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Getting Ready to be a Freelancer and Earn at Home


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Work and Earn as a Freelancer

If you ask most of the people why they want to be a freelancer, many would answer “to work at the comfort of our home”. But earning as a freelancer takes time, especially nowadays wherein most of the jobless population resort to being a freelancer. It would also take time to build your name as a reputable freelance writer, editor or bookkeeper. Some people think that freelancing is an easy money but in reality, it’s not. It would take time to market your skills and build your name to receive decent income.

Not all freelancers work at home such as freelance photographers who travel in many places to capture different subjects for their clients.

Ask Yourself if You can Do It

Here are some common questions you need to ask yourself before pursuing a freelance career.

Time Management and Submission

Can you submit projects on time? Your clients will give the projects and sometimes they will demand a date of submission. Can you submit it on or before the deadline? The question here is not about you making it on time, but is your time that flexible that you can do researches, reviews and finalizing your project. We know that most of you have a current job when you started searching for freelancing jobs or platforms, so you will have a limited time getting your projects done.

Your Pitch

Can you meet the client’s expectations? They will expect outputs based on the pitch you’ve given during the bidding in the freelancing platforms, so you need to provide them with what you have offered. Pitching is not just marketing yourself and your expertise, but also giving your clients the idea on how the projects will be made.


Can you do better than the rest? Although this is not a question only you can answer, you need to prove your clients that you can. Start to do gigs one at a time and make sure to finish it on time with quality outputs and satisfy your clients. With this you can build your name and your rating will climb, but it will take time. With your high ratings and positive reviews from your clients, you can show your future clients that you can do better just like the rest.

Take your time in doing your gigs and assure the quality of your work.

Low Pay Rates

Can you work for a low paying project? The real question is are you willing to take the project that is lower than your expected pay rate? Many freelancers tend to bid on high paying gigs and those with low pay outs are the best for building your brand. Once you’re done with that project, your profile and ratings will rise and those high paying clients might want to check you and even award you the project.

Accept Your Loss

Can you accept if you lost the bidding? Freelancing is also a competition wherein freelancers will compete to get the gig. Thus, those who have high ratings would likely to be awarded. Remember, you were not chosen not because you were not qualified, but because you’re not exposed enough or not advertised well. It’s just like you’re still a fingerling in a school of big fishes. Try to grow some more so you can stand among the other high competitors.

After knowing the answers, ask yourself if you are ready to jumpstart your career. As a freelancer, your brand or name is a must. Build a name first and make it stable before resorting to being a full-time freelancer at home. During that time, don’t quit on your job or don’t stop looking for one to meet your expenses at home and for the family.

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Lakshmi from Chennai on November 08, 2020:

Thank you for your kind response.

Klarenz V (author) from Philippines on November 08, 2020:

Hi. Thank you for your comment. I will try to share some trusted freelancing sites sometime, but you can check http://hub.me/anW0m for some sites where to start freelancing online.

Lakshmi from Chennai on November 08, 2020:

Hi Klarenz , please do share some trusted online freelancing sites.

Lakshmi from Chennai on November 08, 2020:

It is a very helpful article for those who are interested in freelance work.