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ENTJ careers to avoid

Don't choose a dead end job because of money

Don't choose a dead end job because of money

If you're an ENTJ, chances are that your career is important to you. You want your career path to be like a story about you, because life is one, and your actions are a representation of who you are.

It is often written in MBTI profiles that ENTJs have high standards for everything, and their job is subject to those high standards. If they don't feel competent, independent, self-governed and recognized, they'll feel pretty much worthless. ENTJs want to make a big impact around them and they usually like it to be visible and/or appreciated. They don't like to deal with details much and they hate bureaucracy.

Worst ENTJ careers

With all that in mind, it's easy to see which careers would make ENTJs feel bored, unhappy or stuck:

  • church employee (by statistics ENTJs are one of the most anti-religious types, and they would almost certainly feel bored or stuck in a job like this)
  • makeup artist, fashion designer or similar jobs (sensing personalities should in theory be more interested in these kinds of jobs, and ENTJs usually care more about that vision in their head than what kind of shoes they are wearing that day. Female ENTJs might as well find themselves in a job like this, but a male ENTJ - highly unlikely)
  • nurse (ENTJs care for people in a different - big picture way)
  • inspector or policeman (these kinds of careers require lots of attention to detail and too much detail bores an ENTJ. An ENTJ would rather be a detective - because of the thrill of solving cases by thinking up new options)
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  • bank clerk, office worker and similar jobs (bureaucracy is not something ENTJs like, and you'd also be surprised to hear it but too much structure and order is not what ENTJs want either, even though they are Js)

I hope these few careers that I have listed give you a general idea of which careers ENTJs should avoid. Those are mainly detail oriented jobs, careers that require lots of emoting or careers that don't have well defined goals.

Here you can see a list of good ENTJ careers and jobs.

If you're picking your first job I have a word of advice for you. Don't get fooled by money. Always pick a job that offers growth in the long term over a secure well paid dead end job. Security sounds great but it can make sure you never live up to your full potential and that's a waste.


Emma on March 31, 2015:

I'm so confused. I have taken the test many times and every single time I get ENTJ. I work at my church now and I love it. Im going to school to be make up artist and would love to do more fashion down the road. It is true that I would make a terrible nurse though. I'm not saying this representation is wrong, just that maybe I don't fit the type correctly. People say I am a great leader, and I believe them, however I don't strive to be one. While I may have that gift, I prefer not to be the leader.

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