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Freezer Trays: A Unique Way to Present Your Desserts and Frozen Food to the Customers

POP displays have been ruling the retail industry since several years with grace. Among them, freezer trays deserve special mention. These POP display trays not only keep the dessert and frozen food items organized, but also help in keeping them fresh and well-presented. Tempting food with excellent displays never fails to allure the customers.

Food always connects with people’s emotions. So does looks.

Let’s see what freezer case dividers can serve:

They are used to cool food items and keep them in a proper way in the freezer. Items like dairy products, desserts, salads, frozen meat, fish, prawns, cakes, frozen vegies and fruits, ready to eat food items and others can be exceptionally well stored in a unique manner that each pack can be seen from outside the freezer. Bottles, cans, box and packets can easily fit in the freezer trays.

Many times, freezer trays act as presentation or display cabinet. There are ample designs and varieties available, and you can choose any of them and customize it with company logo, messages, colors, etc. The customer care experts of the POP display manufacturing company will help you finalize your ideal case dividers and trays.

Catching a glimpse on the type of establishments that usually use freezer trays or case dividers:

Freezer or refrigerated POP displays are mainly used in hospitality sector since decades. The first name that comes in mind is of cake or pastry retails or factories. Also, these displays are seen in bakeries and coffee bars. Not only this, the cafeterias use these displays to present snacks, sandwiches and other ready-to-eat fast food. The retailers also exhibit sausages, croquettes, etc. on the beautiful trays.

Additionally, establishments like sports, school, and corporate canteens, supermarkets, any roadside restaurant, gas station with food corners, and stationary shops that sells desserts like ice cream, kulfi, milk, yoghurt, milk products, etc. make use of the substantial freezer trays.

What are the qualities of freezer case dividers and trays?

  • Any POP freezer trays as well as case dividers should be sturdy and able to hold food products properly.
  • The displays must bear extreme temperature as they are placed in freezers and refrigerators.
  • The displays must have stainless steel housing.
  • The freezer case dividers must be detachable and easily movable.
  • The trays and case dividers must bear rough handling as in big retail spaces there are various kinds of workers of different designation. Usually, the cleaners may handle the trays and dividers roughly causing breakage or damage. Therefore, the displays must be robust enough to handle the brushing, dusting, moping, detaching and fixing.

Coming to the advantages of the Freezer trays and case dividers


The POP freezer trays and case dividers let these three type of people win:


What can accredited POP display manufactures include in the features of freezer trays?

  • Availability of 3 standard widths featuring tight interlocking systems
  • Many freezer trays/case dividers are beautifully designed to come off easily. These are very useful for shorter shelves.
  • Availability of various colors like white, black, clear and any custom shade
  • The injection molded construction is extremely durable.
  • Front panels with customized shape
  • Availability of spring loaded feature for all models

A note: Keeping heavy and bulky items well organized on freezer trays or shelves can be quite challenging for store staff. The trays act as modular shelf solution allowing neat, clean and inviting presentation of products. Freezer trays can be available in bioplastic and recycled plastic too.

Cutting it short:

The retail shelves of the present day are filled with a wide variety of items because of the growing number of packages and brands. The brand marketers have to look for new and innovative methods for helping their brands stand out among the ocean of products creating noise in the retail environment of today. Every brand manager wants to generate impulse sales. Trial is the new game that provides best opportunity to the brand for driving new consumers for experiencing the targeted products. If you wish to avail custom freezer trays and freezer case dividers for placing in high traffic locations all over the retail landscape, then ask a reputed POP display manufacturer who knows how to design a bespoke display that can generate consumer trial for the client’s brand and drive impulse sales.