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Ebay Secrets That People Need To Know About!

If you are an experienced eBay seller then you may already be aware of many of eBay's dirty tricks, but if you are a buyer or a new seller you may not realize what problems you might experience on eBay.The fact is that eBay has done an amazing job at convincing buyers that eBay and Paypal have got them covered, they are like the big brother that are always looking out for your best interests. Unfortunately this is not the case, and many people who have been selling on eBay and even some buyers, may have already experienced some of the negative aspects of this vicious world of eBay and Paypal. I am going to let you in on some of the things that eBay and Paypal definitely don't want you to know. And if you read what I have written and you are not convinced, if you spend just a few moments researching the topic on google or youtube, you will see the same story over and over again.





EBAY FEEDBACK POLICY - In the beginning, buyers and sellers could leave each other feedback based on the any eBay transaction. This was an effective way for eBay users to establish a reputation.Sellers could establish a reputation for providing quality products and quality service, and buyers could establish feedback based how quickly they pay, and how they interact with the seller. So sellers that sell poor quality products and provide poor service, would receive a poor rating. Buyers that would not pay, or would behave in an unreasonable manner would also receive a poor rating. Now in May 2008, eBay changed the feedback system and now only buyers can leave negative or neutral feedback. So what does this mean, it means that buyers can now feel free to bid on items and not pay. It means that buyers can make unreasonable demands and if the seller does not agree to the buyers demands they will risk negative feedback. Feedback for buyers is now meaningless, what is it worth if you are only allowed to leave positive feedback, there is no sense in leaving feedback at all.

- It is against eBay policy to demand anything other that what the seller has listed, and threatening a seller with negative feedback in order to get over and above what you paid for is not allowed by eBay's rules. So does that mean you can not get away with it? Certainly not, since sellers can not leave real feedback for buyers, feedback extortion has become far more common on eBay. It is almost impossible to prove, so buyers might ask you to include extras, or expedite shipping, and they will leave subtle hints of negative feedback if you do not agree to this. There is nothing that can be done to stop this in eBay's current system.

- Sellers are now rated in several categories such as : communication, item as described, shipping time, shipping charges. There is a 5 star system where sellers are given a rating on a 5 star scale. Now when you think of a 5 star scale, a 4 star hotel for example is probably a pretty nice place to stay and we consider 4 out of 5 stars to be pretty good. On eBay, 4 out of 5 stars will result in an immediate suspension of your account for poor customer satisfaction. The DSR system is a prime example of one of many policies that are designed to improve customer satisfaction. The problem with the DSR system is, it creates customer dissatisfaction from nothing. The customers that are overall fairly satisfied with their item, are now given another option, a new way to complain. If you give people more options to complain, you will get more complaints. Customers probably feel like they have already left positive feedback so it is no big deal if they leave a low DSR rating for shipping charges or shipping time.

In order to receive top marks in the category of shipping charges, you will have to adopt eBay's new "free shipping". This is where you offer to sell your item for a certain price, and then ship the item for free. Now my local post office does not offer to ship items for free, and I am not sure where in the world there are free shipping services? I think the concept of free shipping only exists on eBay, and sellers are paying for this. This is clearly designed to increase the amount of Final Value Fee sales commissions eBay will earn, all at the expense of sellers.

International sellers will find that their DSR for shipping time, will be compared to domestic sellers. So customers might by an item from an Asian seller, and then leave a poor rating for time of delivery because the item takes longer to arrive than other items shipped from inside USA or their home country. It seems that eBay has no protocol to take into consideration shipping times for international sellers, instead they seem to expect buyers to be rational and take this into consideration.

If eBay decides to suspend a seller for any reason, they will send out an email to any buyers that have purchased products from that seller. They will word the email in a way that makes the buyers believe that they are victims of a scam, and that this seller has been caught committing fraud or theft. Now while in some cases this may be the case, in other cases this can be caused by simple misunderstandings. The email will urge buyers to charge back their payments immediately as they have been a victim of a potential fraud. This may be a result of a copyright violation, or it could be that the seller logged into their account from a public computer, perhaps they received a negative feedback from a buyer or a low DSR rating for shipping time. Another reason for suspension of a sellers account could be that billing to their credit card failed for their eBay fees, or it could be a result of them changing their password or their address. As a buyer you will always be led to believe that the seller is fraudulent.

These emails that suggest fraud are more often than not, based on no actual fraud or theft, simply eBay enforcing it's overzealous policies. Sellers might have already shipped the goods to their customers, and because of these emails the customer charges back the payment and the seller loses the money and the buyer gets the item for free. Many people will never get their items, and they will have to fight with eBay to get their money back, and in the end they will assume that this whole problem started because of a fraudulent seller, when in fact, the problem only started when eBay blocked the sellers account and seized the funds, which will often result in the seller not being able to ship the goods. In many cases eBay and Paypal will seize funds from a seller, withhold the money pending a lengthy investigation, and not allow the seller to refund the buyer. They will always insist that they are protecting you, but when they seize money from a seller, and then withhold it from the buyer as well, who are they protecting?

Why do eBay accounts get suspended? That is a good question, and there is no simple answer. When eBay suspends your account, they often refuse to give you a reason for their actions. They tell you that they can not tell you what exactly the problem is, they might give it a vague term like "abusing eBay" and if you ask them what that means, they will refuse to answer. A common reason for suspensions is poor customer satisfaction, a few negative feedback's or maybe just low DSRs. Amazing as it may sound, it is possible to have your eBay account suspended for poor customer satisfaction even if you have 100% positive feedback! Yes I know, it sounds unbelievable, but if you get poor detailed seller ratings it doesn't matter if you have 100% positive feedback, your account can be limited or even suspended.


It doesn't matter what business you are in, customer satisfaction is going to be an important part of any successful business. Most businesses would probably be happy to say that 90% of their customers are satisfied. On eBay, you will be held to unattainable standards, you need to have 99% customer satisfaction, and even your satisfied customers can then cause problems if they leave you low DSR ratings So what does eBay expect from their sellers, well maybe not perfection .. but very close to it! Can you imagine if all businesses were held to the same standards eBay sellers are? Imagine if the "Better Business Bureau" would come along closing down hotels and restaurants if they had 1 or 2 complaints out of 100 customers? It doesn't sound very realistic does it?

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Denise Antrim on May 10, 2017:

It's not all that simple or one-sided. I've had genuinely bad experiences with sellers on ebay and after my negative or neutral score they've gone running and crying to ebay and have gotten my negative score erased, giving the impression they are 100% awesome when they're not. B.S.

Denise on May 10, 2017:

It's not all that simple or one-sided. I've had genuinely bad experiences with sellers on ebay and after my negative or neutral score they've gone running and crying to ebay and have gotten my negative score erased, giving the impression they are 100% awesome when they're not. B.S.

juliet on June 18, 2015:

I wonder how i lost every access on all accounts after someone pretended to sell a kind of PC i had.

After payment, he notified me of having broken the set so cound not send. I rquested for refund. I have been buying and selling, no one has ever asked for my health card, name or physical number, But this man did before he cound give pack my money.

I remember subscribing on sewing tutorial. the royal professor refunded my money without my knowledge. Ebay notified me but no one asked of my phsical cord.

Just few weeks ago, i was told to renew my password because i wanted to buy an item. I did received a code to reset the password and i know according to ebay, it would be secret with promise that no one but only the bearer and ebay know. But few days after that, someone wrote and asked if i would give a good feed back adding if i had a problem? I was surprised as this client, had added me for as a friend without notice.

This last days, is still strange to us we don't know what is going on yet.

I have bought things which arrived without destination address or recipt.

Now i have no email address because the wait me everywhere i go.

Premier Surplus Thieves on June 12, 2015:

Premier Surplus had fifteen accounts using accounts registered in children names, dogs and cats. Ended up if you wanted to get paid you had to have a paypal account. The first $19,000 they paid you was via paypal and they got away with it for years. Yet someone that had been banned from Ebay and Paypal logged onto their old phone and Ebay saw the IP address and the Premier Surplus gang of cruds got caught. Busted because of a new employee did them in. Now Premier Surplus has been banned. Not fair.

Nessa on April 25, 2015:

One tip that I can give to my fellow ebayers is that you should sign up for a free account at http://craigupload.com to upload images of the products that you are selling. you can keep all of your images organized in an album and use the image codes within your ebay product descriptions.

Amanda Geering on February 28, 2015:

I got ripped off when I ordered security cameras from user free_deal_here First the cameras didn't even work right then when I finally fixed them they completed stopped reading my hard drive and they had no explanation as to why. I decided to return the item and when I had to get their address for return they kept sending me automated messages it took so long for me to send it back it went over the 90 day period that ebay covers me. I sent it back after paying for it so all together spent nearly $200 for these guys to sit there and screw me!

Sandy on August 28, 2014:

I can not even put into words the crime ring ebay has going on over in San Jose

Paul545412 everything you say is dead on accurate regarding these thieves.

I am a single mom that was in an abusive relationship...the only way I knew I could leave this man was to sell on ebay. I sold mostly used items, garage sale items, goodwill items etc.

My estranged husband knew I did this and was determined I would not work or survive and opened a variety of seller accounts and/or prepaid debit cards in my name.

I do not know what damage he did; I only know ebay accused me of having multiple accounts; yet failed to provide any proof when I asked them to share this with me.

I even covered myself in the very beginning sending multiple emails and spending hours on the phone with security giving them the details; that I had an order of protection; that this man found and was bidding on my auctions under friends accounts and aliases for small $5 to $10 items and destroying my feedback.

Even facebook took the proper precautions and when I faxed them the OP they had kicked the ex off who was harassing me and my friend list.

I even did the investigating for ebay learning some of the addresses I was sending sold items to were just vacant lots, for sale homes with nobody living in them, etc. They refused to protect me or listen!! I got into a dispute with one of ex's phony buyers who was giving fake feedback to me.

I simply stated what he was doing was wrong and I knew he had goods sent to a non-existent address. This guy said through ebay email I better watch my back and he would choke me. I had no business stalking him?? I was stalking him?

No. I turned him in to ebay as well... This guy has my real address and I am now fearful he will follow through on his word. ebay did nothing! I was suspended "indefinately" because of the 5 negative feedbacks within 2 days of each other I had proven were bogus.

I had 100% feedback and was a powerseller. ebay customer service reps demanded to know where I got my items from? Really? Not hard to see if you looked through my sold listings its all used items.

I was starting to become overwhelmed with paranoia at the questions fired at me like I was working hand in hand with Pablo Escobar importing/ exporting drugs in used kids shoes?? I mean what the hell is going on over there at ebay headquarters?

There is absolutely no protection at all for victims of stalking or potential crimes. You must give your real details and not an alias or ebay will most certainly ban you for that.

Because of all this I am twice victimized! I have almost lost my rental, had my power shut off, was unfairly accused, and this is what I do for a living.

I spent 20 years raising kids and taking care of a home and have no marketable skills other then my selling. I get zero child support, zero alimony, and left a 20 year marriage with a vision I could do this on my own and ebay contributed to my failure for no reason at all other then they are a bunch of evil, egotistical monopolies.

I am sure they look in the mirror and are pleased with their shady criminal business ethic. Karma is a bitch and I can not wait to see ebay go down. I will fly out to Cali just to see it with my own eyes.I hope the CEO over at the headquarters has a class action lawsuit so big they have to file bankruptcy.

Nobody that treats honest, hardworking people like the garbage they treat their sellers is going to get away with it.

ebay simply has theirs coming...

Abbynormal on June 09, 2014:

Well, for every story I have read on here there seems to be one thing everyone has in common. We are all buyers or sellers who use the internet to buy or sell items.

If you are a buyer and have been scammed, post exactly what happened. Talk about the exact item that you bought and who sold it, how it was handled by the auction site & who you talked to, what was said etc. Explain ONLY (1) item at a time you where scammed by and why you have not recovered your loss. If you have not lost anything of value, then you are just unhappy with an internet experience.

If you have actually lost something of value while buying on the internet and you post details, instantly, hundreds if not thousands of internet buyers will start investigating that one item. The results maybe amazing to you.

If you are a seller, and you have sold something and lost something of value do the same.

I believe fear of what might happen if you stir up something is why people post such vague comments.

For example, I was told from a friend that his neighbor sold on one of the most popular online sites. He said he had opted out of a global shipping option, not sure what that is. He only wanted to sell to buyers in the United States.

His item sold (he did not tell me what it was) but the buyer was in another country. He did not know that at the time. But shipped the item to the address in United States.

He soon found the item was paid by a credit card from another country when he went to purchase a shipping label online. He was told not to worry by the online auction and the company that takes the funds for the auction company. As long as you ship it to the address listed, you will be fine.

So he did. But weeks later he gets a negative feedback from the buyer posted on the online auction company's site. Feedback said item was damaged. He replied, you received the item weeks ago, never contacted me and you have left me my very first negative feed back after 1172 items sold?

I assume he did not know that he was actually shipping to a person in the United States who is really not the buyer. He also did not know the item he had packaged carefully with pride and skills from his years of shipping, would be opened, packaged in a different box and shipped 10,000 miles to the other side of the world. He did not know that the new item may go through customs, in and out of containers and ships. to the actual buyer who does not speak any English.

Turns out the same buyer does this often and most sellers just refund the money thinking the little old lady in the small city in United States got a bad shipping experience.

The way the seller found out he was scammed? He went to respond to the buyer's feedback to say I am truly sorry this has happened to you. When he did, he clicked on the buyers feedback's left to others. Then he found the scam.

So he reported what he had found and asked what can I do to make sure this never happens again? Both the online company and the fund holders said you did everything you can do.

That was not so and they knew it. If you do not want to sell outside of the country and choose to opt out of global sales, you must read forums like this to do so.

You have to refuse any credit cards that are NOT from the United States. Of course that would mean you would have to know that before you list an item online and how to do this.

I am thankful that this happened to my friend's neighbor and not me. I wonder if it would be wrong to contact hundreds of top rated sellers who have only one negative feedback about this scam and let them know maybe they could get that negative removed?

Probably be best to not tell anyone.

It is sometimes better not to get what you want?

Meeser on May 21, 2014:


pathfinder777 on December 14, 2013:

I've been noticing lately ebay is more and more refusing to curtail bad sellers. By this I mean people literally listing items that apparently do NOT exist. One seller I recently dealt with had only a feedback score of about 49. It has dropped drastically with 5 negatives in the last month for, now get this selling items, taking the money, claiming to ship promise to ship, stating will give a refund, bank declining the refund then the buyer having to get paid by eBay buyer protection after several weeks.

Also sellers over estimate how good their products are, ie flat out lying then giving excuses or telling you to "take it easy". WTF you paid good money for what they were selling which they LIED about!

And this is becoming more and more common on every auction site. I don't want any jerks saying anything about naivety but dammit why can't ANYTHING be done with ALL of the crooks in the world from politicians, big businesses to these small time jerks on ebay. Cutting off of hands or a rope necktie party sounds good. Why, because for some reason it seems like everyone thinks it is acceptable to screw everyone over as long as you get what YOU wanT!

Paul545412 on December 13, 2013:

To Essysays you are so full of crap, everything here is true and more,

Ebays personnel and owners are a bunch of squabby little children that their heads got so inflated because of our sellers success from the past that made ebay what it is now, and now they are so full of shit and think that they are gods now and is abled to suspend anybodys account just for their pleasure, and because they have the money to do it. But they better beware what comes up will eventually come down, and they will because they know what they are doing is wrong, but they are doing it for their pleasure that they can do it and no one can stop them. They are trying to prove like a bunch of littles spoiled girls that they have it monopolized. Little do they know that people will aventually get fed up. And like Karma is, Ebay owners will get theirs coming, like all monopolizers they all fall. So enjoy your tyranny Ebay while it last. Secret there is someone that is creating an Ebay type of website for auctions the way ebay had started with two way feedbacks and non of the suspension crap, And bitche little girls way just to prove that they are kings of auction, Soon not anymore for you sucker ass ebay. So to

Essysays do some selling on ebay and you too will get your ass kicked out too, just for probably just calling them for some advice to, thats how bad they are getting. Its like I said, there's is a whole bunch of controlling bitche little girls with heads the size of beach balls. But it will all come down deflated as always, remember Karmas a Bitch almighty ebitch.

Grace on November 05, 2013:

I had a 100 percent positive feedback. Ebay suspended my account because my shipping was not as fast as they'd like, even though customers never complained to me about it. They were satisfied. I hate selling on ebay. I am constantly scammed by buyers who want more than what I listed, want expedited shipping on my dime, stephane plante from Canada gave me a negative feedback because of a listing error. I contacted her within 3 days and refunded her money asap. She was very rude.

Essysays on October 25, 2013:

What a ridiculous article. 75% of the info in there is wrong.

pathfinder777 on October 10, 2013:

Ebay has gotten to the point where they will do absolutely NOTHING in regards to fraudulent sellers. The reason being that is the sellers who give them their profits. Insert your favorite deity here knows that eBay is all about the bucks.

And I do NOT mean about making a little profit. Again and again over the years they have been hit with investigations as being a front for getting rid of stolen merchandise. I've seen gun parts sold where someone took a perfectly usable gun cut it up and sold off parts that didn't have traceable serial numbers. The same can probably be said for car parts and anything else. In particular if the person moves the parts across a state line where it probably isn't known that such items were stolen. It happened to us when we wondered why we didn't get an item and when we complained to the police department where the seller was located we found out that the seller was stealing from his employer and selling items on eBay.

There may be buyer and seller protection but often if you have to return an item the cost of return shipping doesn't make it worth it. I've recently received items that were damaged or not as described and the it wasn't worth sending it back. Or items are sent in things like cereal bar boxes and aren't padded. Then the seller goes ballistic if you leave negative or neutral feedback. THEN EBAY GIVES THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER AND ADDRESS WITHOUT ASKING YOU!!!!!

Ebay and Paypal do NOT care about anything about customers, customer service or customer safety.

STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS! YOUR LIFE ACTUALLY COULD BE ON THE LINE. I've dealt with stalkers and other whackjobs in my career and I've seen too many borderline cases buying and selling on ebay. JUST DO YOURSELVES AND YOUR LOVED ONES A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM EBAY!

Craig L. Anderson on October 10, 2013:

F Ebay! What a bunch of thieves and morons. A reflection of what this country has become. I'm moving to Costa Rica

Hhfgh on October 03, 2013:


James B on September 03, 2013:

After trading on shitbay for 10 years with my second account the first had been doing for 14 years pretty much since the dawn of ebay they decided a year ago i couldn't sell clothing any more. I'm a private seller who was getting rid of some unwanted clothing but because some of it was designer gear (genuine) ebay thought this was suspicious and banned me from selling clothing at this stage i had over 800+ positive feedback from buying and selling as well as a 5 out of 5 star rating. I swallowed this and simply sold clothing on my older account getting less exposure because it had less feedback. Last month again im listing some items when a message comes up for the third time this year that i need to verify my account. I enter the code and follow their bollocks instructions but nothing happened! after an angry phone call and a 45 minute wait to speak to someone who can barely speak English it was sorted out... well for a day any way. Next day i get an e-mail saying my account has been suspended with no reason given at this stage i had 1200+ 100% positive & still a 5 out of 5 star rating for selling. After several phone calls again to the very UNHELPFUL shitbay team im told that they do not believe i am over the age of 18. When the woman on the phone told me this i couldn't help but laugh as one of the first things i sold on this account was actually a Porsche Boxter car (Not mine but for a family member) this sold for £20.000 and a few pennys. I told the none english speaking lady either i was blatantly over 18 or i was selling 20k cars when i was 8 years old (by my maths). Since selling that car i have sold several other cars (my old ones) as well as over 7oo items ranging from 99p to hundreds and in the cars cases thousands of pounds. To risolve this ebay first told me to make a payment on a credit card to their seler team through paypal to probve i was 18 as you cant have a credit card unless you are 18 or over did that the money has gone from my card only £1.00 and they still have not unblocked my account. Another near enough hour phone call to them having to literally spell everything i was saying phonetically alpha bravo etc to the none English speaking women i have now been told i need to e-mail in some ID drivers licence birth certificate & passport for them to do it. I will not send those documents to some faceless company who will more than likely pass the details on to fraudsters in what ever country they are from so bye bye 1200+ feedback & 10 years of begging and pleading with scammers to not leave me bad feedback because they have not had the item dispite me having tracking and bye to ebay you fucking cock suckers. I would use a viable option to ebay in a heartbeat if any one put some major investment into a site like it so come on Richard Branson what do you say to Virgin auctions?

pathfinder777 on August 30, 2013:

I've used ebay off and on since about 2000(?). Get irritated close an account then when I needed money and needed to sell something open a new account.

Back about ten years ago there were problems with buyers trying to get you to end an auction early and sell at a bargain price. If you didn't they would open another account bid up your item not pay then close their account sticking you with the fees and having to relist etc.

The last couple of years eBay and Paypal have upped their fees, at times put holds on sellers access to Paypal funds if they weren't selling enough etc.

Now you can't leave negative feedback on anyone after a complaint case has been closed buyer or seller! I just had one person sell me an item wwhich I then paid for with paypal. The seller e-mails me back three days later saying the couldn't find the item. The official exceuse on eBay is that they ran out of stock. It was a fairly rare Hotwheel that I got for about one third it's book value. Ran out of stock? Or they found out the value. They of course offered to replace it with another one of similar style. The difference in value? The one I bought was worth $20-$25. The one they wanted to replace it with was worth $1 to $2. That is called bait and switch and it is illegal. But eBay won't do anything about it and you can't leave negative feedback.

The reason is that eBay wants the final value fees from the sellers! No matter what!

Then they take out the Paypal shipping fees even if you don't use Paypal to create labels. 20 -25% fees?

Ebay also used to be an auction site now at least 75% of the listing are Buy it now for eBay stores. And yes they are trying to nail the small sellers who are trying to make some extra money to pay bills.

Greathaul from Shenzhen on July 25, 2013:

Yeah, eBay sucks. I have a small company that sells portable vaporizers, hundreds of which are for sale on eBay at any given time. However, we are not allowed to sell them on eBay because they are "prohibited items." That's fine, if they really are prohibited, but they don't make everybody play by the same rules. I asked why some are allowed to sell them and we are not, and they said they would look into and give me some feedback. Needless to say, there was no feedback.

Bubba on July 23, 2013:

People just do not understand the costs of shipping any fragile item.

There has to be more education given by eBay about the cost of shipping a valuable glass perhaps so it doesn't get broken;

Here it is:

1.) Priority Medium Shipper and Delivery or Signature Confirmationt to your zipcode.

2.) Gas Auto repair

3.) Ware and tare on your vehicle.

4.) Copy paper laser quality.

5.) Your time (Labor).

6.) Computer connectivity

7.) Bubble wrap. Use over three yards per shipment

8.) Special wrapping paper.

9.) Containers

10.) Storage if you need that

11.) Laser jet printer

12.) Ads if you use them

13.) 3" or more packing tape you use over 3 yards per shipment...

14.) Extra protection cartons or double boxes to pack items.

15.) All the fees to list the item.

16.) All the fees when you sell the item.

17.) The penalties for not following the rules which you can not avoid even when you have over 99% feedback.

18.) The unfair DSR ratings I could on and on as this is very unfair.

19.) No helpful or generally powerless or unwilling Customer service...

Mohamed on June 05, 2013:

ebay is just the worst website i have ever seen in my life .they don't care about the sellers what so ever .they just want to suck the sellers blood and after a while guess what ? your account will get suspended or blocked .my account got blocked because i had a pre-order and some of the stupid buyers did not read my description and opened cases with ebay .and the freaking ebay removed my listing and contacted so many buyer and told them to open a case with ebay .so they can find an excuse to block my account after i paid them $ 900 .

madhusudhanan on February 18, 2013:

thanks mate,

the article was really useful , a buyer bought from me and did not pay.. when asked him to pay he said he had four days and ebay also accepted and when i requested again he left a negative feedback and i was not able to because there were only two options like postive or ill leave feedback later... so i replied to that feedback like " you are the worst member of the eBay community... dont cheat others".. hell now that shows in my feedback as a reply but, when a buyer goes through my feedback he will notice the reply first and i have been called a cheat many times....

this article was really helpful.. i wish many people come to know about this.. am not able to forward this message, but i'll make sure everyone of my friend reads it..

Thanks a lot mate,

SHAR NOR from Miami, FL on February 12, 2013:

Thanks, how about eBay?

Jim on February 12, 2013:

Paypal is A ripoff. Don't use it

SHAR NOR from Miami, FL on February 11, 2013:

My friends account was suspended on eBay with a reason of security concern and until now, she never found out what this was all about. Any clue?

Kit from Catsville on January 04, 2013:

If everyone just stuck to leaving good positive feedback like shown here: http://hub.me/a6ANL we would all be ok! thanks

boutselis on December 08, 2012:

I just had a part come back for a refund. it wasn't my part but what am I going to do about it. as soon (or if) the economy actually gets better I'm probably out of ebay. its nerve racking and full of crooks. ebay is like a crappy city. once the word gets out that its a safe place for rats then all of them start going there and the city ends up like camden NJ. full of crooks, including the ones who run and protect it.

smul4117 on December 05, 2012:

Not to mention all the return fraud and how you are mad to feel you are at fault instead of a victim of return fraud and then what do they say "they'll make a ONE time EXCEPTION" well what about the next time it happens then I won't be covered? Very shady company. Never helps or sides with sellers.

Smul4117 on December 05, 2012:

I had awwsome customer service, is a say very close to 100%, I log in one I day and my account was suspended. So I call ebay and ask what is going on and they say "we just want to know where you're getting the stuff you' selling" WHAT???? I was a private, small seller selling my used stuff. I had about $800 that they took. A bunch of BS!

abay on November 22, 2012:

Ebay and paypal are only sucking sellers blood for nothing ,most important thing is theirany real alternative ? , thery are virtual monoply and they are aware of that and they exploit this in their favour against sellers

tim on October 25, 2012:

trouble is you even point out the truth in this in almost any forum ad get slapped down hard by some ebay sucker upper.

I have a rating of 2000+ and don't bother selling anymore as it aint worth it.

dejected seller(s) on September 09, 2012:

A former room mate logged into my account, he then changed the user email to his....an email that eBay kicked off...I know I know, he is a moronic idiot and I have since stopped speaking to him! Anyway they kicked me off, my sister in California, my nephew who had auctions running, another nephew who had not used his account for two years...all because we had looked at our auctions on each others computers. DO NOT ...DO NOT... let anyone log into their eBay or PayPal account or ever log in at someone else s computer. They removed me from PayPal and never gave me a reason except that I was affiliated with someone...someone whose computer I had logged in at to check a PayPal payment while I was watching their kids for an hour. They are like a Monopoly and running their company like the auction Nazi!

paulo on August 03, 2012:

I've just spent nearly an hour trying to get negative feedback from a buyer who simply reneged on their purchase. I immediately refunded them. They changed their mind again and wanted the item, but I'd already relisted and sold it, as it was a great deal and I underpriced it. The buyer is smart and have listed themselves privately so its impossible even to refer to them on the feedback forum. Ebay behaves like a passive-agressive bully and I'm now looking for an alternative to use for selling things.

Pissed ebayer on June 27, 2012:

You forgot to mention, to become or maintain your power seller and top rated status you must ship the item within 1 day of the purchase and have a tracking number uploaded. If you offer free shipping for your items and ship using a normal envelope and stamp your SOL because you are required to use a tracking number. The cheapest way to ship with a tracking number is 1.95. If your items sell for 2.50 and you offer free shipping which now costs you 1.95. So your really making .60 per item minus fees which leaves you with about .30 per item

Lori on May 15, 2012:

What are we suppose to use now? ugh

jerseys4kids.com (author) from Vancouver / Bangkok on April 17, 2012:


This is such a common story, it is likely that more than half of the cases of so called eBay fraud, are caused by Paypal and eBay. A seller may be doing business as usual, with no cause for concern, when all of a sudden Paypal and eBay choke off their funds, the seller has to decide to send out the items, and wait at least 6 months to get the money from Paypal, or simply not send them and let the customer deal with eBay and Paypal for a refund. Then eBay and Paypal will tell the customer that the seller was a scammer, and that they were only protecting them. The don't tell the customer that they are the ones that caused the problem in the first place.

James on April 17, 2012:

I have had an Ebay account with 100% feedback and seemed to have no problems, after 3 months and selling around 500 items having to give away atleast 10 - 20% to not get a negative feedback paypal and Ebay decide to ban my account and destroy my business, a customer messaged me saying ebay told them I was a scammer basically and they should open a case, I had around 30 items I could not send out and now everyday I am receiving negative feedbacks as I can't send items out and people are dissapointed. Never again.

sharewhatuknow from Western Washington on March 29, 2012:

Great hub. After reading this, I am definitely going to sell only on eBid.net.

Freak a bunch of ebay.

Voted up, useful and awesome.

Chris on March 23, 2012:

Yeah. they play dirty pool. after three years (and six accounts) i finally had the nuts to call them today. I am not allowed to sell in a certain category for 30 days. this category is my bread and butter. i got super helpful britney on the phone, which didn't mean shit..she didn't have access to "real reasons" why my selling is limited. and i got a gruff lesbian, or man on speed, im not sure which.,..and they said they would "review it"...finally, after the 30 days turned into 50...squeaky wheel gets the greasing. Having them interrogate the hell out of you is frustrating, a bit...but once i started calling them, i cut thru some of the BS. Ebay and paypal has been GROSSLY unfair thieves, over the last 3-4 years..and this year...they are giving more reasons for what they do. at least paypal is....im waiting for a reply from ebay...she/he kept yelling "BE PATIENT" like a mantra....uh..i was patient...

MrsDibbles from Barrow in Furness on March 17, 2012:

When you pay to list an item on Ebay you expect to get fair & equal exposure. You dont. Top Sellers get the most exposure. & if theres been a problem with a previous sale (which may not be your fault), you`ll lose even more exposure. If you find that your gorgeous items are selling for peanuts or not at all, its due to this. Its grossly unfair. In good faith, Sellers use Ebay to sell. Ebay dont tell you how much exposure they allow you (if any) when they take your money. In other words, you may not be getting what you're paying for.

Matt on December 17, 2011:


southerngrits on November 05, 2011:

Why can't eBay be "just a venue" again? It is obvious to me that eBay has an agenda to get rid of small sellers. Bad sellers will put themselves out of business without eBay's interference.

I bought a CD on eBay recently. Just wrote the seller a polite FYI note that they did not grade it correctly. I did not want to return it or open a case. I had no intention of leaving any kind of feedback. I paid little and told them it was well worth the price. BOOM...2 seconds later I had a refund in my Paypal account with a note to keep the CD as a gift. How can people stay in business when they are this afraid?

Mike on October 23, 2011:

Ebay are rip offs

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