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Employee Empowerment: A Walt Disney Company Case Study


Employee empowerment refers to the development of a person's confidence as well as abilities in a business setting. Companies utilize employee empowerment to create strong operating partnerships with personnel and enlighten them various business practices. Common attributes of employee empowerment include instructing employees to understand and feel good about themselves, showing them how to relate to other employees and customers, and offering resources for training and increasing an employees business understanding. The Walt Disney Company is an organization commonly utilized as an example for the use of employee empowerment strategies with their associates.

The Walt Disney Company has actually invested copious amounts of time and work in creating a strong organizational society to teach their workers on the Disney Company’s mission and values. According to Disney's corporate website, one of the five crucial characteristics of working for Walt Disney is the passion as well as devotion from actors and staff. Disney, in some cases, describes their workers as cast members in an attempt to break the regular boundaries of the manager/employee relationship. Disney likewise makes use of advancement, quality, community, positive outlook, and decency in their organizational culture for empowering staff members as well as making the Disney Company a unique workplace.

Disney provides many numerous extras and benefits to its employees and cast members. Along with the normal advantages of insurance and paid time off, Disney provides complementary adventure park passports, education and learning compensation, specific advancement options, stock acquisition programs, service awards, employee stores, and childcare facilities at some locations. These perks empower workers by letting them reduce time spent on issues outside of their job and devoting more time to their job talents, as well as fostering Disney's brand.

Employees are likewise empowered when working at Disney due to many different educational options delivered to employees. Disney fosters an employee-learning environment to empower employees by making use of Disney Dimensions, an executive progression program and Disney Way, a showcase explaining the different Disney business designs offered to supervisors, management, or leadership development. This employee training helps develop computer skills and talents utilized at Disney. According to the president of the Walt Disney Internet Group, Disney drives individuals to increase focus and concentrate more on ways to succeed within the organization.

Disney additionally empowers workers with various perks and acknowledgment programs. These programs create an understanding that workers should exhibit Disney's requirements, purpose, and vision. Disney recognizes both specific and team performance under their rewards and acknowledgment programs. Qualifications for these courses consist of the quality work, length of service and also neighborhood volunteerism. Disney even recognizes specific employees with a staff member of the month acknowledgment.


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