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Fast Method to Make Pricelist with a Lot Pictures in Excel

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Computer Requirement

This method need computer requirement:

  • Windows XP, 7, or 8
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or higher
  • Microsof Office Picture Manager or ACDSee or Fastone Photo Resizer


Excel based catalog have special feature. First, you can easily arrange numeric price. You can discount or increase price column that have a lot of row. You can add new column to add new kind of information of products, for example size, color, material, remark and so on. Second, it is popular program that producer, seller and prospect usually have this program. The problem of Excel based catalog is if you have many products pictures to add in file. If you insert one by one of thes pictures, but it is time consuming. Excel also have feature to insert a lot picture quickly, but it is not ordered like catalog or price list and it need long time to arrange it. Here I give step by step how to insert a lot of picture and automatically be ordered like catalog or price list. First, create pictures sources folder, second, resize all picture. Three, download file excel. Link below. Then run macro and your job be done automatically.

Microsoft Office

Your Method to Create Price List


Step to Create Price List with Picture

#1 Create Picture Source

First step is create picture folder. Create folder on drive C. Select you cursor on drive C, right click > New> Folder. Folder name is PriceList. Don't change the name, because my code use that name.

#2 Place Your Products Picture on the Folder

Second step is place your products picture on the folder. Which better: cut and paste or copy paste. I think copy paste is better because, in the next step we will resize the picture to smaller one. And if in the next time you need big size, you still have original file, not only smaller file picture.

#3Resize Your Picture

To make good looking pricelist, we need same size picture in the file. My macro program excel is not resize picture automatically, so I show you how to do it quickly, not by excel macro program, but by another program. The program is built in windows program, Microsoft Office Picture Manager. You can check this program on Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Office Tool > Microsoft Office Picture Manager. In box below I show you how to quick resize mass of pictures.

#4 Run Macro on Microsoft Excel

I create Microsoft Excel that contain macro. File name is quick catalog.xlsm. You can download here . http://goo.gl/Fnloqe . Open it then click Alt+F8, click run and then macro automatically insert all pictures from the folder to file orderly like Pricelist. All you do next is input price for every pictures.

Then Price list or catalog is created. Price list is a table with include column: code, picture, specification and price. The macro program create picture and code and picture. This macro use picture filename as code. If this is not true, you can change or you can change picture filename.

Favorite Method to Resize

Microsoft Office Picture Manager


Resize a lot picture quickly on Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Resize picture one by one is energy and time consuming. It is not necessary. I show you how to quickly resize a lot of pictures. Yes it is not the only one way. You can use another program like Fastone Photo Resizer, or ACDSee.

A. Open one of the picture in the folder on Microsof Office Picture Manager

Open one of product picture in folder C: Pricelist by Microsoft Office Picture Manager. To open, right click one of product picture > Open with>Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

B. Click Thumbnail view

In the program, click thumbnail view in the top right. See picture.

C. Click Resize

After it, select all picture by Ctrl+A. Then click icon edit picture. I show you in the picture.

D. Choose Resize Option

Then you choose resize option. That is final size that you will reach. I think 160x160 is small enough. I prefer that size. But you can choose bigger size, if you want.

E. Click OK and Save

After you choose size, don't forget to click ok and save by Ctrl+S. Without these step, your picture file is not re-sized.

Open with Microsoft Office Picture Manager


Click Thumbnail view on Microsoft Office Picture Manager


Ctrl+A then Edit




Choose Email Small (160x160)


Click Alt+F8 then macro dialog box appear


Click Run


Pricelist is created automatically



That is quick method to create catalog so you can spend your time to another else. The summary is to create catalog or pricelist, you prepare your products picture, create a folder in C: Pricelist. Then you resize your picture and place in the folder. I also give you tutorial to resize a lot of pictures. Then you open file quick catalog.xlsm that I give the download link above. Then you click Alt+F8 and click Run. Voilla, all picture insert in the table, then you just input product price.

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Fadi on September 02, 2017:

The link is broken, can you please provide another link

Artemy Dufondi on March 03, 2015:

Dear Nasir, nice tutorial with great visuals. I would like to also suggest an alternative solution, perhaps a bit faster method available at http://doality.com

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