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Fall Fair Market 2022

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The Market

November is just around the corner and I am ready for Fall to begin! I miss hoodies and walks where I do not burst into flames upon seeing the sun. Between Thanksgiving, my son's birthday, and maybe a trip down to Oklahoma City it’s going to be a busy month but there is one event I will be making time for and that’s the Fall Fair Market.
Nestled in the open air of the Restore House in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma here is a beautiful market full of vendors from around the state making everything from chapstick and jewelry to beautiful woodwork and leather goods. Every year the list of attendees grows and more new talent is spotlighted.

Emily Blackburn, Founder of Blackburn Goods, has been at the forefront of the Fall Fair Market coordination since its inception. Starting in 2018 it started with a few local friends who knew enough small Oklahoma businesses to start a market that helped to promote shopping for high-quality handmade goods. Since then the market has grown in numbers and this last year the Fall Fair Market added a Spring Market to their schedule. April 2021 was the first year of the Spring Market.

I was brought in to help the vendors with anything they needed and curate the music for the outdoor experience. I was impressed to see the constant flow of people filing through the gate and onto the lawn where 55 different small businesses shared their vendible wares.

This spring I met with several vendors that had some unique items. Since I am a fan of the woodwork I had to stop by Brandon Szuch’s booth. He makes some amazing bowls, trays, and custom pieces if you have something specific in mind! My favorites are bowls and he has some unique pieces made with some pretty spectacular wood grains. It would be hard to find something of his that you don’t like. He has been in business for about four years and the material for his work is sourced from all over the Tulsa area! Free firewood people need to be hauled off is used for bowls and wood turning. Cutting boards and epoxy trays using more exotic woods are purchased from suppliers. Overall the personal aspects of his business create a high-quality product from a local business.

Leather work

Another company you will find at the Fall Fair Market is Simpleton Goods. They have several pieces that are on my wish list! Elegant briefcases, wallets, and also apparel, mugs, and other accessories.
Established in 2013 almost by accident, Tyler made a few leather journals and folks wanted more. The hobby was now a thriving handmade business that is coming up on a decade of producing fine leather goods! Tyler’s mission is to “keep it simple stupid…I want to simplify life by creating products you can depend on.” So often, products are mass-produced with the cheapest parts available.
Much like the products themselves, this rushed process creates a deficit in quality, but you won’t get that at Simpleton Goods. Tyler continued, “Most bags, duffles, and satchels I finish take quite a bit of time and effort but it feels fulfilling in the end. The ability to load it up and take life on the road is what sets it apart from making most other things.” Not only are you buying one of his Leather bags or a shirt you can be sure that what you are getting is that of high quality and long-lasting material! If you are a fan of leather goods this booth will be a must-see for your trip to the Fall Fair Market.

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Hand crafted leather work

When and Where

Friday, November 11th will be a nighttime event from 6-10 pm so bring some coffee and a jacket and enjoy an extraordinary under-the-stars Market experience. The 12th will be the main event from 10 am-5 pm so bring your friends and family out for the day. Shopping is not the only thing you can do here at the Fall Fair Market. Connecting with small businesses allows you an opportunity to network with people who have similar interests and hobbies. Not to mention the food truck! This year our market will be graced by the presets of The Spud Truck! These are not your regular baked potatoes, these have BBQ chicken, pulled pork, Mac and cheese, and many other options to make your dining experience phenomenal! Between the food the atmosphere and the beautiful autumn weather I can’t think of a better way to spend my day than checking out the Fall Fair Market and talking with people who make amazing unique pieces of work, whether it’s leather, wood, knitted from yarn, molded clay, or paintings there is going to be something for everyone! Don't forget that Christmas will be around the corner and this will be a perfect venue to mark a few things off your list. I know I’ll be looking around with a few people in mind. We hope to see you at the sixth annual Fall Fair Market!

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