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E-Commerce: How Can You Do Your Business on the Internet: And Earn Money


The growing Fame or popularity of online  trade (businesses) in the World specially in Pakistan is no longer hidden from anyone.

Just make an acount of your online store at home, stock multiple products in it and then sell your favorite items to your customers through worldwide delivery.


There are many ways to get money. This is also possible with the card and mobile banking can be used and if not all of this then the option of cash on delivery ie the time to receive the price has not gone anywhere.

How it is possible

It is so easy, to unterstant it we should try to understand this latest way of doing business.

What Is Scope?


Badr Khushnood, a digital strategist and former Google representative in Pakistan, says, “A small business, one-man show, if well-planned, sells products worth a million, two million or more online in at least a month. can do.'

It was a matter of expertise, but we met Laviza Basharat in Islamabad, who, after completing her four-year degree, started working as usual in an office, but soon realized that this was not her job He is destined to do his job.

"The result I got was relatively better than my old job," says Laviza bashara. In such a way that in a short time I have made more profit than that.

In other words, she is earning better money from her job from 9am to 5pm through her online business in which she spends her time willingly and happily without any pressure.


If you look at the data released by the SBP a year ago, it is clear that there have been at least 600 to 700 million dollars in online transactions in Pakistan.

Badr Khushnood says that last year, "the industry estimates that we will sell more than a billion dollars this year."

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How to run a successful online business?

When you open a shop or business, you have to tell people that your business is open in a certain place and what is available in it.

For this purpose, you put up advertisements on the streets, distribute pamphlets in the houses or even run advertisements on TV or radio if you have more money.

In the same way, by opening an online e-commerce website, you can reach people all over the world. First thing is you buy a domain and it is your website. If you don't want to do all this, the simple solution is to create your own Facebook page and reach out to Facebook users. Facebook provides customized pages for online businesses.

Starting your eCommerce business on Facebook means that you are opening your store in a popular shopping center where a large number of people are present or coming and going and they can also see your business. This is called impression in the language of Facebook.


Whenever you've made your site or web-based media page, the subsequent stage is the thing that items you will offer. You want to sell soap or clothes like Louisa Basharat or you think you have something very unique that you can make and sell.

Possible ways to recover after sales

There are many online platforms for this purpose but you just have to pay a monthly fee. Doing so not only helps to improve the visibility of the item but also provides a built-in payment system.

Shapiro and WooCommerce are very popular on these popular platforms. But there are many other platforms available that you can easily use to sell your wares online.

And if not here's a new product just for you! It not only provides you with a money transaction system but also helps you with better inventory of your products i.e. their quantity and quantity. That is, it works with you as an assistant in the store.

The second way is to build the website according to your wishes and desires and then create an online payment system.

How will the money come?

This is the most important question because you are doing all this work to make money.

The easiest way to receive money is via credit or debit card, ie online payment. However, the problem is that a large number of people do not have a debit or credit card.

You can also collect money from customers in your account for which they have to transfer money from online banking or ATM to your account.

Another way is to collect money through mobile. Mobile companies are running money transactions through their credit system as Telenor's system in Pakistan is 'Easy Money' or Jazz's system is 'Jazz Cash'.


Cash on delivery

Numerous individuals around the globe are hesitant to shop on the web. What they want to order is not delivered in the shape and color or quality as seen in the picture on the website. And in Pakistan, where digital literacy is very low, the incidence of such looting is very high and there is no proper and effective system of justice.

If you pay, they will hardly get back.

Money down framework is mainstream in Pakistan. Pack the order you receive from your customers and deliver it to the customer through a delivery or courier company. The customer will receive it and pay the money to the delivery or courier company which will deduct your dues from it and pay you your money.

For this purpose you will have to open a cash on delivery account with these courier companies. This is a very simple process in which you go to the delivery company and give them your bank account number and give them your address and they receive your order from you on a daily basis. On which the receipt is affixed. Includes the price of the items to be delivered and the delivery charges. Many online businesses include the price of the item in the price of the item, while many people set the price separately and the delivery charges separately.

Pakistan Post also offers cash on delivery. Apart from this, TCS Couriers, Leopards Couriers and MNP Couriers are prominent companies that provide this service. Recently, the famous transport company Daewoo also launched a cash-on-delivery system.

Who can start e-commerce?

E-commerce can be started by anyone who has something to sell.

Badar Khushnood says, "Especially small businesses that have their products in a store but are not able to sell it and have stocks, e-commerce is the fastest way to reach customers."

"It simply came to our notice then. The best thing of it is that you do not need a shop for it," he says. All you have to do is make the product, take care of the quality. And to target the right customers.

How is digital marketing?

After understanding the comparison of a shop in a shopping center with a shop in the market, we now understand how Facebook is a huge platform with over 15 million people from Pakistan. On the other hand, Google is also a great platform on which you can advertise.

Just like you print banners, posters or pamphlets for a store, you can advertise your products on Facebook and Google.


The advantage of this digital or social media marketing is that you can limit your users. For example, if you want to sell your product only in Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi and you want it to reach only women between the ages of twenty and forty, this is possible.

What are the guidelines?

The biggest guideline in this case is how effective you can make your message. It should be such that if you see it yourself on the internet, you will like it.

Then it is the turn of different people who have made great strides in this work.

They all agree that your pictures should be very beautiful, of course you are selling a mug or a spoon.

But the image should be realistic so that the customer can form a realistic opinion about the quality, color and size.

The biggest challenge

Badar Khushnood says, "Our education system is very inefficient. I can honestly say that I studied here. I have studied in schools, colleges, universities of Pakistan.

Where can a customer, new entrant or old entrepreneur get basic information and technical support to bring their business to e-commerce?

Khushnood says, "There are some important methods for solving this too that how the people can improve it. A program of the federal government Digi Skills and e-employment of the Punjab government. You can go there and learn a lot online.


Badr also suggested that "one of the certifications that I would recommend to everyone to read about is Google Analytics."

It can help a business improve its website.

And Google and YouTube are a great resource but also a treasure trove of information with information on every topic and tool and answers to many questions. And it's free. "

Top tips

We asked both Badr Khoshnood and Louisa Basharat what tips they would give to our readers.


So the advice from Louisa Gospel to remember is that in the beginning, when you start any work, you don't get that response. But this is my message to all those who are doing this. That they should not hesitate at all, should not lose their confidence at all. keep up the good work. Because over time, you get a better response. Don't be discouraged right away. If you keep working on it, you will definitely get results.


As Badr Khoshnood puts it, Badr Khoshnood's advice is, "E-commerce doesn't just mean creating an online store. To reap the full benefits of e-commerce, you need to remember the traditional ways of doing business." They will have to rebuild and run their own e-commerce business, for example; digital marketing, supply chain management, and customer service.

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