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Do you lose faith in yourself when no success at all?


Do you lose faith in yourself when no success at all?

My opinion about success is first you get recognition and then win in terms of money. When you are in business, if no one appreciates your work makes, you feel depressed, and you tend to lose yourself. You might not like to leave the company entirely, but you work for the sake of working that will not impress anyone in the end. You must not expect recognition from anyone and start to think about yourself.

Do you realize people out there ready to put you down in every way, especially when they know that you are mentally weak? So why do you become mentally weak?

There few reasons for it:

  • You do not see success in anything you do.
  • When you try alternatives, you do not see any positives there too.
  • There no one to speak your mind about your issues. Further, you suffer from the fear that people will move away from you.
  • You doubt your knowledge keep comparing yourself with others.
  • Find it difficult to finance your necessities.
  • Too scared to spend the little money that you have at present.
  • There is no way of getting any funding for your project.

How to find a solution for your problem?

First, let me analyze why people have fallen into this mess just after entering into a venture. I can show you an enormous amount of reasons but like to point out that spending money in the wrong way ends up losing all the funds you had to spend on your project. Then people spend money and time to produce something that nobody wants without realizing the time is money.

I understand the immediate solution is to find funding for your problems to start all over again. The best way to find a solution is to ask for financial help from your relatives who have a little bit of respect for you. Do not ever approach anyone you know because they will reply to you so you can break you down more. You broke down, so keep away from people of that caliber.

Start to do your google search and apply for many places as much as possible eventually, after hard work, and you might find a way to overcome your hardship. If someone lends you some money to fund your project, make your budget to keep everything under control. Remember, you will put yourself in severe trouble if you spend that fund without acquiring any revenue.

We all know easy to spend money but hard to make money, so the only way to control it by setting the budget and following that. By doing like that soon, you will find some small relief in having some extra money for your emergencies to save from losing your hard work. Therefore, you have acquired another set of skills to manage your money correctly in your project.

The other crucial skill to prosper is learning new things, and you will gain knowledge & power, besides learning from your failure. When you start all over again, you will have funds, time, and more experienced, and, importantly, patience. Ultimately, all that gives you success and you do not have to lose faith in yourself or do not have to leave everything and become more depressed. So, learn to fight the failures to achieve success, which comes after many failures.

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