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Different Ways of Earning Money Genuinely Online

Mercy is a graduate of Business commerce in Logistics and Supply Chain management, who finds pleasure in writing and researching content.

Drop shipping

Dropshipping is the art of providing products to the consumer or retailer directly from the manufacturer.

Dropshipping allows you to sell someone else's product and maintain a revenue share on each sale. Instead of keeping an inventory, the customer purchases the product from a third-party manufacturer or wholesaler after making the purchase. You can make a profit by buying goods at a lower price than selling them. However, dropshipping often has low margins but with a minimal upfront cost, hence, accurate pricing is very important.

For dropshipping, the main focus is on in-store marketing, profit depends on how well advertisement for the product is done. Customer service is also your responsibility. With this kind of online work, one is able to genuinely earn a living with the use of the internet without really setting up a physical shop.


Content creation and publication online.

Online publishing is about building an audience that can create quality content, post it on your website, and monetize it through advertising. Companies often look to influential online publications to promote their products. Affiliate marketing is a way of doing online publication to earn money which involves promoting products on your website with links to buy them. You earn commissions every time a visitor to your website makes a purchase from one of your affiliate partners. To get started, you first need a website or blog that contains high-quality content related to the selected niche. Next, you need to build your audience (that's the hard part). Then you need to sign up as an affiliate to sell your company's products and use the special referral links on the website.

Another method is digital display advertising means placing banner ads on websites and blogs. Every time someone sees or clicks on an ad, you make some money. ads are sold at a cost per 1,000 impressions or a cost per click. Sales increase as more people visit your website. You can sell your ads directly or through ad networks such as AdThrive, Mediavine, and Google AdSense. Advertisers work with the network to create campaigns and bid on ads on their websites.

The third approach to make money online from your material is through sponsored content. It entails either your own or brand-written content. Advertisers will pay to get their tales published on your site.

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Freelancers are self-employed and work for themselves. An example is a copywriter. Writing texts for magazines and marketing purposes. Designer: Draft and run the design. Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistance for various projects and tasks using online tools. The nature of freelance work depends on the particular online business you choose to start with. You can decide to be an article writer freelancer, train on it and get into the game. There are different sites that you can choose to train with and get the best like

E-book writing

With the current technology and this current generation anyone can write and publish ebooks, thanks to Amazon, a major resource for vanity press. The service has significantly leveled the competitive conditions of the publishing industry by eliminating the need to go through the infamous porters of established publishers. Publishing books on Amazon not only gives you access to the customer base of the world's largest online shop, but also allows you to generate passive revenue once it's up and running. Just come up with an idea you are passionate about and do extensive research on it and write about it. You can use sites like Grammarly a free app to make sure your content is error-free and easy to read while publisher Rocket enables you choose keywords to optimize your books on Amazon if you have chosen the Amazon site for your publications.

Provide online services like teaching or tutoring.

If you're enthusiastic about a subject or know a lot about it, you may turn your knowledge into an online lesson or course. From yoga to French, you could teach nearly anything.

First and foremost, you must select your target audience. Blogs are an excellent approach to developing a loyal following of readers who are willing to pay money to learn more. Alternatively, you may start by making free YouTube videos on your phone and monetizing them with ad money. After that, you might charge students for certification. You may also use services like Udemy to build online courses and gain access to their enormous user base. Udemy will also handle your marketing. Another option is to become an online tutor or teacher. Some of these require TEFL-like qualifications, which can be costly. However, in the long run, income may be more constant.


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