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Employment Verses Establishing a Business

Am a poet/story teller but mostly do write poems and spoken words on issues that affect humans at large.


A very attractive young woman comes to apply for a cleaning job at e.g Safaricom company.

In the HR department, they ask her various questions, she writes tests and in the end they tell her:
- Congratulations, you are accepted. Leave us your email and we will inform you exactly how and when to start.
- Actually, I have no email and I don't even have a computer, admits the woman.
- Unfortunately, we can't employ you. We coordinate working hours with all Safarikom employees through emails to increase teamwork efficiency and therefore electronic communication is one of the key issues for us..

There is nothing to do, a woman walks away and starts thinking about how to make money for a computer. She has ksh300 in her pocket which was meant for lunch and fare back to kangemi. So she walks all the way to parklands and she buys 10kg of apples, then she went to Uhuru highway and sells her fruits. Her starting capital doubled in less than an hour.
She realised that, at this rate it is possible to live and earn money without an employer.
Time passes, she buys a car from Marylex Motors, and then she opened a small stall, then a shop, and after 5 years she is already the owner of the largest local network of apples.
She saw the need to insure her business and the insurer broker asks her to leave her email to send her exciting offers which included investment plan, which comes with life insurance. Just like many years ago, the woman answers that she has neither an email nor a computer.

- Just amazing! the insurance agent is surprised, - such a huge business which has employed 200 workers and you don't even have a computer! If you had a laptop and email and you're active on social media, do you know where you would be today?!
This is what she answered:
"I know. I'd be a cleaner at Safarikom right now..

Lesson : Your knowledge and abilities are more than anything else. Nothing can replace them.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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