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In being wise the first you want to consider is the money. Advertising costs. Spending money is a sacrifice the money if you want your business. No one wants to, but if you have a vision for your business, you have to. Advertising is pricey. Now it's more comfortable doing it digitally, but it still costs. Here, I discuss advertising on Facebook.

When you know the traffic you will get, you will see that it's worth it. Many CEO's use Facebook to advertise. That's how they get people to come to their site to take a look at it. The method has proven to be right over the yrs. It's excellent for offers that have limits & great for campaigns aiming to re-market.

The great thing about Facebook ads is optimization. Facebook will help you make sure you put your ads where it needs to be. When I first started this, I thought since I am creative, there was no need to pay for a Facebook campaign. I need to site my audience, but I didn't know I needed it. I heard I did but was too arrogant. I wanted to do it my way. As a response, I skipped over the step. In this article, I aim to help you be wise In doing this.

“Great content is the best sales tool in the world”

— Marcus Sheridan

Use Still Ads

Dynamic Product Ads- If you are doing e-commerce use these. The products in the store are usually in a single ad. This ad shows up in the news feed located in the Right Column. The effects these ads often show are products that people have expressed interest in on the website. Make sure to keep your ad a target. Keep it relevant. There is no better ad than this one to accomplish that. These ads are very similar to the ads on social media. You create the ad. Use the template that caters to your timeline. The ads that will come up are automatic. This ad uses your Facebook pixel or SDK to show ads to those interested. Dynamic Product Ads have become popular on Instagram as well. Many E-Commerce businesses have used them to increase conversions and lower cost per acquisition. The ads demand that you be creative. To me, this ad is similar to this next Ad.

Page Post Link Ad-could also be called the Newsfeed ad. It is often used by those that desire to promote their external website. They could use it on their Facebook posts too. The ads have big images on them. Those images are supposed to catch the attention of those going through their timeline. As a response, they get more likes for their page. They are single image advertisements. The ads are cost-effective options for businesses. They increase conversions. It was just last year when these ads generated billions of dollars in advertising revenue.

Canvas Ads- These are relatively new to the platform. They keep users engaged while on Facebook. A canvas ad allows you to swipe through a carousel of images. It will enable you to tilt the image in different directions. You could zoom in and out with your fingertips. These ads load a lot faster than standard mobile web applications. With this, they have help making great choices for sharing-rich media quickly.

Mobile App Ads- If you want more installs to your mobile or anyone else use these. These ad is on the mobile Newsfeed. This one is popular because of the era that we are in currently.

Page Post Video Ads- these ads helps promote your landing page and too. With these you to reach the audience that you desire to get. Along with running the audience, you develop a deep connection with the users. Please, do your research before these. Don't make the same mistake that I did before, and just make ads. I learned it the hard way. You must make sure the image is right, the headline, the copy, CTA (Call to action) button is encouraging, and the link description is very detailed. Each component is very significant.

Lead Ads- are for you if you desire to create leads. This ad makes it easier for you to get tips. This ad is especially useful because of this era. Since it is an era when many have cell phones, it is beneficial. People could tap the ad and see on their phones. After the tap, the form pops up. With this ad, you could also do more.

Page Like Ads- Use these ads if you just want page likes. Facebook has all the ads you need. You need to come up with them.

Optimize Your Ads

Numerous ads have failed over the years. Recently it was Pepsi. It was the start of April 2017 when it debuted. The ad missed the mark. The effect was social justice movements, but Pepsi made it to sell their products. They ignored the real purpose. As a response, it was real disrespectful. Pepsi apologized, but that too was controversial. They did not seem to apologize to the movements but to the person in their commercial ad. They used a severe social issue to sell their products. Surely, Pepsi did not mean it, but sometimes you have to put your work aside and promote the real cause. Pepsi is a huge company. They have recovered since that time. Their recovery proved that we all could. Marketers make mistakes. Optimizing your ads Is appropriate here. As a crucial marketer.

It was the start of April 2017 when it debuted. The ad missed the mark. The effect was social justice movements, but Pepsi made it to sell their products. They ignored the real purpose. As a response, it was real disrespectful. Pepsi apologized, but that too was controversial. They did not seem to apologize to the movements but to the person in their commercial ad. They used a severe social issue to sell their products. Surely, Pepsi did not mean it, but sometimes you have to put your work aside and promote the real cause. Pepsi is a huge company. They have recovered since that time. Their recovery proved that we all could. Marketers make mistakes. As a marketer that is crucial.

Your Ads Must Have

Carousel Format- This format is often used when those posting pictures want to post a lot of information in it. You can include multiple pictures as well. The informative features that you could ad in this format are headlines, links or call to action buttons. You put all of this information in a single ad. So the more information the more increase for your click through rate. You could show different angles and details. You could tell a story and more.This ad is also available for Instagram, messenger, and Audience Network. You are guaranteed to have more creative space. This will surely help your brand. If you are going to use it to tell those seeing it more about your brand be sure you do not allow Facebook to optimize it. This ad will surely make your brand stand out if it is done properly.

The Right Content- This is important for all of the ads. The content must add up to the campaign. Most ads allow you to add text in two or three sections. The sections include the headline, the text and the News Feed link description. You will only be allowed to use 25 characters for the headlines. Up to 90 characters for News Feed Description section. Your headline should be well customized. It should be very clear. it should also be very concise. When making headlines, be sure they are only five words long. Keywords like You, Free, Because, instantly and new will make sure that your ads are successful.

High Resolution Photos-Would you show up to a business meeting looking inappropriate? If you have a professional interview for a job as an assistant will you show up to it with street clothes? I would think not. Unless you are the CEO but not even they do it. A great image is needed. The same thing goes for ad campaigns. When you are uploading pictures for the ad campaign the presentation must be good. When uploading pictures for ads you must keep this in mind. You do not just want to upload anything. Your images should have a minimum resolution of 1200 by 700. Try to eliminate the background. Make room for different parts of the picture to stand out.

Make Them Visible

Make Them Visible

Sell the Product Not Yourself

“A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.”

— David Ogilvy

Make It a Movie

Being camera-shy is a problem with a lot of people. I was one of them. I hated to be on camera, but I had to because of my business; it helps in unimaginable ways. When I started this journey, someone told me this, and I ignored it. After significant time went by of me just trying to do it all behind a keyboard, I did it. Despite the decision I made, I was still trying to do it the way I wanted it. I just wanted to write. I wrote, but I had to be on camera. Eventually, I started making my business a movie. I got on camera and promoted what I was seeking.

Numerous websites could make this happen, but with today's technology, you could do it from your cellular device. Everything that you need is at your fingertips. There was a time when things were not easy. You had to pay a significant amount of money to promote your business, but now you do not. You do not even have to pay the monthly bill on your cellphone just to record yourself.

I remember when my cellular phone service was disabled. I was going through hard times. My phone was off & a lot more unfortunate events went on. My life collapsed. A horrible moment for me, but I used none of it as an excuse not to promote my business. I recorded myself and went to wherever there is free wifi or something and uploaded it. In this article, I will show you the basics of doing it from a cellular device. You must write the script, shoot it, and edit the video.

Use formats that will make you improve your online visibility. The formats are out there. You are aware that when it comes videos they all need a written script, but you must engage your audience. There are several other types of videos that will help you to do it. In fact, most businesses use them for that reason alone. The format list is large but not all of them are popular. In this article, you will learn about the most popular formats. Each format is one that is guaranteed to make your business visible online.

Write The Script

If you do a video from your phone or your computer, you must take this step before it. Shooting the video's easy, but you must have a strategy, and this will make that happen. With the plan, you can strategize the entire thing. If you are writing, get a pen and start to write it. However, you do it; just make sure that you have it all on file.

Do this with a picture in mind and make sure it will grip the people's minds watching it. It's simple to do this. If you are promoting your business or anyone else, always remember to keep them engaged. Show them that you could solve their problems in a simple video that you made from your device.

To show how easy it is, I will provide for you a few examples on social media. Have you ever seen a web series? Go on youtube and look it up. Some people make them promote their music and their websites. Have you ever saw live video streams on Facebook, Instagram, etc. That's how easy things are today. I write my script from my phone every day.

Shoot The Video

After taking the time to write the script, it's time to shoot it. Now some do this and freestyle. In other words, they don't write it. They are just camera friendly. After a while, you get that, but starting does it this way.

Cellular devices and computers have cameras. On a computer, you could purchase it if it does not. There is no reason that you could not display the growth of your business. It's right there for your use. With a cellular device, it can be pretty tricky, but some tools could take a lot of stress off of you. You could either hold your phone in your hand or purchase these tools to get it.

On a laptop, the camera is already inside. All that is needed is the proper positioning. I have seen videos of people promoting their business from home using this simple method. They have the computer on a timer. Position themselves in front of the camera and talk. Sometimes they have all of the products that they need.

Edit The Video

On cellular phones, it's just as simple. When some do this, they sometimes buy a tripod or selfie stick. Something to keep their phones steady when they are recording. These devices have the resources you need to make it happen. It may cost, but you could do it. These tools will ensure that your videos have the look and quality that your business stands for. Be sure to have the proper lighting; your mic is loud enough, your camera catches your face, and avoid windy places. Follow these, and the quality you're looking for you will have.

Now that you understand shooting edit it. There are multiple ways that you can get this done. So there are no excuses. Research the programs that will help you to edit your video. It may cost you, but if you want it done right, why not invest in it? Investing in your product is best when you are the one doing the investing. So do not be afraid to do it.

On a computer there is software. One is very popular for this. It's called Vimeo is a free platform. Another is Magisto. Here you could build brand awareness, relationships and increase sales. The difference between this and Vimeo is that it is not free; in my opinion, neither of them are. There is no such thing as free quality. I tell everyone that I advise on this slogan " If you want quality, spend the money." I do not know any marketer or mogul that did not have to spend to get there,

If you want to on the go, go to google play and download it to your phone. Sometimes I am at work, and I edit my videos. Many of the programs are free, but free is not something you want to live by in life. With these programs, some of the features are only available if you upgrade. Some of them you have to buy. I have a video editing program called shot. I was one of those people that expected quality to be free. After a while, I just started to spend the money. Nothing comes without investment.

Write The Script

Write The Script


When the Call to action says installed and that button is clicked it will lead to the app store immediately. This helps the conversion rate. Event Ads are more fun ads to me. These ads are often used for more physical locations. The last ad that could be productive is the Offer Ad. This ad builds awareness about a particular offer. Ad is perfect for owners that desire to attract people to their business. I am unemployed right now. As I look for work I have to watch how I look. These recruiters look at what you present. A first impression should be the best one. Despite the fact that me not being hired I know that I gave my best impression. I am not disappointed that I was not. Look the way you want to go. If people see you taking your integrity serious they will take notice. Consider yourself a hiring manager. You know what you want your ads say. Be sure you know how you want it to look. As a response, you want to give your best. You don't just throw something together. Let your viewers see what you are offering. Let them know why. If you have to advertise yourself to get a job what do you think your business has to do? Advertisement is very important. Just coming up with a business in your mind is not enough. Put the effort into it that you are looking for. As you could see there are many ads available for use. Hopefully, this is shedding the light on them all.

Now that you want to make your video public. You wrote the script, recorded it, and edited it. Numerous sites make this possible. Most use youtube to do this. They create a youtube channel, upload it, and tag those they want to view it. You could do the same for all of the social networking sites. Link them to a brand account and manage it from your google account. It's a lot easier to do that with youtube.

Uploading a video is an option, but you could also go live. The same you do with the tagging for those uploaded you do here. Both require the steps stated above. Be sure that your videos possess the quality to get the engagement. They have proven to be less predictable than videos with just text. They make viewers wonder what they are missing out on if they are not watching. So they tend each time it is available. Three rules in marketing you must never forget is to get the attention, convert it, and keep it.

For the Videos, there are different live streaming platforms for professional and business use. Those popular for it are Bright Cove, Da Cast, and IBM Cloud Video. Bright Cove is an online platform for live streaming. The platform targets large businesses. Da Cast is an ideal for live streaming because it is easy to use. IBM is an updated version of UStream. The target on this platform is toward the enterprise streaming market. The fact of the matter is, they are out there. Use them, you will not regret it.

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