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Does Kroger Drug Test Employees

When you dream of getting employed in Kroger, you equally think of the basic qualification requirements.

Kroger, the largest grocery chain company in America with over two thousand, nine hundred branches in 35 states in the United States, has over 500,000 employees, working both on a full-time and part-time basis.


As an applicant aiming to get a job at Kroger, you may be wondering what the screening process is like.

Kroger, while recruiting workers, does not only scrutinize applicants based on criminal history, but also drug test the prospective workers.

In some states, Kroger stores do not carry out drug tests on applicants during the recruitment exercise. Such a test comes up only when there is a need for it. For instance, if a store manager suspects that an employee has a questionable character, he would subject such an employee to a drug test.

Kroger's ethical code of conduct made it mandatory for all employees, whether full-time or part-time, to live up to the highest moral, legal, and ethical standards.

Kroger drug test

As long as you remain in Kroger, you are bound to run a drug test, whether occasioned by an event or just a random test.

From time to time, Kroger conducts drug tests on its workers and contractors. This drug test is the sole responsibility of the managers of the various stores.

Having said this, here are some issues that could lead to drug tests:

  • While screening applicants.
  • When you have abnormal behavior.
  • When you are involved in an accident.
  • Random drug test.

While Screening Applicants: If you apply for a job in Kroger, be rest assured that you would be drug tested, either before the first interview or during the interview.

When You Have An Abnormal Behavior: If you are suspected of being under the influence of drugs, or rather consistent with drug abuse, the store manager of your branch will subject you to a drug test.

At this point, you need not say no to the drug test, or else you lose your job.

When You Are Involved In An Accident: Kroger cares much about the safety of its workers. It is the company's policy that an employee who has an accident in the course of performing his official duty shall be subjected to a drug test.

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If an employee injures himself, a colleague, or a customer, the store manager would subject such employee to a drug test. This is to ascertain if the employee did the act under the influence of drugs.

Random Drug Tests

Based on its policy, Kroger could select at random, employees that would go for a drug test. This random selection depends totally on the discretion of the managers.

In Kroger, nobody is exempted from the drug test. Not even the managers or any other higher rank officers are excluded from this exercise. Whether you are working on a part-time basis, or full-time, you are bound to be drug-tested.

How Kroger Drug Tests Employees:

Kroger needs not take your blood sample to carry out a medical examination to ascertain if you are a drug addict. It would simply take your saliva with a cotton bud, and take it to the laboratory for the test.

This drug test could unravel the quantity of drug intake in your body system, even if it has taken three days since the substance was consumed.

Having taken the saliva sample, the drug test would only take 24 hours for the result to emerge. The decision on where the drug test would be conducted lies with the store manager.

States That Do Not Allow Drug Test: Even as Kroger employs only those who are drug-tested, some States are exempted from this drug test. These states that legalized marijuana are excluded:

  • Connecticut
  • Arizona
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Colorado

What To Do To Pass Kroger Drug Test

You could be the type that like taking drugs, and at the same time wants to get employed at Kroger Drugs. You may also be wondering how possible it could be. These tips could help you to improve your chances to get employed:

  • Do not take drugs at least, a week before your interview
  • Wash your mouth and brush your tongue thoroughly three times daily.
  • Get from the market, saliva-neutralizing products. This could help you, mostly if you are invited for a drug test. This product could neutralize the number of drugs in your saliva for thirty minutes.

Moreover, if you are addicted to drugs, it's better you refrain from them, as soon as your interview approaches, else you have yourself to blame.

Nevertheless, you can write to Kroger, if you believe that there is an error in your drug test. Kroger will listen to you, and repeat the test. If the result happens to be negative, then you will be offered the job, but if it remains the same, you will not get the job.

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