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Digital Marketing-Sales Transformation: How to Accelerate Growth

Ready to take your business to the next level? I'm a marketing and sales expert with over 10 years in the industry.

Digital marketing-Sales transformation is crucial to business success. Companies that take the time to evaluate, plan for, and execute digital marketing-sales transformation are more likely to succeed.


The Importance of Measuring ROI for Marketing & Sales Transformation

Marketing and sales transformation is one of the most critical transformations for any business to undergo. Companies should consider what the outcomes will be by asking themselves "what are you selling?", "who are you selling to?", "how do you reach your customers?"

With marketing and sales transformation, companies should always measure ROI because it will help them determine whether or not they are effective in their marketing and sales initiatives. They can also find out where they need to improve or where success lies.

The Complete Guide on How to Create a Successful Value Proposition That Drives New Business

A value proposition is a statement or series of statements that outlines the benefits or value of the company, its products, and/or services to its customers.

It can be used in any industry including but not limited to: technology, wellness, luxury goods, education/training, retail, financial services.

Value proposition should focus on customer needs and wants.


What is ROI?

ROI stands for Return on Investment and is a performance indicator that compares the return of an investment with its cost. It's used to evaluate how well an investment generates profit or benefits.

It can be calculated in various ways but what we are most interested in is the ratio of "Net Profit" to "Cost." So, if you were to take all your marketing and sales transformation efforts and divide them by the total cost, you would get a ratio. The higher this ratio, the better.

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