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Earn Money Sitting at Home!

Hi, I am business developing advisor, I have choosen few websites where you can opt to earn cash!


Earning money has been in the roots of our mind. So, here I would be sharing you with some of places/websites were you can visit and earn a good amount of cash! Getting your time wasted instead you can invest into a good way. So, I am going to share seven websites through which you can feebly earn cash.


If you are writing lover, it is the perfect place where you can thrive to earn money. But for that publish frequent articles/forums/discussions. Hubpages gives $1 for 300 views of your article, the article that you are going to publish should have more than 700 words in length and need to be featured by the edior of hubpages. For an article to be featured in Hubpages website, it should have good traffic and links should be used considering the content that you are hoping to publish.

It nearly takes a day for hubpages to review your article, if it has been featured you can submit it to its networking site.

Personally, I had published an article for 883 words on this site for which I received $0.01 in three days.

2.You Tube

As all of us are known, it is an online platform where you can upload videos and earn. However, this being said, the video you want to upload should have high quality as there are millions of new channel launced every second.

In order to get your channel monetize you should have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time. But don't lose hope, you can achieve even more, just use right tags, high definition thumbnail and correct channel name, once your channel get monetized you can earn more than $30 per video.


If you love designing, you can sell your designs for free. Spreadshirt is an online shopping store which provide users an opportunity to sell their designs for clothes or accessories, simply open an online store or showroom and sell! It is a print-demand process so you can pretty much earn royalty, if your design has an appealing look.

After having your designs ready, you can advertise it through any online platforms you opt for. A perfect place to advertise is google ads where you can pay few dollars and carry out with the process. If you have your account on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc you can sell your products there too.


Upwork is also a site where you can earn cash as a freelancer, or as an expert content writer. Simply sign in and create your personal account, set your required hourly rate( for example: $33, hourly rate). One need to correctly create their profile, so as to attract clients to hold you for their jobs. You can easily earn job depending on your expertise and as a freelancer. Whenever, a client is searching for a freelancer, an email notification would be sent to you as a glimpse of information. If you sign a contract you will be able to receive royalty, minimum check out is $100 or more.

5. Green Panthera

It is also an online survey platform where you can sign up to carry several online surveys, you can receive at least $0.5 per survey. Simply by signing in you can earn a bonus of $5. They ask for paypal account, if you are not a residence of US, If you are then the money can be send through check as well. Emails will be send to your account whenever a new survey is conducted. For some users it will be quite uncomfortable like me to have got frequent notifications but it is worthwhile.

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It is also a platform where you can submit your videos(upload) and get paid, the minimum checkout is $100,paypal account is required for transaction, as all of us are known, it does not cover a wide range of audience but still you can hope to earn cash as there are no criteria such as you need to have 1000 subscribers or 4000 watch time.

7.Notion Press

It is a publishing site where you can publish your book for free and even hire a publisher. I personally had three of my books published there namely" Rain", "Abandoned"and "Two" at free cost. When you sign in for first time, one of their publisher will contact you through calls/WhatsApp/emails according to your convenience. You can create your author account and sell your books, royalty will be given per book sales. Write a great content and publish it, advertise it so, it can achieve sales.

So, start don't wait for a particular age to earn!!!

Don't waste time!

© 2020 Ngangom Kailash


Ngangom Kailash (author) from India on August 25, 2020:

Thanks Daisy Balaga and frans Johana

Daisy Balaga on August 25, 2020:

Hello Ngangom. This is indeed a very informative write up. I am starting VA professional based in Dubai and a few tasks herein are part of my modules in my short -term course so it was really relatable.

frans Johanna on August 25, 2020:


Ngangom Kailash (author) from India on August 23, 2020:

Thank you Tammy Frost Winters for commenting. I much appreciate your effort!

Tammy Winters from Oregon on August 23, 2020:

Thanks for sharing tips on making money online. Very helpful.

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