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Facebook Instant Article Earnings - What, How, A to Z Guidelines


Facebook Instant Article Earnings - What, How, A to Z Guidelines

Facebook, the world's largest social media platform, will pay to run any content-based website, not just online media. Basically, Facebook has introduced this feature to give users more time on their social media platforms, faster site access (loading time), more news-oriented news sites, catch the target people of advertisers and share revenue with website owners.

Facebook has been an integral part of modern life for a long time. Facebook is now not only a medium of social communication, but also a variety of news from home and abroad. Thousands of news headlines or links float on Facebook's newsfeed every day. If you click to read the news from this headline, you have to go out of Facebook to a specific website. And only mobile phone readers know how time consuming it is! The waiting turn doesn't seem to want to furrow anymore.

To change this traditional bitter experience of the reader, Facebook has come up with a magical surprise called 'Instant Article'. Now just a click on the news headline or link, Buss! You will get the news on Facebook at lightning speed.

When you post a post on your website as an instant article on the page, users do not have to go to a new tab or browser by spending MB to read it. But yes, Facebook instant articles can only be seen by smartphone users. The world's major media outlets have already joined Facebook's instant article feature.

Basically, Facebook has introduced this feature to give users more time on their social media platforms, faster site access (loading time), more news-oriented news sites, catch the target people of advertisers and share revenue with website owners.

If the income is 100 dollars, it will be transferred to your bank account. Small and medium online news outlets in Dhaka and outside Dhaka are also being connected to this system. As a result, the money earned from Facebook is now being used to run the office and earn extra money from the salaries of the employees.

How does it start?
In early March 2015, Mark Zuckerberg offered a number of media outlets direct content content to offer hosting services for news link sharing. Then the Huffington Post, National Geographic, the New York Times, the BBC and BuzzFeed got the opportunity to post live content via instant articles.

Then on April 12, 2017, Facebook officially opened the instant article for everyone. This new addition or feature of Facebook is basically to change the experience of internet users from mobile phones.

In the fastest time (Facebook says, at lightning speed) an internet user can read his favorite news from Facebook. As the name implies, the main feature of this feature is 'instantaneous'.

For the reader to be more open about instant articles, instant articles are also a kind of app. Clicking on a news link attached to an instant article will take you to your mobile phone, because it works 10 times faster. And bigger than that, it first brings that news to your mobile in the blink of an eye, not that site.

Users will now be able to instantly zoom in on any image in high-resolution, watching automatically playing videos without interruption. You don't think it's loaded from the internet, but it looks like a saved file, opened as soon as you clicked!

There is also an easy way to understand if a content is associated with an instant article. When you see a thunderbolt mark on the right side of any shared link, you will understand that it is an instant article!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook Instant Article?

Instant Article Advantages:
* Articles will load very quickly.
* Since the article will have cache, it will be loaded from the cache instead of being reloaded from the next article.
* Statics of the article can be found on the Facebook page.
* Monetization can be added to earn income

Instant Article Difficulty
* Site widgets, many WordPress shortcodes will not work.
* Main site visitors will be reduced.
* However, the rank of the site will not decrease.

All you need to do is add an instant article

* A Facebook page for the site (but the instant article on the new page has become a lot harder now)

* Must publish regular writing on the site

* Instant Articles for WP Plugin

* Bank account

How to launch Facebook Instant Article

You can launch Facebook Instant Article on your website in just 7 steps.

1. First sign up by clicking here https: // ins See every step here Facebook is showing you how to do.

2. After signing up, you will be asked to select your page on the next page. You will select the page from which you want to launch the Instant Articles system. If you agree with the terms of Facebook, tick the box and launch 'Instant Article Tools'.

3. Now go to your selected page. From there, click on Publishing Tools. After clicking on the left side, you will see a new option called 'Instant Article'. From there, click on 'Configuration'.

4. Now click on ‘Authorize your site’.

5. After clicking on the authorized site you will be taken to a new box below, where you enter the link to your personal website.

Note that if you have a WordPress website, you must launch a new 'Add Ons' on your site called 'Facebook Instant Article' and then submit the link for the instant article.

If it is an HTML website, you can claim by placing a link to your website. If you can't make a claim, contact your site developer.

. After claiming the link to your website correctly, Facebook will automatically bring all the posts made on your website to Instant Article tools.

From there, Facebook will automatically select 5 articles for review. You will have to wait 24-48 hours after submitting your post for review properly. If all goes well, Facebook will allow you to publish instant articles on your page.

Usually you will get the review result in 2 to 3 days. In many cases it may take 5-6 days. If the text is unique then your account will be launched as a Facebook Instant Article. Once your instant article is active, you can go to your Facebook Developer app and see how much the income is.

If the review is not approved after application, do not apply immediately. Fill the site with unique content. Read the whole process carefully. Read the instant article blogs on Facebook. If you can apply everything according to the rules, it will definitely be approved.

It is important to know that information

If the instant article is active then you must provide unique content. In the beginning, even if copy and paste content was given, Facebook would accept it. Since the recent update, Facebook has been canceling instant articles on copy-paste content sites.

If you want to increase the income from this feature, especially the expatriate Bengali speakers of big countries have to be targeted. If the reader enters from there, the comparative income will increase more. Many people think that instant articles reduce website traffic.

In fact, if the reader enters the site from the Facebook server, the number of readers of the site will decrease directly, but the hit of the site will not decrease. At the same time, as a result of the instant article, Alexa Rang King will not be affected. For this, Google Analytics code has to be placed in the instant article of Facebook and the analyst will show the reader's statistics.

How Much Money Does an Instant Article Make?
It is true that many people earn millions of rupees, but if the number of visitors to the site is low, the CTR rate of Facebook is very disgusting. Many people are upset for the rate on Facebook. However, your income will depend on how popular your online media is. It doesn't matter if the language of your site is Bengali or English. Income will be added to your account from where the reader will read in the country or abroad.
If you have readers in big countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, your income will be comparatively higher. There are also websites that earn millions of dollars a month from Bangladesh.

How to get ads in instant articles?

Facebook will publish ads with posts on Facebook pages made through instant articles from your website and basically Facebook will pay you for those ads. Even if you add Google AdSense to your website, it will not affect the 'Facebook Instant Article'.

How to make money on instant articles?

The money will come directly to your bank account. Or if an agency sees your Facebook instant article, they will take the money at their own risk and give you a check or cash payment. If you don't have at least 100 dollars, Facebook doesn't send any payment and if you have more than 10 thousand dollars, you have to go to the bank and fill the C form. Attach the invoice sent from Facebook. Then the money will be transferred to your bank account in time without any hindrance.

Where to look? Facebook recently recognized the page on which the instant article will be made as a business page. You can see the amount of money from the monetized part of the dashboard there.

How to add an account number to an instant article?

Now go to the instant article option of your page From there go to Audience Network, then click on Payout, then click on Register a New Company and enter your details which can only be seen by Facebook. After giving detailed information, click on Continue. Now enter your bank account number in Payment Information, work is done.

Many people may be wondering how to sign up here first. If you follow this link, you will understand everything:

You can read for details

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