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Do Amazon Drivers Appreciate Complimentary Snacks and Drinks Offered by Customers

As a delivery driver for almost a year now, I've experienced many kind-hearted customers along my route.


Amazon delivery drivers break their necks daily (hot and cold weather) to provide customers with their anticipated packages. Drivers are offered snacks and drinks along their routes but many refuse to accept them and customers can get concerned. Customers should understand that delivery drivers do appreciate the offerings, they are just either prepared for the day or taught at an early age to never accept candy from strangers. Amazon drivers do not mind if you offer drinks and snacks, they take kindly to it, however, they do not want customers to get offended; the next driver will likely accept their offer.

Amazon drivers appreciate customers' offerings of snacks and drinks and they do so nit by only saying thank you. In group chats, Amazon drivers share moments with other drivers when they've been offered snacks and drinks by nice customers along their route.

One customer kindness acknowledgment leads to another driver sharing their kind-hearted customer moments, and before you know it, the chat starts to get appreciative. "Hey, guys! Let's get back to work now". Lol!

Even if customers do not physically try to hand Amazon drivers refreshments, having snacks and drinks available in a container on the porch for drivers to grab gets play in group chats as well. Unlike a few drivers, being prepared for a full workday isn't a priority. So, when snacks or drinks are offered, customers are making a driver's day. When their day is made, they're sure to let the team know how lucky they are and how in time the offering came.

When I'm offered snacks or drinks

When I'm offered a snack or drink, I usually refuse. I'm one of the few who are prepared every day. I have enough water, snacks, fruits, and even real food to last me until the end of my shift. I like the attitude of customers who understand the conditions of the outdoors, and working in such, and the requirement of water and snacks to maintain proper health. Although I say no when offered, I ensure that I let the customer know that I have water and snacks in my work van. I like for them to know that I'm okay in extremely hot and cold conditions.

The chat

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Amazon chat rooms are designed to communicate with the team. When we are in a bit of a jam (icy roads, unable to deliver), a dog problem, concerns regarding the typical duties of the job, etc., we discuss it amongst peers. Drivers will always get an answer. At times, drivers post kind-hearted posts, such as dogs licking their hands, cats brushing up against their leg, and customers offering snacks and water. When such heart-felt posts are present, the crew usually responds kindly on how they've experienced a similar occurrence or will just reply with what they think about the matter. As Amazon drivers, we frequently experience heartfelt encounters, and honestly, many of these encounters are what wake us up in the morning to continue delivering. Amazon drivers love talking in chats about how customers are so considerate. Amazon drivers have hearts.

What are the most common snacks customers offer Amazon drivers?

Customers are famous for offering Amazon drivers little bags of Frito Lay chips: Doritos, Cheetos, Funyuns, and the list goes on. I haven't yet received a healthy option from customers, such as a protein bar or some type of veggie chips. I'm hoping for it, however just for the experience.

How do customers react when an Amazon driver says no to a complimentary snack or drink?

Customers usually have a good attitude about being rejected. Most customers are frequent with asking drivers if they like refreshments, so they're used to rejection. They will just smile, wave, and say, "ok no problem, enjoy your day"! I haven't yet once met a customer who has reacted negatively to rejection. However, I'm sure there are plenty of low-spirited customers on the move that hasn't yet crossed my path. I've heard stories about negative customers and they weren't too pretty.

Has a customer ever offered a driver a lunch meal?

Yes. At the beginning of my Amazon career, I was offered a chicken, rice, and greens meal by a guy ( who was with his family or friends) sitting outside on his front porch. He was eating the chicken meal when he offered. I didn't except it, but thanked the man.

Customers who offer Amazon drivers snacks and drinks should never stop being considerate of hard working delivery drivers. Drivers go through so many difficult obstacles daily in various extreme weather conditions and are not paid very well. A driver may go through a struggle on any given day and a kind and thoughtful customer can definitely make a driver's day. Never stop being kind-hearted.

Amazon delivery drivers talk highly on group chats about customers who offers snacks and drinks while on route. Although some drivers say "no" to refreshments, it is advised that customers continue to offer. Every driver doesn't have all his I's dotted and T's crossed so a snack or drink can be life saving. Amazon drivers really do appreciate kind-hearted customers and would love to meet more of them on their daily delivery routes.

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