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From Me to You: My Top 3 Pieces of Advice

Spiritual Life+Business Coach


“To avoid making rash, impulsive decisions; slow down a bit and breathe.”

- Cassandra Shuck, CEO of Tola Marketing + Creative Inc.

Getting to where I am now, running several successful businesses, was not exactly what I would consider ‘smooth sailing.’ There were various roadblocks, from unsettled pasts to unforeseen events. There were entire years, yes, I said years, that I couldn’t put the time or energy into my entrepreneurial endeavors. When I was still in my corporate job and formulating the first company, I went on sabbatical leave for nearly six weeks. During this trip, I did a lot of soul-searching, thinking, and, most importantly, listening.

During this trip, I spent time harvesting some of my past lessons that turned out to be more helpful than I could have imagined for my future.

Through that journey, everything just slowly came into place. I gained critical mindsets that I could still use to this very day. You see, when you’ve spent ample time in personal reflection, it becomes second nature that you’ll continue to trust your intuition and rely upon the learnings you have realized.

To the person reading this who has been feeling lost or stuck about pursuing a business or a passion, I would like to offer these three pieces of advice. I live by them:

1. Breathe (and create space)

When life becomes stuffy, just breathe and clear your mind. I do the same. You can’t make your best decisions when your mind’s preoccupied. Having a clear mind is essential and if it means temporarily stopping your activities to focus on you, then do so. After taking a moment to breathe, you can return with a precise determination on which direction to pursue. Taking several deep breaths can assist with clearing the mind and bringing your back to your center. That’s where you need to be.

On my 6-week sabbatical leave, right before quitting my corporate job, I was able to do some personal reflection. From that point, I realized that Tola Marketing & Creative, my now 11-year old marketing agency, needed to be born. Important realizations and decisions are made when you have a clear mind. Often, when we are bogged down in the day-to-day, spaciousness comes from removing ourselves from the situation. For me, that generally involves stepping away or sending my family on a little adventure to hear the messages that are coming through.

Take a moment to breathe; everything will work out for the best.

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2. Think (about the grand vision)

“Who do you want to serve?”

“How do you want to show up in the world?”

“What would a former version of you need to hear?”

These seemingly simple questions will get you thinking. As you enter the entrepreneurial space, you need to be clear with your intentions and your goals. This space will be rigorous, and it will require you to have a strong foundation. Make questions that you want answers to, and once done, think about how you would respond to your self-made questions.

Before you start, get a lot of thinking done. Entering the entrepreneurial space is not easy from the get-go. Believe it or not, not everyone is cut out for this space. However, you can overcome that by being prepared. Better to start asking questions before you enter into this arena than having problems arise.

3. Listen (to your calling)

Listen and trust your intuition. It’s a rare feat for someone to experience strong signs from one’s intuition. Your intuition is, most of the time, right.

You doubt if it’ll be worth the big leap of faith. You want it, but there’s a degree of reluctance holding you back. However, in your gut, you feel that you were

meant to pursue this dream, then do it! If you’re still not convinced, look for signs.

How will you notice those signs? If you continue to feel it subconsciously, then it will continue recurring in your dreams. It comes to you when you’re journaling or comes up during meditation. It will come to you in multiple ways. Start listening to that calling.

Trust yourself to make the right decision.


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