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Changing My Product Catalog for High Sales

A lot has changed in the market over the past few years. A difficult economy, rising commodity prices, and buyer demand for high-quality products place new demands on the business. It is getting pretty obvious even to the amateur entrepreneur that the need for meaningful and reliable information is greater than ever.

Product catalogs have always been a great source of product information and visibility. When people need to buy a product, they go to catalogs to find the right product at the right price. However, you don't have to create a perfect catalog to increase sales. A minor improvement to the catalog can lead to a direct proportional increase in sales and profits.

Reviewing Your Catalog

So, before you print a catalog, review the old catalog thoroughly. Find the fault in it and try to fix it. Collect all the emails that you receive from the customers and review their criticisms, suggestions and comments.

This can be a huge help in developing better directories. When designing and reevaluating your catalog, think about your customers and why they want to buy your product. Think about what they want and need, and use it to create a catalog that meets your customers need and demands.

Modifying Your Catalog

So, to create a vivid catalog, use eye-catching color combinations that are pleasing to the eye. The cover can be produced in full color and the interior in two colors. People respond better to longer beautiful catalogs and remember them longer, so choose your colors carefully. Similarly, you can add new products and information to products in your catalog to attract new customers.

For example, you can mark odd items, including interesting products, or include unusual facts about a particular item. It may also contain information about how to use, maintain, and operate the product. This information will be of great help to your customers and as a result, it will save the directory for future reference. It can also increase customer confidence in your company, which can increase their purchasing propensity.


A list of Things to Look at for Modification

  1. Images - Updating images and their angle and choice of selection can increase sales by 400% in some niches. So, take note of high-quality images.
  2. Product Description - This is the crux of the information that absolutely must be correct in its format and reader digestibility. Simple to the point with facts and stats is a good starting point for a healthy product description.
  3. History & Variation - A products history can also be a selling point for customers who have had a long relationship with the company or brand. Keeping that in mind, you should promote your specific products with variations, such as: different colours, sizes, features...
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If you have unprofitable products in your old catalog, you can promote them more aggressively in your new catalog. However, if it doesn't sell well, you can throw it away or replace it with a new one. It can get in the way of the directory, so you don't need to relocate it to the directory.

Advice on Printing

When you are ready to print your new catalog, hire an experienced and knowledgeable printer that is reputable for quality and reliability. Local printers can do the job for you, but there are printers online that can do the job for you at an affordable price with easy ordering and instant quotes. It is up to you to decide which print service to use.



So, create a directory that will give your business a unique personality and become a special marketer in the minds of your prospects and customers.

Another thing to keep in mind is that products in a catalog have a lifespan, so keeping in check and updating your product catalog is a MUST. Many other online store owners know this by instinct, especially if you are in the clothing industry (clothing is accustomed to change with seasonal offers and designs, hence the requirement for seasonal updates).

Also, keep in mind that any viable information that you have provided to the customer must be according to the policy of the platform you are using. This is implying the fact that you don't plagiarise information or use unlicensed images (these are but a few indicators).

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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