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How to Earn Money at Home as a Freelancer


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A cup of coffee during some late night works.

A cup of coffee during some late night works.

Work From Home

Freelancing is a trending source of income even before this pandemic hit. Most of the gigs(projects) were all about content writing, logo design, video and photo editing. You can find many websites that caters freelancer-to-client connections and transactions. With that, the site (host) earns from the transactions of the both parties, roughly 10 percent of the project cost for some sites then freelancers need to bid and place their pitch while the clients pick from those who place their bids and pitches.

Points to Ponder

There were many things to know if you are a newbie in this fast-paced trending industry. You need to remember that your customers are from all over the world, and not just from a specific region where you are. Here are some tips that might be handy in your freelancing career.

Ask Yourself Why You Want to be a Freelancer

Many would answer “to work at the comfort of our home”. But earning as a freelancer takes time, especially nowadays wherein most of the jobless population resort to being a freelancer. It would take time to build your name as a reputable freelance writer, editor or bookkeeper. Build a name first and make it stable before resorting to being a full-time freelancer at home. During that time, don’t stop looking for a job to meet your expenses at home and for the family.

Focus on Your Expertise

There would be tons of projects available across multiple platforms but it is best to focus on your game. You don’t need to click gigs that are not under your expertise whenever you see a high pay rate. Try to filter your searches with topics you are interested in and skills you excel. Don’t go for gigs where video editing is required if your expertise is on content writing or marketing. You will use a minute or two, from reviewing the project details to placing your bid and pitch. What if you got the gig? Your client will expect from you and you will do the editing stuff. The more you know the thing, the lesser the time you will spend to finish the project.

Don’t Bid Too Low

You already know the bidding process of the world wherein the lowest bidder wins while on the other hand, the highest bidder wins if it is an auction. In the freelancing platforms, you don’t need to bid very low to get the gig. Try to bid low but not too low as if you just give your work away to the client. While some clients might want it, some would think that you drop your price and the output quality would be too. Try to be competitive with your prices and just let the best pitch win.

When bidding, try to keep up to 3 projects at a time or as many as you think you can handle. Keep in mind that you may or can have the chance to win all those 3 or more projects.

Make a Strong and Persuasive Pitch

Here is the real competition of the bidders. Make your pitch appealing and persuasive. All of the bidders will have their pitch the best as the could so you need to be your best as well. Make a pitch that define the idea in your angle (for writers and editors) or define, suggest and explain what would be the design or outcome of your work (for video and graphics editor). Emphasize the uniqueness of your idea and point out important details that would make it different from the rest. You might need to place a time frame for your work on how long the client will wait after you won the gig. Try to add some of your relevant experiences for points.

Don't expect you will always win the game. In this competition, think of it as you were just not given a chance if you lose the gig. Don't think that you lost because you can't do better. There is always a room for trying.

Be Cautious of the Deadline

Always beware of the time frame you’ve included in your pitch once you’ve got the project. It would affect your career positively and negatively. Reviews from clients will be one of your stepping stones in building your name in the industry.

Those were some pointers that you might want to keep in mind before quitting your job and deciding to be a freelancer just because of your bossy co-workers. It would take time to build a name and start a decent career in freelancing. But once you have the trust and approval of your clients, you will find yourself loaded with gigs and projects from their referrals. You will learn more of the things and must-do’s as you go on with this career.

A Friendly Reminder, Pal!

You don’t have to be discouraged upon reading this but may this be a guide to prepare you in the steps you will take. Keep an eye on the prize, move forward and build a name in your freelancing journey!

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Hi Klarenz. Your article offers good advice for anyone wishing to try their hand at freelancing. I am a freelance writer at Fiverr, and have found my work has boomed since the start of Covid-19.

Many people make the mistake of expecting to be successful at freelancing right from the start...it takes patience and time and you need to build up good reviews from buyers. The more good ratings you have the more customers you will attract.

Thanks for sharing.