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How Still Ads Help Digital Marketers Succeed

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Introduction to Digital Marketing

When using marketing that's digital. Take office of many crucial. Be aware of the cost to do it. You must invest in it. Everything right now is digital. So, invest to get the incredible. To get incredible results. It’s easier but it still costs. Many owners use social media. Because that’s how to get the people. To get the people to their site. Overtime, that method proved right. So, make the offers with limits. Make the campaigns aiming to re-market. The great thing about ads. If made right, they will grab. Grab the viewers' attention. I made this mistake when I started this. I did not site my audience. I was far too arrogant. I wanted it done my way. That was a mistake that I did pay. I did pay for it. Now I help others to not make it. I’d teach still ads. & Provide the tools that will grab.


Types of Still Ads

Dynamic Product Ads

If you are doing e-commerce. Don’t ignore using these first. The products in the stores have these. These ads reveal the needs. The needs expressed on the website. So be sure that your target is on right. In addition, stay relevant. Make the ads be dynamic. These ads are used to increase. These Ads demand you to release. Release your creativity. All ads are very demanding.

Page Post Link Ad

This ad could be called the Newsfeed ad. Those promoting their website use this ad. The ads have big images Which are supposed to catch the attention. So those going through their timeline. Will see it without much surprise.

Canvas Ads

If you want the users engaged. This ad will show the way. The way through carousel images. That you can tilt in different directions. You could zoom in and out with your fingers. These ads load a lot faster. Then all mobile web applications. With this, they'd make great choices. For sharing-rich media quickly. Consider this for growth to grow rapidly.

Mobile App Ads

If you want more installs. These Ads you want to call. & since all have a phone. These Ads sit on a throne.

Page Post Video Ads

If you want to promote your page. Let these Ads pave the ways. With these you to reach the audience. That you are desired to get. Along with running the audience. You develop a deep connection. With the users & visitors. Post link ads make you a winner. Lead Ads Do you desire to create leads? If you do, this is what you need. This ad makes it easier for you. People see this and go right through. During this time, it's very useful. With cell phones, it is beneficial. A tap of the ad is all they need. After the tap, they will see.

Page Like Ads

If you want page likes. These ads will save your life. Any digital platform needs it. So come up with Ads that will do it.

Event Ads

These ads are surely exciting. With these ads you consider finding. Finding physical locations. So that everyone could see the purpose.

Offer Ad

When you want to build awareness. These ads will fulfill the purpose. They built it for a particular offer. Use these ads to make marketing easier.


Be Sure Your Ads are Optimized

Numerous ads have failed over the years. The giant pepsi put fears. Fears when it's ads was debuted. The ad missed the mark ad affected. Affected social justice movements. The ad was used to sell their products. Pepsi did apologize. But the gesture didn't blind eyes. That apology was very controversial. Because the person in their commercial. Was abruptly ignored. So Pepsi reached more. More people to sell their products. The insensitive ad wasn't their purpose. Despite the mistake, Pepsi recovered. Proving to every sister and brother. That marketers make mistakes. No ads is intended to make. To make controversy. Don't overlook optimizing.


Make Sure Your Ads Have These

Carousel Format

Ads could be in formats. But not all will explain that. Explain that information. That would entice those looking at it. But these ads will do it. With these ads the info is given. The info is on the pictures. So these ads are very much winners. From headlines to action buttons. On these you could put information. Your click through rate will rise. Let these ads take them by surprise. With different angles and details. These ads take you to use real. Real, creative space. That will help your brand to take. To take off in the spotlight. Use them so your business shines bright. Be not discouraged to adjust. This formate is a must.

The Right Content-

This is important for all of the ads. The content put on them must add Add up to the campaign. Most ads allow you to thrive. To thrive in three sections. One line gives the link description. Another is a headline. Th news feed fills the last lines. You could use up to ninety characters. With well customized and structured. Structured, clear and concise. Be sure that your ads are done right.

High Resolution Photos

Would you show up to any business. Looking very inappropriate? To it for an interview. Because an employer was interested in you. They wanted you to be an assistant. But you didn't get accepted. Because you did not look the part. They refused to call you to start. Despite you having the skills. From the start they saw you kill. Your chances for success. You did not dress to impress. So use that same method. To make a first impression. On those viewing your ads. Just a picture alone will not grab. Grab the attention needed. Your images must have the resolution. Thats high enough to get past. Because the first maybe the last.


When the Call to action says installed. Make sure it's linked so viewers fall. Fall into the App Store. Where they'd see a lot more. The click helps the conversation. To increase. These Ads are perfect. For the business owners that desire. To attract people that admire. Admire what you're doing. When that button's clicked it's happening. You know what you want them to say. So be sure that it looks the right way. Give it all your best. Don't make it a beautiful mess. You don't just throw something together. Let viewers see what you offer. Let them know why you did it. If it's digital, it's public. If you make it thats great. & this article will assure that you'd make. The splash that you've intended. This is the conclusion.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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