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hey everyone, my name is Migo, i am a digital marketer interested in everything new in the field of entrepreneurship and software review


Dear visitor, welcome to the first lesson of the Digital Marketing tutorial

In this lesson I will explain the following:

  • The importance of the Internet for every business?
  • How can the Internet help you in the growth of your business?
  • How to benefit from digital transformation?

The importance of the Internet for every business?

The presence of companies, whether large, medium, or small, on the Internet has become inevitable, that presence has become the capital of many of them, users start searching for your company website to find out more information about your brand and services, or to search for ways to communicate with you,

so if you do not have a presence online for you and your company, then you are making a big mistake, if you think that there is no need to create a website or be on the Internet, then these statistics Disclosed by the giant Webley, which has built 15 million global sites; You will open your eyes to the truth:

  • 56% of consumers don't trust your business unless you have a website.
  • 98% of business owners say that a page on the company's Facebook site is not a substitute for the website.
  • 58% more people believe that owning a website is the key to success when starting anything.
  • 60% of customers get frustrated with websites that do not work well on smartphones or tablets.

Why is your presence on the Internet necessary for your business?

Today, the use of the Internet is no longer limited to messaging. It can be said that the Internet has become an integral part of our daily life. And as more and more time we spend on the Internet, so do the digital opportunities available.

So, whether you own your own business or want to work for a company, now is the time to get involved in the digital world.

Here are some reasons that will explain why your business must be on the Internet:

  1. Reach a larger audience
  2. Educate your customers about your brand
  3. Less Effortless Marketing
  4. Build a community interested in your brand
  5. It will not cost you much money

I will explain each point in detail right now!

Reach a larger audience

The number of Internet users is increasing daily, and it is a suitable opportunity for company owners to attract the largest number of users and convert them into customers. More than 88% of internet users search on the internet for Sites, products, and services, the company’s offices can be closed at the specified times for the departure of employees, but the website is an open office 7/24 and a great source of information, allowing visitors to immediately access your services and products, learn more about your company and approach its activities, view offers, read articles, comment and write reviews and so forth.

Educate your customers about your brand

The presence of your company on the Internet among competitive companies is one of the most important reasons for educating customers, drawing their attention about your services and products, and enhancing their awareness of your brand. The content of your website or what you post on social networks can contribute to the understanding of your customers.

Less Effortless Marketing

The website can be an effective marketing tool for your business, promoting services and products by publishing written and graphic content (video and pictures) that explain to customers your services, descriptions, or even how to use your products, and allow customers to find answers to their questions about the product on the site or social media, in addition to direct technical support service is one of the powerful ways to support your marketing strategy, increase sales rates, and the reviews that customers write on your site and their evaluation of the product, or their opinions that they exchange in the dialogue on your social networks, encourage potential customers to make buying decisions.

Build a community interested in your brand

A strong presence on the Internet by providing useful and attractive content that creates an elite of loyal and permanent customers for your brand gives your business more credibility and contributes to building a strong reputation for your business, which gives customers, investors, or even potential employees the impression that you are doing serious work.

It will not cost you much money

Unlike the prevailing websites, websites do not cost a lot of money. Given the marketing benefits that can be reaped, the website is worth the cost. The return on investment in creating a website is higher than other advertising means in most cases.


How to build Your Business Online?

After we saw how the digital world has changed our daily lifestyle, the question remains here.

How can you benefit from this transformation?

And what do these increased online opportunities represent for you?

To start with, suppose you are a mechanic and your business started to grow thanks to what is known as word of mouth marketing and personalized recommendations from clients, but you do not have any digital presence and want to grow your business more broadly.

The question is here

How can the internet help you?

Search is one of the most important advantages of the Internet, and your digital presence means that users will be able to find you easily when they search for commercial activity such as the one you own. For example, suppose someone searches for a "mechanical in Dubai" results and how you appeared?

The possibilities are endless!

When a customer clicks on the link to your website There is a lot of information that he can know about you, for example, he may read customer recommendations or watch a video that you previously posted on the site about self-maintenance, indicating the extent of your familiarity with this profession, and the customer can also see the price guide and your location on the map.

its services and special deals such as car towing free service articulated especially as it can fill out a form to inquire about the service or to request a quote and can also go through your website to your accounts on social media for more photos, videos, and tips provided may not include Your website has all these characteristics since the beginning, but these examples are sufficient to provide an overview of the many ways to benefit from your presence on the Internet, in addition to getting users acquainted with your business, digital presence is the main source of valuable information that meets the requirements of your customers and how they are about that.

Most importantly, the digital world allows you to display a targeted advertisement for everyone as soon as they search for services or products related to your business. For example, you can display ads to potential customers using the ad service on the search network, such as that customer who searched for “a mechanic in Dubai. You can also restrict the ads. To display them in the boundaries of the geographical circle surrounding your store. You can also learn to use analytics tools to find out.

What if users clicked on your ad, visited your website, and took some actions like filling out a form or watching a great video, right?

But how do you get started?

First, don't be afraid; the tools and technologies available today are many, and they are free and easy to obtain and use

The biggest challenge facing many commercial activities in being on the Internet is not the use of these tools, but rather in integrating them within an integrated plan, which we will explain later, but let us first discuss the main points that you should quickly take.

First: the domain

You have many options, such as creating a website, mobile application, or account on social media. You must determine where you want to start and where you want to reach after that comes the technology and content

You have to decide who will manage the technical and creative aspects of your website. Will you do it yourself?

The matter that may consume more time or would you prefer to hire an employee, which will require more money

Finally, you have to think about cost and time. Set a realistic budget and an accurate schedule, and stick to them completely. Today we find thousands of business owners investing in the Internet for the benefit of their activities As the opportunity to reach customers, whether in a close range or around the world, has become much closer to being overlooked, it is time to take matters into place and head to the digital world.

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