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Freelancing: Bidding and Pitching


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When you are a freelancer, you place your bids to get the project. But it does not end that way. You have to satisfy the clients with your pitch. A best pitch is a solid yet customer-friendly composition in which includes what your clients will expect from you regarding the project while a best bid is a price worthy of your output.

Bidding and Pitching

Being a freelancer is a difficult job especially if you don’t have a name in the field, meaning you were still no one in the freelancing industry. With that in mind, most novice try to drop their bid prices for the sake of being awarded hence, making the project unworthy of the price. Many clients will take advantage of the idea when they saw the portfolio is of great and quality outputs. You might think of trying that trick too but it will just place some guilt on yourself if you see some project of lesser quality with higher prices than what you have offered.

Tips You Might Want to Try

In this industry of competition, you need to be very competitive not with your bid but with your pitch and how you market your skills with your portfolio. Here are some tips you might want to try on your freelancing journey.

Build Your Portfolio

Clients not only check your pitch and your bid when you compete for their project. They also check your portfolio and see if your outputs would satisfy their needs on a certain project. You need to place your best articles if you have some for a writer’s project or some graphic and vector artworks for graphic designing gigs. Although an optional yet done by many freelancers, is placing a link of their own website or pages containing all sorts of works you’ve done like literature articles and pieces, images you’ve captured or made and even reviews on products, movies or anime. With your portfolio, you don’t need to say much of your past works to market your skills, they just need to see and check for themselves what would be the possible outcome of the project if it is awarded to you.

Be Competitive in Your Pitch

Make your pitch appealing and persuasive. All of the bidders will have their pitch the best as the could so you need to be your best as well. Make a pitch that define the idea in your angle (for writers and editors) or define, suggest and explain what would be the design or outcome of your work (for video and graphics editor). Emphasize the uniqueness of your idea and point out important details that would make it different from the rest. You might need to place a time frame for your work on how long the client will wait after you won the gig. Try to add some of your relevant experiences for points. Do not try to poison the well of other competitors, it will just ricochet back to you because it will prove and point that you have reviewed and planned your pitch with the ideas of others without emphasizing what you really plan to accomplish a quality project.

Bid Competitively

Think and plan of the bid price after you’ve finalized your pitch. Try to match your bid price with the others and make sure it’s competitive. Don’t drop it as if you have just given your work for free. See the list of proposals and check the highest to lowest price and the average bid. Do the math and place your price at where you think it fits accordingly. You can also check the internet for the common prices per word of an article or some stock photo websites for the common prices of a graphic or vector art.

Prioritize your pitch than the price of your bid.

Be True and Honest with Your Skills

You should try to be honest of your skills and talents when pitching and bidding. Indicate a timeframe in which you are sure you can meet. Never lie and say you have “done this and done that” in your pitch. Make sure you can do everything you will pitch. In very rare cases, some freelancers tend to buy or borrow works from other individuals like their friends or family members to be placed on their portfolio which is undeniably wrong especially if it has no copyrights of the owner or some intellectual property rights. You surely can't meet the outputs your clients expect if those at your portfolio were not yours.

A Friendly Reminder, Pal!

As most of the freelancers who have been in the industry for so long, they will say that it is not an easy-money career like what most of the world thinks. It takes time and effort to build a brand and compete in this fast-paced journey. As a final tip and a piece of advice, try to bid with those low pay outs which are the best for building your brand. Once you’re done with that project, your profile and ratings will rise and those high paying clients might want to check you and even award you the project.

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