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Do you think that you are too old to prosper?


Most of us become so depressed and lose confidence quickly after seeing a few failures. Some of us would not even think of doing anything valuable and continually reminding ourselves that they cannot prosper at any age. A type of thought that haunts older people more because they are sure that they could not do anything worthy in their life.

Therefore, the only option that you have is to give up on what you do. Just stop there and listen to people who inspire you even after their 90 years of age. These people never give up, and when rejected many times, they will repeatedly try until accepted.

Are you an aspiring writer but rejected all the time and concluded that you would never get acceptance. Nevertheless, people out there live to inspire you and want to tell you never too late for any dreams to prosper. Why do people find excuses to get away from trying anything sensible? Say in a family, a close relative is always trying to flourish, and the others around this person expect to help them.

If I were you, expecting help without trying myself, I would embarrass myself at the highest level. I am a person who wants to believe in me; therefore, I will never go behind anyone asking for additional help. However, in business, we all t say that we need help if you see no success. That is a different aspect of a business. You set your business on your own, managing it financially, physically, and emotionally.

Usually, they need some help running a business, if not challenging, to grow the business. Here, I am talking about lazy individuals not trying anything for themselves and expecting others' help for their prosperity. The individuals who desire help from others have to try to learn hard everything and seek advice if they have the right mindset.


I want to remind myself about my past; I lived most of my life alone, even though I was married but did not help my partner. The only person who helped me was my father. That was when I was young. It is undeniable that he showed me the path to achieve whatever I can, even at this stage.

I chose accountancy and studied on my own passed the exams. I have to say that my father was the proudest person of all my people around me. Then I found the job. I got married with no help, set up my home, and brought up my children. I have no worries about them now, as they are all okay. I started my brand new projects five years with no help, no advice taught myself, and doing it today, and I feel proud of myself.

I am not a young person, working so hard, hoping I will see great success one day. The best part about me is I never think that I am old, and I feel young at heart that inspires me to work hard. I read the inspiring stories that give me the extra strength to work harder. I am so grateful to read people's stories that they live to inspire others; besides, they have inspired themselves.

Therefore, I can conclude age cannot stop you from flourishing unless you want to stop. Success is one forward determination until you reach your goal. If you have confidence, you will contact the finish line with a positive attitude to make it there. Do not worry about the slow progression; think that is an advancement when you do consistently?


People are always there to doubt your abilities, but it can affect you only if you allow it. The power of passion and determination should be there in you to overcome that. Do not forget that you are the best person to believe in you. Moreover, when you start to doubt, just put that behind you and think about the hard work you have put in so far and do not lose that. Step a little further, and you will soon achieve what your heart desires.


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