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Discover Why Your Customers Buy From You (so You Can Lock in Their Business and Win Their Loyalty & Trust)


In one of my earlier guides I discussed the importance of discovering what search terms are your customers/clients actually typing into Google to find businesses like yours. In this hub let’s look at how to discover why your customers choose to buy from you, and not from the next business in line that also wants their money.

This could be the best thing you do for your services business in the post-COVID period when your competitors are so focused on digital marketing.

Having this information in your hands is priceless because it gives you an exceptionally powerful method of encouraging people to hand over their money to you any time you want them to.

Michael Masterson wrote:

“If you convince a customer to buy your product when he needs it, you will have a loyal customer. But if you can persuade him to buy a product from you every time he wants it, then you have a human ATM.”

Source: Ready, Fire, Aim – Zero to $100 Million In No Time Flat

When you know why your customers choose to buy from you, you get an insight into their pain points, those things they are trying to gain or avoid that your competition isn’t giving them good solutions to gain or avoid them.

So, this puts you in a power position because now you know what they want – and you can give it to them anytime they want it… to your mutual benefit!

The other big benefit from this is that now you can optimally price your services. A lot of work goes into running most businesses, and so it would be a shame to underprice your services and find yourself struggling to stay in business.

Let me explain…

First You Need To Quantify the Value You Deliver To Your Customers

I will be showing you shortly how to get this information, but when you take the trouble to find out why your customers buy from you, you will be able to answer questions such as…

What is your service worth to them?

How much, in money terms, does your customer save or earn when they use your services? Quantify that and you’re golden.

What is the value of your service to your customer?

Why exactly did they buy/pay for your service?

What exactly is the application or use my customers/clients get from my buying or using my service?

Exactly how much more did they earn because of buying/using my service, and how did they earn it?

Or, exactly how much did they save because of using/buying my service, and how did they save it?

Get answers to five or six of these questions and you can build an unassailable return-on-investment case for any prospect, recession or no recession. That is to say that you are now able to give your clients or customers an irresistible offer, in any economy, and get away with it!

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These questions above are designed to help you quantify the value you deliver to your customers, not exactly to discover why they buy from you. So, to answer them, go out and do some case studies. Or you can ask your customers/clients, which is often the best way to get these answers.

It is important that you quantify the value you deliver before asking your customers the more specific questions why they choose to buy from you and not from your competitors.

Those questions follow below. You can even start asking them today. Send emails out to your existing customers and ask these questions. But first, here’s why this could be the best thing you do for your business post-COVID…

Five Question To Ask Your Customers to Discover Why They Choose You

Constantly seeking feedback from your clients is a great way to learn how to market your business more effectively, because it is one of the best ways to discover what you do that actually differentiates you from your competition.

The other thing is that knowing what your customers think of you or your business is a great way to get better at what you do, and to plug any gaps that exist that you didn’t know about.

Asking these questions will help you work out what’s truly important to you and your customers, and to see what other services or products you can offer them to solve their fundamental problems.

When you can do this, you begin to position your business as one that delivers solutions, not a business that simply sells a service or a product.

The benefit from this is that you will lock in repeat business from your customer base, your customers will stay around with you much longer, and you’ll have their loyalty and their trust.

So, to ask these question you can create a form and get in the habit of surveying a handful of your customers regularly, as in every few months.

You’ll find that you get lots of helpful insights, plus, you’ll discover that your customers actually enjoy being asked what they think!

A word of caution though… Vague answers such as “you provide good service” aren’t helpful in this exercise because, although this might be good to hear, it doesn’t advance your understanding.

So, you should dig for specifics. Can they describe what good service looks like? You could even try to get them to tell you about a specific instance or instances in which they felt they got good service in your business.

Question 2: What’s One Thing We Do Better than Others You Do Business With?

This is the question where specifics are most critical because the answer to this question helps you to discover what differentiates you in your market – your unique selling proposition. So, put in more work to get very specific responses.

Look out for words and phrases and actual experiences in your customers’ answers, those that keep coming up over and over again. It doesn’t matter if the things they’re talking about seem insignificant you, but if they keep coming up they have to be linked to the customers’ pain points.

This basically means you can build the core marketing message for your business around these phrases and experiences that your clients/customers are saying they value about what you do.

Question 1: What Made You Decide to Hire Us/Buy From Us In the First Place?

Answers to this question will help you discover how effectively your advertising, your message, and your lead-conversion processes are working.

Some of your customers might explain to you the personal connection or attachment they have for you or your business, or the things (culture, ambience, trust, or whatever) that feels right for them any time they interact with your business…

Question 3: What’s One Thing We Could Do to Create a Better Experience for You?

This question goes deeper than simply getting insights into how to improve your customer service, although it could help with that too. The real gold in asking this question comes when your customers can help you identify an innovation you could introduce to enhance their experience with your business.

I’m sure you can think of an instance when you just bought something, a product or a service and you go, “I sure wish it came like this!” If one of your own customers said something like this, suddenly it would be painfully clear to you how you can create a meaningful innovation to your products, services, or processes to make your customers’ lives better.

As a service professional or business owner you’ll normally be a bit blind to imperfections in your product or service, or your processes, or you have hit a dead end after hundreds of hours of imagining how to change it such that it makes life easier for the end user.

So, press hard to get your customers to describe the perfect experience they would hope for when buying and/or using your product or service.

Question 4: Do You Refer Us to Others, And If So, Why?

The power in this question is that customers who say they have referred their colleagues, family, or friends to you for your services, they’re in effect telling you they’re hugely satisfied with your services.

If they’re giving you this answer in good faith it means that this client or customer liked your services so much, and liked the experience of getting those services from you, that they’re happy to recommend your services to their nearest and dearest.

As a service professional you can take this a step deeper. Work it out… Why specifically do you get referrals? What are the exact words and phrases your customer might use when describing to a friend why your business is the best to work with?

Question 5: “What Other Businesses Do You Love to Refer?”

If you’re into referral marketing for the long haul, it is good practice to start compiling a list of very good businesses, the kind you’d gladly recommend to your best customers.

Why? Because as a service professional you’re a resource to your clients/customers, a solution provider. So, if you’re a financial planner, a client could ask you, “Do you know a good investment broker I can work with? “ Or perhaps they want a good venture capitalist.

In these cases you might have some names. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to businesses in the financial services. What if your client wanted you to recommend a life coach or an executive coach?

So, to compile this list you make it a habit to ask your customers, “What other companies do you love to refer?”

If your customers/clients are saying they give these businesses referrals, they have to be good, and as these businesses are servicing your customers, it means those businesses’ customers could also become your customers.

These businesses are your potential strategic partners. All you have to do is reach out to them and start networking to build strategic relationships with them.


It’s easy to discover why your customers buy from you. All you have to do is ask them, plus, your best customers like it when you ask them.

When you know why they buy from you, this information will help you discover ways how you can provide more solutions to your customers’ fundamental problems. This then positions you as a business that delivers solutions, not one that is in the market only to sell a service or product.

The result is that you get customers or clients that are fans of your brand, fans who will stick around longer, buy from you again and again, and also give you referrals.

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