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Example Suspension letter for Poor Attendance at Work, Sample

This article provides an example of a suspension letter for poor attendance at work. This sample letter can be easily changed to make it applicable to your particular situation. It’s a good idea to get someone senior to read through the letter to avoid possible problems in the future. Sometimes employees take their employers to court and these types of letters become important. This is especially true if the employee is eventually fired or their employment is terminated.

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TO: Reynold Furious

FROM: Lena Understandings, Supervisor

DATE: June 3, 2008

SUBJECT: Suspension for Poor Attendance at Work

This letter serves as a notice of suspension in the matter of your attendance and to set out, once again, the procedures and guidelines for your continued employment with Bonnadad & Co. LLC.

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In Early April 2008, you were given an initial written warning about your poor attendance record. Following that warning, your attendance was monitored for 30 days and when it was found that there was still no improvement; you were given a second written warning.

Since the second warning was issued, there have been seven instances in which you were either absent from work or you were late. I therefore have no alternative but to inform you that you are now placed on a 5 day suspension without pay effective Monday 6th June through Friday 11th. You are required to report for work at 2.30 p.m. on Monday 14th.

I must also warn you that any further absences from work may lead to termination of your employment with Bonnadad & Co. LLC. I hope that you understand the seriousness of this matter and will take the necessary steps to improve your attendance record. While I do not want to terminate your employment, it is vital that you understand how important it is that you are present at work when expected to and willing to do your job.

Please sign below to indicate that you have read this document and understand its contents.

cc: HR Dept.

Employee's Signature

Example Suspension letter for Poor Attendance at Work, Sample

Example Suspension letter for Poor Attendance at Work, Sample

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