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How to Vlog on Instagram

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Instagram is a digital marketing platform. It is arguably one of a kind. On this platform, many share their videos and pictures. In fact, that is all they could share. This is a playground for those that loves to be on camera. The Instagram app is on the the digital technologies all around us. They all have cameras. All of the devices also have social media apps. You could download it free of charge.


Millions of users have told their stories on the platform. Social media has revealed that it is the stage you need to use. Marketers in the past and present goals reach 95% of the community every day. Familiar names include Huda Katton, Lele Pons, and Zach King. Some platforms lend themselves to visual content and stories. Instagram does just that. The platform is all about visual, like this world we live in. After reading this, you'd know how to do this on Instagram. .


Vlogging has made things so much easier. Like you could blog anywhere, you could do this anywhere. People use it to promote their products and services. Everything right now is digital. These available apps take it up a notch. As a response, they get traffic to their site. Like them, use the platform to promote your products. It is much easier to market yourself. Do you want to start doing it on Instagram? If so, this article will show you how.


1. Create a Profile

The first thing you want to do is create a personal profile. You could vlog on your profile. How to create this is very simple.

  1. Select Public
  2. Create a searchable username
  3. Upload a Profile Picture
  4. Create a Biography
  5. Enable Notifications
  6. Start Posting

2. Set a Schedule

Unless you are a big star you don't have this given to you. Those stars were often on T.V. They were seen everywhere. So a flowing wasn't hard for them to get when social media came around. But consider yourself not them. Consider yourself one that's starting out. Now, you have to build a following. You have to spread the word. Demand a following as they did. It's work but, you must do this.

Doing this while you're recording is hard. Hard but it's not impossible. You could make it all easier for yourself by doing this way. When you are not recording, visit other pages. Pages that target and follow them. It's that easy. You have to give something to get something back.

Most you follow, they follow you back. The more followers that you have, the more viewers. That is why Vloggers do it. That's what marketing is all about. You want to get the attention, convert it and keep it. In the beginning stages, set the schedule.

3. Get the Equipment

Vlogging is more in high demand everyday. Promoting your business on your personal profile is great. You must influence and educate someone else. Billions of users use this platform monthly. That's a massive amount on the internet. Brands are virtually rolling in opportunities to showcase their services. Out of those billions are major corporations.

Robert Blake, Gary Baynerchuk, and Rand Fishkin are just a few. Businessmen are all over social networking sites. They have built their empires but, they are all still active. They educate others on what it takes.Those on camera must be always creating. In addition, what they produce must always possess quality content.

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It has been confirmed. You do not need a business profile to do this. Like those named, you could educate others. Use your profile to educate. You could do multiple things on camera. Since you are on it to be watched, just have the right content. Vloggers are influencers and educators. Like them, get the right equiptment.

4. Practice

Before a game, anyone in the professional world practices. NBA players practice before a game. NFL players do it. In fact, in all sports it is done. No matter if it is little league or big league, you have to practice. Practice makes perfect. Vlogging is not any different.

Practice off the camera. Write somethings down but, read what you wrote down on camera. Shoot many practice takes as you need to. Look over them all to see how it could be made better. While practicing be mindful of your word choice. Be mindful of your speech and your looks.

You maybe your best critique but, your loved ones could be better. Show some friends and family and get tips. Be authentic and relatable to your audience. If you are not relating to them, they will not watch. You want to have a connection with all of them that are watching you.



Instagram offers a great variety of features that helps Vloggers. They love creating the stories. They love creating the highlights. None of it happened without the first step happening. When these are on camera recording they have in mind to influence. They have in mind to educate others. That is one of the many benefits of doing this. You could do many things at once.

What You Cannot Do?

Now here you cannot post statuses. The content on these streaming sites are mostly videos. You could also post pictures. This step is great when you use any social media platform. Vlogging on any of them is often started on personal profiles.


Spread the Word

Lastly, spread the word. Your hard work is not in vain. If you let people know about it, maybe it is already spreading. If it is not, you spread it. One of the things in marketing you cannot do is this. Do not be afraid to spread the word. Get out there and talk. Shake some hands. That is simple networking.

Being on social media is no different. Chat with people online. Send friend requests. In this case, request to follow people. Follow with the intent to build up suspense on the platforms you joined. Browse the internet and see who does this well. Let those that recognize you that you are starting a vlog. You do not have to be sure about the date. The less they know the better.

Drop little teasers about it. Teasers could be video clips or photos. They all show the progress you are making. Take advantage of those platforms by marketing yourself. Now has proven to be the right time to do it. Just make sure you do it the right way.

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