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Earn Money With Car Advertising

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Car advertising puts extra money in your pocket every month. It is easy and almost anyone can do it.

Drivers spend a lot of time in their cars. Driving to and from work, to the supermarket, visiting friends, and running errands all add up to about two hours per day inside the car.

Why not make money while in the car?

With car advertising programs, it is easy to make money by adding a sticker or wrap to your vehicle.

The following companies are legitimate car wrap offers available to drivers looking to make extra income.


StickerRide is used by more than 40,000 people in the U.S. and Europe.

Drivers can register their vehicles and choose from a list of active campaigns to start making money.

StickerRide pays drivers for every mile they drive within a specified radius.

Earn extra money completing “quests” and “flashmobs” which include tasks like taking a photo of your car in front of a specific landmark or location.



Wrapify advertisers are paid weekly via direct deposit.

Enjoy short campaigns and professional customer service with Wrapify.

Download the app, register as a driver, and the app tracks your driving habits to find campaigns that meet your needs.

Place the ads on your car, drive, and earn money. It is really that easy.

New drivers must drive a 2010 or new vehicle. A background check is also required. Drivers can earn $196 to $452 per month with Wrapify. The actual amount differs from campaign to campaign.


A Delaware-based advertising company, Carvertise was founded in 2012.

Carvertise matches drivers with companies in their area. Install the wraps on the vehicle, drive as normal, and get paid.

Campaigns with Carvertise pay $100 per month. Most last three months but some last substantially longer.

Drivers can earn extra money by completing other tasks. And, drivers have the option to accept or decline campaigns at their discretion.

Carvertise drivers must commit to driving at least 30-miles per day. Anyone driving less than 30-miles is not considered for a position.


What Kind of Ads Will be Placed on Your Car?

The campaign and company determine the type of ad placed on your car. Some companies use decals while others use vinyl car wrappings. Most companies use the latter wrap because they look more realistic.

Ads are family-friendly and cover either a small or large portion of the vehicle. Wraps and stickers easily remove from the vehicle when the campaign is over or before if you quit the campaign.

Choosing a Car Wrap Company

Car wrap scams are out there. It is imperative that you research opportunities before jumping right into the deal to avoid these scams. The car wrapping opportunities above are legitimate. Register with one of those options to avoid any scams.

When searching for other car wrapping opportunities, keep the following information in mind.

  • Do not pay any registration or application fees
  • Look for companies that have requirements in place
  • Background checks are mandatory with most legitimate providers
  • Good customer service is important
  • The company should offer a formal application process
  • The company should offer free car wrapping application and removal

More Ways to Make Money With Your Car

As long as you own a car you can find ways to earn extra money.

Do not limit your making money opportunities with car advertising gigs alone when there are tons more money-making opportunities available.

Driving for an app-sharing service is the most popular way to earn money with a car. Thousands of people work for these app companies and make good tips.

As an app-sharing driver, you deliver food from local restaurants. Drivers earn tips and sometimes even bonuses. Uber Eats and Door Dash are two popular app-sharing companies.

Additional ways to earn money with your vehicle include:

- RideShare programs

- Cargo/moving services

- Provide local transportation service

- Drive for a medical transportation company

- Run errands for people in the neighborhood


Make Money With Your Car

Maximize earnings by trying out a few options listed above. You will only know what you like and what earns the most money when you try a few ideas. With a little time and effort, turning your car into a money-making machine is simple.

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Interesting to know, but I don't drive alot.

Well written.

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Interesting to know, but I don't drive alot.

Well written.

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