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Everything You Need to Know About Google Adsense (Review)

You may have asked yourself where Google gets the money that it pays to advertisers without finding a clear answer ?

Do not worry, you are now in the right place, by the end of this article you will have the answer to all your questions.

In this article, we'll cover:

  • What is Google AdSense Tool?
  • How much and how will you earn from Google Adsense?
  • How Google chooses which sites to display ads
  • The best way to earn from Google Adsense, a Youtube channel, or a blog?
  • Earning from Google Adsense step by step for beginners
  • Terms of Subscription and Registration in Google Adsense
  • How to Create Google AdSense Account for Website
  • Questions and answers, about Google Adsense
  • The 5 most important tips for you
  • Conclusion

If you are a beginner in this world, do not think that you have arrived late, as profit from the Internet is one of the most important ways to get rich and achieve wealth in a very short time and at an awesome speed and is still new and joins the ideas of new and innovative projects for sure, but you must know the right way to start and you must have what you offer to others so that you can start at a steady pace towards achieving successes, and with serious effort and success, you will be able to achieve successes one by one.

What is Google AdSense Tool?

Google AdSense service or tool is simply a free tool provided by Google to some Internet users, they are website owners, online stores, or large blogs.

In addition to the owners of various smartphone applications, and owners of private channels on the YouTube platform.

And any of these users previously mentioned can start making great profits from Google Adsense, by displaying ads through any of those platforms, which of course records a large number of visits.

Therefore, ads that are relevant to the platform's audience category should be shown, other than taking into account that the content of the ad is related to the nature of the content provided on the platform.

But how do all these steps take place and how can you, as one of the people who own an account through the aforementioned platforms, start working and profit from the Google Adsense program?

First, all you need is to create an Adsense account to activate the Google Adsense program or tool on the platform you own, whether a website, online store, or YouTube channel.

After you have opened your AdSense account, Google will take over the task of displaying and distributing ads differently within your site or store.

In return for these ads, you will get a percentage of profits that will be agreed upon first, and do not rush. We will discuss this matter in more detail in the following paragraphs, but before working through Google Adsense or Google Adsense, let us address the most important advantages and disadvantages of this method of profit from the Internet.

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How does Google AdSense work?

This question should come to your mind, what is the benefit of Adsense in this and where do they get the money to give it to you?

People who want to promote any of their products, business, or any organization online, do it through Adsense through its ads and they give their money to them and the same AdSense put their ads on the blog, blogger's video, or YouTube.

The people who do their ads for which they have to pay Google are called advertisers and those who have websites or Youtube channels where these ads are shown are called publishers. Google Adsense gives us 68% of what it takes from the advertiser and keeps the remaining 32% for itself. For example, if we take $100 from an advertiser for advertising online, we will get $62 from him.

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The only thing you should tell first is that this work is not easy at all and it will also take time. It does not mean that you will start making a lot of money overnight or in a few days. If you can do these two things with hard work and patience, no one can stop you from achieving success.

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  • To earn from Adsense, you first have to create your blog or youtube channel. After some time when your site is up and running means visitors start coming to it and people start opening your site then you have to apply for a Google Adsense account and when your account is approved you will get their ads from there on your site
  • Similarly, if you are interested in youtube, you can create that channel for free and then upload it to Youtube by creating a video. And when your video starts getting views, you can apply for an Adsense account through it and after getting approved, you can earn money by placing ads on videos.

How much and how will you earn from Google Adsense?

How much money can we earn from Google Adsense and how will it increase our earnings? This is another question that many people ask. Friends, it depends on how many views we get on our blog or video, that is, how many people visit us. The more visitors, the more people will see the ad and click on those ads. According to an increase in earnings in your Adsense account. What is the topic of your post and where are the clicks coming from.

You can take the details of your earnings from your Adsense account, where you will be able to see all the information in the details. The payment will only happen when your winnings are more than $100. The amount you earn will be sent on the 21st of each month that your bank account has been credited. Which may take 3-5 days to reach the account.

How Google chooses which sites to display ads

Contrary to what many people think, ads on Google AdSense cannot be considered random and not static.

in contrast! This tool does not randomly display ads on websites participating in Google AdSense.

But it tries to distribute ads to pages that have relationships or talk about products and services to be promoted.

The audience entering the website or blog will have more interest in the content that is being advertised in these ads.

It can also ensure that your ads get a higher conversion rate.

As you have noticed from this important paragraph, it is not enough just to sign up for Google AdSense to earn money or make money from your pages.

But this strategy must match the production of high-quality content so that AdSense can send ads to your webpage or blog in a style that suits your audience.

To achieve profits from the Google Adsense program, this depends on two methods:

  • CPC:

In this option, you earn money every time a visitor or user clicks on an advertisement on a web page.

  • Cost per thousand impressions:

In this case, your earnings depend on the number of visits made by visitors to the blog or website on the page where the ad is located.
Therefore, you should put targeted and attractive content to get more visits and thus make more profits.

The best way to earn from Google Adsense, Youtube channel or a blog ?


Terms of Subscription and Registration in Google Adsense

Many articles talk about the terms of accepting the blog in Google Adsense, and everyone sings for the night based on his successful experience in accepting his blog.

On the other hand, many people complain that their blogs are not accepted, even though they have applied all the conditions you might think of.

Between you and me: If you want my own opinion, I will answer you with a very short sentence: Your luck!

Some have been accepted and whose blogs - in my opinion - do not amount to being a blog at all!

However, you must be committed to submitting your site according to specific conditions to increase your chances of obtaining approval, and I will summarize these conditions for you in simple and brief points:

1 - Provide a specialized blog with a domain, a fast and beautiful template, and valuable content, preferably on private hosting with a paid domain.

2 - Your blog must contain important pages (Privacy Policy page - Terms of use page - Contact us page - About us page).

3 - Make sure that the interface of your site and its sections are organized, so that if the visitor or supervisor enters the request to accept your site, he will easily understand what he is talking about and therefore will not feel any confusion or annoyance.

If you ask me about my personal opinion, and you say: Would you display Google Adsense ads on a YouTube channel or a blog, then I would personally choose the blog!

Why blog?

1 - It was the beginning of the Google search engine. It has always been, and still is, saying: “Content is king.” Based on that, the person who commissioned himself to search for a specific topic in the Google search engine is undoubtedly interested. Therefore, its quality and value are very high for the advertiser.

2 - A blog specialized in a specific field makes the visitor spend more time on your site, especially if your articles have an attractive style and are linked to each other. If you display Google Adsense ads on it, it will undoubtedly attract the most expensive advertisers.

Here we return to the first point and let us assume that you have created a blog dedicated to teaching playing the guitar and everything related to it in terms of types, skills, and supplies.

The visitor who wrote in the search engine “How do I learn to play the guitar” is undoubtedly interested in your blog field, and then if he reads your articles and finds targeted ads, especially in the field of guitar, he will undoubtedly interact with them and click on them, and you will get a very good price per click.

3 - The YouTube platform is very good and I do not say that it is not profitable, but it is basically an entertainment platform that people enter looking for entertainment or educational videos, and therefore they may be very upset by the large number of ads that interrupt their viewing pleasure, so many resorts to blocking them through special applications.

4 - I have previously tried Google Adsense ads on videos, and frankly, I found that the profits from ads on the blog are greater.

5 - Remember that this is a summary of my personal experience, and I do not impose on you to take my opinion as the absolute truth.

To the extent of writing these lines, if you find yourself comfortable with profiting from Google Adsense ads by displaying them on your site, I am glad that you will follow up with me on the topic, because I will focus on this point, and you will find what makes you happy.


Important clarification!

Regarding those who ask: How many daily or monthly visitors do I have to apply for Adsense to guarantee acceptance?

Let me, in turn, ask you a question: By what logic do you apply to accept your blog in Google Adsense, and the number of daily visits does not exceed dozens?!

Rather, suppose that you have been accepted with this number of visits, you will only make profits from dirhams, or rather very few cents, and it is not surprising if you get frustrated at that time and think about stopping continuing with your blog for good!

Therefore, I advise you to focus in the first months on writing and publishing content and getting interactive visitors to your articles, and after you get a reasonable rate of visits and you are accustomed to working on the one hand, search engines start loving your blog on the other hand.

Then you can apply to subscribe to Google Adsense, and if you receive a rejection message, you can reapply more than once, and you will be accepted

you can watch this video below, on how to register with Google AdSense.

How to Create Google AdSense Account for Website

Those steps are the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click Subscribe now.
  3. Enter the URL of the website you want to display ads on.
  4. Enter your e-mail address.
  5. Choose whether you want AdSense to send you personalized help and performance suggestions.

We recommend that you choose Yes so that we can help you get the most out of AdSense. You can change the connection settings at a later time.

6. Click Save and continue.

7. Sign in to your Google account.

8. Select your country or territory.

9. Review and accept the terms and conditions of Google AdSense.
Click Create Account.
10. You are now signed in to your new AdSense account.

Earning from Google Adsense step by step for beginners

1 - Choose the domain of the site

Before taking any step to create your blog, it is necessary to choose a specific market or field (I talk about your niche), and it is always preferable to be specialized because Google loves to specialize.


A blog that talks about Taekwondo and everything related to it are much better than a site that talks about all martial arts (Karate, Boxing, Aikido, wrestling…..).

Choosing the field of the blog requires you to take enough time to think and research in-depth, and you should understand the field in which you will write, or at least strive to study it.

Where you can write, for example, in the field of “controlling harmful insects” assuming that you do not have any experience in it, but by continuing your research in this field, reading books and topics about it, as well as watching films and videos about it, you will have a background and a cultural balance that qualifies you to be creative and distinguished in it.

Among the conditions for choosing the domain of your blog based on the Google Adsense style:

To be a specialist, as we have already explained.

That there is an interested audience (in acceptable numbers) looking for content related to your blog’s field.

Some advertisers pay for words related to your blog’s domain.

To be passionate and loving in the field of your blog so that you can continue in it.

Your blog field should be active throughout the year and not only related to specific and special months.

For instance, some websites take advantage of the situations the world is in by focusing on everything coronavirus-related. However, there has been a substantial decline in research rates, and they even reached zero as the crisis passed and people's focus shifted to other, more important concerns.

2 - Choose your domain name

After you choose the domain of your site, you will then move on to choosing its domain name.

For example, the site name is “Youtube”, and its domain: is


3 - Buy premium hosting

After we have chosen the domain and name of the site, there must be a place on which to build the foundation of the site, including pages, content, sections, images, and videos … this is called “hosting”, and there are many companies that provide distinguished services for hosting sites.

Of course, many of you will prefer to rely on the Blogger blog for free, but as I told you earlier: I prefer to build my sites on my hosting and behave with my sites as I want, and if you ask me why I will answer you with the following:

1 - Owning your hosting means that you choose the platform for building websites that you prefer, and one of the most famous of all is the WordPress platform, which offers very great features, such as it offers:

Thousands of unique templates give your blog a distinctive look and responsiveness to all devices.

A wide range of plugins that protect and speed up your site and help you appear and rank in search engines.

Allows you to open a professional online store.

Offers you add-ons specialized in displaying Google Adsense ads in the places you want.

Lots and lots of content makers and top marketers use this platform.

2 - Create your site on a private hosting that allows you to transfer it at any time to another hosting without affecting its ranking in the search engines, and you can take a backup copy of your site files at any time you want.

4 - Building the content of the site

At this stage, you will write topics and articles related to the niche of your site, subject to quality standards and attractive and elegant style.

And creating articles, either in English or another language, is based on study and also in research instead of random writing style or personal writing style.

5- Get visits to your blog

After we have built an integrated website with specialized and valuable content, the most important step remains, and it will make a difference in profit, which is to bring traffic (visits) to our site, without them, you will not earn anything, as if you built a supermarket in the middle of a barren deserted desert.

And when it comes to the traffic source for earning money from Google AdSense, the best and most valuable thing to do is to focus entirely on users of the Google search engine by writing articles in adherence to specific principles to show up on the search engine's first pages, a practice known as Search engine optimization (SEO).


You no longer need to spend a lot of money on Facebook or Google Ads to attract people, because it offers very high-quality and valuable visits.

But on the other hand, this method requires real patience, follow-up and a good study of words and competitors, and reliance on some special strategies to lead. In the end, visits and profits will come to your site while you sleep in your home.

Questions and answers, about Google Adsense

Is Google Adsense profitable?

Google Adsense is very profitable if you master learning keyword targeting, content publishing, and marketing.

What are the easiest ways to earn from Google Adsense?

The easiest way for me is to create a blog in a niche, targeting long and profitable keywords.

What are the ways to earn from Google Adsense?

You can profit through a blog in which you display articles targeting profitable words, or you can earn by displaying ads on your YouTube channel, and you can also display ads on smartphone applications.

Which is better to earn from Adsense: Blogger or WordPress?

Whether you use Blogger or WordPress, you can both publish content in them and display Adsense ads in the content, but WordPress is better in terms of great capabilities, and custom plugins, not to mention that you have complete control over your site, and move it whenever you want to another hosting.

In short, create a blog with valuable content that benefits the visitor and answers his questions, and do not forget to put the important pages of your site (privacy policy - contact us - use agreement), and make your site responsive and attractive, and then accepting your site will be a matter of time and no more.

How do you know if your site is accepted in Google Adsense?

Once you are accepted into the Google Adsense program, you will be notified by a private message, and your site will appear activated in the control panel of your Adsense account, you can then create ad units and display them on your site.


The 5 most important tips for you

  • Using website marketing techniques to build organic and honest traffic, search engine optimization, and article marketing, are effective in getting free traffic to your site.
  • Don't forget to make sure to improve the visibility of your website, online store, or blog to be visible to users on mobile devices.
  • Choose the types of ads first before showing them to make sure whether the size is appropriate and drives visitors to more clicks or vice versa.
  • Allow ads to appear within your blog content, which leads to the visitor's attention while reading and thus increases clicks.
  • Track your business performance metrics via Google so you can get the most out of your efforts.


If you have quality content and can engage more readers, you might be considering Google Adsense. It provides you with an excellent environment to reach more audiences and generate huge advertising income. The network is well-trusted and gives publishers access to millions of advertisers.

To earn more money, focus on your content, develop various strategies, and gather many readers. If you don’t have great traffic, don’t worry because constantly posting creative content will help you achieve your goals. Don’t just focus on generating more revenue; rather, emphasize creating something you believe in.

In general, working on the Internet is the future of services, especially the field of electronic commerce in its various specialties, and evidence of this is what it achieved in the time of Corona. Numerous people improved their lives because of the Internet. However, profit from the Internet requires patience, perseverance, and continuity to achieve what you desire.

If something is not clear just ask me in the comments and we will answer you as quickly as possible.

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