that helps your customers learn something new include sharing with them the secret hacks, best practices from your other customers, and some under-the-hood tips.

Some do-gooder types on Youtube post their results for everybody to see. If you can find such a video where someone is displaying how they achieved exceptional results using a service or product like yours, this is content you can use for free to help your customers learn something they didn’t know.

You should never assume that your customers are getting the results they desired or were promised by your marketing and promotion after they buy or use your service.

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So, creating a systematic “how to” set of materials you can drip-feed to them by email can help them be more successful. You can help them use more of the features of your product or service.

All of this helps them to experience greater value from using your product or service – the solutions you deliver to them as a service professional.


Help Your Customers Grow in Other Areas of Their Lives

The sky really is the limit with this. You can help your customers learn something new in any areas of their lives.

One great way to do this while building your business at the same time is to introduce them to your strategic partners through helpful content that your partners have created.

So, if you’re a financial planner you could share with them information from an investment broker partner.

Find strategic partners who can or have already created content of the kind you’re sure your clients/customers would gobble up that helps them learn something new.

This could be a free eBook or a blog post, an infographic or whatever, as long as it’s hugely informative in a way that moves your customers or clients closer to their goals you’re helping them to solve.

Using content like this will not only help people find you and buy from you, it is also one of the best tools when you want to establish strategic referral relationships with other businesses.

You share their content and they share yours. Your customers learn new stuff that your partners created, their customers learn something new from your content. Their customers learn about you or your business, your customers learn about their business. Everybody wins!

Want to thank your customers some more? Thank your customers by gifting them a good read!

Or, if you want a really simple and low-cost way to thank your customers that's proven to get them talking about your business and giving you referrals, write and send them a customer thank you note. Follow that last link for a good post that shows you how to write a customer thank you note (with examples)


Keeping in touch with your customers is a good way to build loyalty and trust, and it’s largely free. Use email in your business to help your customers/clients learn something new, especially tips and lessons that help them get the most from the service or products you sell to them.

This is in addition a very good way to grow your business through referrals and strategic relationships.

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