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Earn Money Transcribing Audio

someone is typing on a laptop

someone is typing on a laptop

What is Transcribing?

Transcribing is turning conversations or speeches from videos into written form so others can read what they are saying. There are people who have audios that they want to transcribe and they don't have the time to do that themselves. That's why they hired people to do that for them.

You Can Make Money Transcribing

You can transcribe audio and get paid. If you can type very fast and accurately, be able to pay attention long enough to hear what someone is saying and have patience as well, you may be able to enjoy transcribing jobs. You can set up shop for yourself by building a website, and getting the word out there that you are willing to do some transcribing work for a fee.

You can even work for a company where you will be an employee for them or even an independent contractor and earn some extra money for these online companies for starters. You can transcribe different audios from the courtrooms, classrooms, doctors' offices, stadiums, interviews, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection, a laptop or desktop computer, and headphones are the minimum to get started to do this type of work. What happens if you have no experience? No problem. There are companies that be willing to train you to be able to do the task, or you can sign up for a transcription class to get the feel and training for the work.

Here are a few companies that you can try to get started.

black headphones against white background

black headphones against white background


Rev is a transcription company that does take in beginners and gets them started to do the job. All you have to do is to sign up and follow the instructions given to you. After you set up, you can start with your training and after your training is complete, you get transcription jobs. You can get audio videos that can be over a minute long and get paid somewhere between $ 0.30 to $1.10 per audio or video minute. You can even do the captioning job and even subtitle work as well. You will be considered a freelancer and can choose which jobs you want to do and how often as well. You can get paid by Paypal and you will need an internet connection, computer or laptop, and a headphone.

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TranscribeMe is another transcription company that you can sign up for. After signing up, they will ask you to complete an exam to see if you will be qualified to do the work. If you pass, you get training and then after training get started to accept jobs. If you fail the exam, you can re-apply after 30 days. You will be considered a freelancer and thus you will have more freedom to choose the jobs you do and how often you do them. You will transcribe clips as long as 2 minutes and all you need is an internet connection and a computer. You can earn more money by doing legal and medical transcription which requires more training. You get paid by Paypal.


Daily Transcription is a transcription company where you can get paid transcribing audio, captioning and translating. When you sign up for the company, follow the instructions they may have and get ready to do a test to see if you can able to do the work. f you pass, you can get started with training and then start transcribing some work. If you fail, you can reapply for your application after 30 days. You will be a freelancer working, which gives you the freedom to choose how much and how often you work. You can also get work as a captioner, or if you can be able to transcribe Spanish, you can be a Spanish transcriptionist. You will need an internet connection and headphones. It is also recommended to get a foot pedal and transcription software. You can pay by check if you live in U.S or Canada. Other payment arrangements are arranged if you live in other countries.


GoTranscript is a transcription company where you can also apply to work as a transcriptionist. You will be working as a freelancer and work as much as you want and you get to choose the projects that you want to work on. You will get feedback on the work that you do so if there are any mistakes you can correct them in future work. You will need an internet connection, a computer, a laptop and a foot pedal. You get paid by Paypal.

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