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3 Corporate Gifts for Vip Clients and Customers

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 Expensive Corporate Gifts for VIP Clients and Customers

Expensive Corporate Gifts for VIP Clients and Customers

How to Choose the Right Corporate Gift

Most organizations make a common mistake of gifting traditional items like wine glasses, crystal trophies, mugs and electronic gadgets to their VIP clients and customers. The problem with these items is that it simply kills that surprise element which comes with a gift. If you are looking to build good client relations, then the gift should also be chosen keeping a long-term relationship in mind. As we are talking about VIP clients and customers, they must already be having dinner sets and electronic gadgets at home. So, you don't want your gift to end up in some corner of their house or office. The ideal gift for such clients is one which is

  1. Unique and stylish.
  2. Long lasting.
  3. Something which the client will use or come across often, ensuring that you and your organization would be remembered by the client each time they use or see this gift.
  4. Emits positive vibes about your brand or organization.
  5. Not very expensive because too expensive gifts can put the client in awkward situation whether to accept it or not. Also there are company policies and government regulations around such expensive gifts.

In this article I share with you some handpicked gifts which meet all these qualities.

Labrador Pup Statue Gift

Labrador Pup Statue Gift

1. Labrador Retriever Welcome Statue

If you want to see a smile on your client's and their family's face once they unwrap your gift, you should definitely consider gifting them this Labrador retriever welcome statue. Your clients of all genders, age and personalities would love this.

Reasons for choosing this gift:

1. If the clients are dog lovers, they would already be having pets at home and this statue is so realistic that they would be eager to see the reaction of their dog when they unwrap the gift. In case your clients do not like the idea of having live pets at home, this statue kept in the living room or entrance of the house can be a good low maintenance alternative.

2. The level of detailing and quality of product used gives it a premium look which can certainly impress your client.

3. Gifting this item spreads the message of animal love and it will help building your brand value.

4. Each time the client sees this pup statue at the entrance of the house, you and your organization will be remembered. So again, an excellent choice for maintaining customer relations.

5. Though the title says expensive gifts, it costs less than $50. Unless you gift it to your client with the price tag label, they would never believe that it is less than $50, such is the look and finish of this product. Isn't it worth the buy?

Japanese Juniper Bonsai As A Corporate Gift

Japanese Juniper Bonsai As A Corporate Gift

2. Japanese Juniper Bonsai Tree

I am an advocate of Gift Green. With concrete jungle spreading all around us, as an organization, it is a social responsibility to gift green. This 12 years old Japanese Juniper Bonsai tree is an excellent choice to build a long term relation with the client. It is 12 years old and planted in a 12 inches ceramic pot.

Reasons for choosing this gift:

1. It gives a positive message about your organization and shows your care and love towards nature.

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2. Taking care of a Bonsai is a long-term commitment and the client will remember you each time they water or take care of the plant. It also gives a message that your organization is willing to a build long term relation with the client.

3.The compact foliage can easily be trained into shapes as per the choice of the client. You can use leave a note to the client saying that your organization is like the foliage of this bonsai which can be shaped as per the client's needs. This will indeed help improve your brand value as an organization.

4. You can gift it on special occasions and business milestones with the client. For example, this Bonsai plant, which is 12 years old, can be gifted on 12th year anniversary of your relationship with the client. It can also be 12 months or 12 weeks, depending upon how you want to fit it.

5. It has a premium look to it and at $84, you would want to consider this for your client.

Golf Gift Basket As A Corporate Gift

Golf Gift Basket As A Corporate Gift

3. Golf Gift Basket for VIP Customers

Golf is a popular sport among the rich people. If you are thinking of a gift for senior executives and rich VIP clients, this golf gift set should definitely be on the top of your list.

Reasons for choosing this gift:

1. This golf gift basket is designed by the golfers for the golfers. So, you can expect professional quality accessories in this gift basket.

2. The packaging is of premium quality and it is easy to carry and present to someone. So it would be easy for the client to carry it anywhere.

3. As it caters to senior executives and VIP clients, they are more likely to use this item on weekends and holidays, as golf is a popular sport among the elite class.

4. Gifting sports item (especially golf gift basket) to client gives a positive message about your brand and organization that you care about sports. You can leave a note reminding the client about all the hard work that you have done together with the client and how the client can reduce their stress by engaging in sports on weekends. Your client would appreciate this gesture.

5. The items inside this golf gift basket are not gender specific so you do not need to worry about buying different gifts for different genders.

6. It costs hardly $69 so it is not that expensive in terms of money but a good value for money product which you should consider.

Happy Building Customer Relations!

I hope you have liked these carefully chosen unique gift items for your corporate clients. Do share your client feedbacks about these gifts in the comments section. Bonus tip: if you are looking for gift items in general for someone who has everything, you may want to read this article which has items under $50 and can also be considered as corporate gifts based on the relationship you have with your client and the personality of the client.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Shrikant Jadhav

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