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Do I See Any Progression in My Work and Myself in 2020?


I have to admit that I have worked harder and better than last year because I see my job list every day and change my work style. I developed new strategies in my work, such as writing more articles almost daily, improved in using social media, etc. I also found new ways of doing things, particularly in promoting my work, but it still needs improvement.

I have not reached a good progression in myself, worrying most of the time, mostly about a couple of things, illness, and peace of mind, and of course, finance as well. I am a person who overly thinks and worries myself unnecessarily. I try to improve by saying my prayers most of the time in the day. I can cook well, but I live on my own, so I do not do much cooking. Whenever I cook, that will be for my children. I spend my time every day doing my work.

I have done many new things this year, so I am happy and proud of that. Created many online courses, people started buying it moving up slowly, and I hope that will show more improvements next year. Online course creation is so much hard work, but I enjoy it. The most significant achievement I have is I love what I do, so there is no chance at all for me to give up for any reason unless I become seriously ill.

One of the other best things that I have done I hosted a few webinars this year but failed. I found it hard to set up as I do not have any help in my work. That said, an ex-colleague of mine did the presentation along with me. That was a great joy for me because I felt so proud that working alone itself an achievement, but hosting webinars is excellent.


I am a self-studier; whether learning to write, using social media platforms, dealing with websites and computer issues handled all that independently. Even though I do everything myself, I know there is a lot more to learn in the internet business. You have to be good at automating things, knowing more about practical and easy ways to carry out tasks.

I have been thinking about guest posting and could not do it last year. However, in 2019 I have written so many posts and used those for guest posting. I have to say I was so frightened about guest posting, but I feel very comfortable with it. I do the work all seven days rarely missed doing the job because of family functions. Because of social media, I reached a bit of popularity a little more than last year.

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The only issue I worry about is I do not mix around with anyone from this industry. I have not gone to single networking meeting the whole of last year due to mostly because I am an introvert and lack time due to family commitments. A person working on the internet has to meet with people from the same industry. If not, they become lonely and affect the quality of the work. Therefore, I am hoping to go to some meetings this year.

Further, I wanted to connect with industry influencers and have prepared everything to conduct an interview but could not find a suitable person.

I hardly spend any money on my business due to the negative experience I had in the [past; maybe that is why I am finding everything challenging to accomplish. I am aware that connecting with the influencers is a significant advantage to promote your business.


If I look at 2020, in general, I believe that I acquired more knowledge, confidence, and belief in myself. I have stopped worrying about others as to what they think about me; I know I know myself better than them. I have the determination to become successful sooner than later. I understand that my close ones are not impressed with my work because they think that there is no financial benefit, but they fail to realize that this is a type of investment for the future.

My plans for 2021

  • Construct a profitable writing business
  • Concentrate on creating useful online courses.
  • I am promoting the business more.
  • Interview industry influencers.
  • Host webinars regularly.
  • Get better in affiliate marketing.
  • More guest posting
  • Decide about my parenting membership website.

Write more books.

I am sure that I will continue to work hard to achieve my goal in 2021 regardless of any failure if I have to face it. Indeed, nothing will stop working towards my goal.

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