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Do Not Depend on a Single Paycheck, Have Multiple Incomes

A long time ago I was given one of the best Advice from an elderly woman.

‘’Don’t live your life off a single paycheck”

Now and then I would remember her words, thinking to myself what does a seventy-plus years old woman know about holding multiple jobs. To make matters worse how can she be telling me, a working man, able-bodied young energetic, ambitious and, competent to not depend on one income?

Rarely will you find landlords giving any form of Advice, They are only fixated on one thing, and that is ensuring they get what is due to them at the end of the month, which is just my opinion. I can recall during a conversation she made mention when she used to travel in her younger years, she would look for work regularly.


Her Job experience

Even though she had a primary job, it was simply not enough for her. She would leave and go to another job at the end of every shift.
‘’ I barely got much time to rest during the week,” she said. But she had absolutely no regrets; she built a house which she shared with her late husband. Years after I’m one of the many tenants living there and one of her best I was told, I’m a quiet person mysterious in some ways, no complaints, just a humble guy who likes to mind his own business.

The reason i was told to not depend on one paycheck

Though we did not share words regularly I was curious to know more about her life. I later learned she owned other houses, a bus and she also had a farm. I was starting to see the pattern the other houses were rented and the bus was mainly used to transport goods. She was always on the move, and she’s all about business.

At her age, she had multiple incomes she doesn’t struggle as much as the average person. She didn’t have to worry about where the payment is coming from; she had all her ducks in a row, not all of her eggs, were in one basket.

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I was inspired

It is that single Advice I use for motivation to this very day. I am employed, but I’m always looking for ways to make extra money, we’re living in modern a time which makes it easier for an individual to earn a few dollars and not just depend on a single salary.

I choose the route of an entrepreneur with my career choice of a graphic designer I’m able to do so much more than just sitting at my desk from nine to five, I do freelance work:
• Create a poster.
• Business cards
• Digital art
• Logo
• T-shirt design
• Create content for social media.


Enjoy freelance work

Blogging has also become one of my favorite ways of earning money remotely. I enjoy writing about my experiences and things I’m passionate about. The income from writing may not be in abundance at times but as the saying goes “every penny counts.”
I truly enjoy creating T-shirts and selling them online, I get a warm fuzzy feeling when someone purchases my design, and it’s nice to know that I have some money accumulating that I can withdraw soon.

I can just imagine what things would be like if we had more people earning from multiple incomes instead of waiting weekly and monthly to get paid from one job.

We should have been taught at school

Life would be sweet, no worries, not much complaining. Generations to come would live life without limits. Growing up some of us was never taught how to be an entrepreneur; we were just given traditional education to prepare us for the working world.

I think I’m one of the lucky ones who were enlightened by an elderly woman who inspired me to seek alternative means of earning money. There is nothing wrong with having plenty of money; it’s a way to secure oneself financially. I wish this were a part of the curriculums we learned during school.

I strongly believe now that was what my landlord was trying to tell me. That at my age I have so much potential, She said she likes to see young people moving up in the world, If she could accomplish so much, so can anyone else.

© 2021 Andre Mckay

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