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Here's How Networking is Constantly Evolving

Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, sportswriter, copywriter, and song writer.


Many billionaires wish that the new way to marketing on the internet was around when they started. Those that use network marketing are everywhere. Celebrities have millions of followers on social media. They have fans across the world. They already targeted their audience. It may be more challenging if you are not a celebrity, but it is still not complicated. Things are a lot easier than it was before. Social media has taken away many of the complications. Over the years, it has increased, and they all take advantage of it. There are a lot more platforms to market your business. Social media has everything that is needed. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn prove this to be true. Networking is an attribute that will give you the advantage you need, and social media presents many sites. Many did not take advantage of these platforms. I could admit I was one. Now I am older. I have learned to take advantage of the forum. On these, you interact with new people. Take advantage of the platform. There is no excuse for any marketer not to.



Networking is an attribute that will give you the advantage that you need, and this is one of them. Many did not take advantage of this platform. I could admit I was one. You could choose what you want to target and where. When it comes to this, there are numerous ways to do it. Social Media is a great platform. A platform that I could admit that I have underrated in the past. I was one of those that stopped posting the poems I wrote and more. Wrong move on my part. Now I am older. I have learned to take advantage of the platform. I keep posting here like I have been for the last decade.

I meet new people. I send friend requests to people in china, turkey, and more countries. We talk about sports and everything. Sometimes we chat, but that is rare. I join groups and just meet new people. In the past, I did not pay any attention to the connections. As a response, I forgot about them because I gave up. I could have built my audience without paying for it. Comment on some articles. Post statuses that get folk attention Some interact, and some do not. Post videos on Instagram. Where there is a will, there is away. I told my story to tell you that there is no excuse not to succeed in marketing. It's a lot more accessible to network than it was when I was growing up. Take advantage of the platform.



Choose smart platforms like this to help you. Linked In is one of the networks that define the experiences that happen when our devices connect to all around us. You have to demand what you need from these networks. Network convergence is increasing daily. Data consumption is everywhere right now.

Linked In is one of the numerous companies that help do that. You need manufacturers and carriers to help you network. Great effort and hard work will pay off. Use what you have available. This article about how how to adjust without the funds. Either that or when you are on a budget. As I research marketing, I came to understand that The main thing is choosing the right platform. Linked in is climbing the charts when it comes to networking. You update posts easy and Connect the same. You have no clue who is reading your work. Anywhere I want to be doing it this way but will be eventually.



Now you know how much more comfortable you could make it. Social media is a great platform. Facebook is the greatest for those just starting. If you are going to play around, connect too. Get as many contacts as you can. Take it seriously. It is a network. If you feel some you keep are not for you, let them go or just wait until the right time to contact them. As said before, I have been apart of Facebook for a while. I have joined groups and many more. I started right, but because I was not getting any response, I stopped. I left the groups I needed to build my poetry. I did not think that someone was watching. When people commented, I did not care to research who they were. I did not build a relationship with them. When I did, they were girls. You cannot win them all, but you can get more than you think. Back then, I was not thinking of marketing like I am now. Now, those that interact with me I consider potential clients. I take it more seriously than I used to. I am not focused on girls, but women, and that woman is only one. It is my wife. Hopefully, you take it seriously now before you get older. It is better late than never, but it could be a lot better when done early.

When it comes to networking, you must learn the right way. That is the only way you will perfect it. For me, doing it wrong helped me see this. Mistakes are apart of any marketer's career. It is a known fact every icon had to learn this before they reached the place that they want to be. Some are comfortable, and some are not. They want more. I consider myself one of those that will want more. I have an attitude never to be satisfied.

Since I am in the position I am in now, I just think that way. I don't want to go back once the success comes. So I learn from failures. I had had moments when I wished I would have done this earlier. I was just on social media, posting numerous things. I was just having fun. I used the platform wrong. I neglected my dreams because I failed one time. That was when I was young. Because of that, I had to start over. It was years later, but it is better late than never. I do not want others to experience what I did when it comes to networking. I tell others all the time that no great became great without failing or falling. They never stayed down, and neither should you. The real failure is not getting back up.

© 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius

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