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For Seafarers - 3 Things To Note For An Online Interview In Pandemic

If you are applying for a job post online, the shipping company or the manning agency may ask you to attend an interview. If they ask you that means they are impressed with your resume and may find that you are a suitable candidate for the job post.

Due to Covid - 19 lockdowns across the world. The shipping company or the manning agency may not call you for the interview directly at the office due to Covid - 19 lockdown restrictions. So the interview may take place online through Zoom or Skype.


Always remember to log in early

The shipping company or the marine recruitment agency has called you for an interview and has provided a Zoom id or Skype id, always remember that you should log in before 10 mins to the time of an interview. The human resource person of the shipping company or the marine agency are always prepared. Logging in prior, sets an impression on the interviewer that you are serious about this job. However, due to internet connection or internet stability, you may get delayed for few minutes for the interview. You may apologize to the interviewer for getting delayed. However it's completely up to the interviewer, one may consider your situation and continue your interview process and one may get annoyed. So always be prepared beforehand, check the internet connectivity, login 10 – 15 minutes prior.

Look Presentable

Even if the interview process is not directly taking place in the shipping company or the marine recruitment agency. You should always note that for every interview whether online or offline, be presentable, don't think that you are at home, and you can wear casual home clothes.


Be Professional

For an online interview, look for the right place where there is no distraction. Looking for the right background is important, if someone from your family passing in the background or things in the background may look unprofessional. For your online interview, there should be no room for embarrassment or unprofessionalism. Using headphones during the interview is always the best option, both you and the interviewer can hear better. Don't forget to answer all questions looking at the lens of the computer or laptop that's how you make eye contact online.

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